kakashi vs goku

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kakashi at peak chakra and goku during the fight with radditz at peak but radditz isnt in it

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Kakashi's still screwed in this match.
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Goku would still win easily. He is still much much faster, stronger and more powerful than any character in the entire Naruto series, even at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. Even Master Roshi was powerful enough to destroy a moon, Goku at the time he fought Raditz was much much stronger. Kakashi isn't fast enough to react to Goku spamming out moon-busting attacks. Hell, hardly anybody in Naruto can survive Pain's attack that destroyed the village, Goku was tanking those kinds of attacks when he was a teenager.


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@Newdeath: I am always amazed by your ability to reply to every stomp thread without any sarcastic comments.

Anyway Goku wins.

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Goku at any stage post training with Roshi would win with ease varying from easily to effortlessly. He is simply more powerful in all areas. The one thing Kakashi actually has on him is tactical skill which isn't nearly enough to give him the win.
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Goku would flick him and Kakashi would be knocked out.

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Goku wins by using the air pressure of his punch...totally spite

Post by Sonata (36,373 posts) See mini bio Level 20
A total mismatch here Goku is still too strong here.
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