Kakuzu vs Kisame

Topic started by nishi99 on June 21, 2012. Last post by GIRUGAMESH 2 years, 8 months ago.
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In Character

No Prep Time

Setting The Hidden Mist Village

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Kisame has this easy, water dome & fuse with Samehada would end Kaku.

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Kakazu has my vote.

His loss came because Naruto developed a new technique and had to test it out on someone. Other than that he appeared to be a very capable and versatile ninja.

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I say Kisame. Samehada makes Kakuzu's masks all but useless, and the setting for this fight only gives Kisame an advantage. Kakuzu would give him a tough time, but Kisame would ultimately win, using knowledge of the battleground, samehada's abilities and overwhelming water techniques to pull out a win.

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