Juubito Vs Aizen ,Gin & Tousen

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@taichokage said:
Verse equalization never gives someone an ability. It only nerfs or molds certain characters so that their abilities are on a level playing field. Verse equalization does not entail changing the actual energy of their respective verse.

If you are refering to my comment, the whole meaning of my previous comment was to explain that the only fair way to equalize the battle is to make it where they both have their own source of power, but they can both see and hurt each other. that would make any of their attacks usable. meaning tosen's special ability would work.

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@xBankaiChrisx: but you would also have to apply the rule that if the power is high enough, it can cancel out the ability. as it stands, Juubi Obito has a lot more power than Tousen, so it is not going to work at all.

hear let me but it this way, Verse equalization makes all power neutral(in a sense), meaning that yes all rules apply. soul crush would work on someone like Sakura, because she is really not on tousen's level.

at the same time, Soul crush would not work on Madara because he is superior in both strength and power. this is also were feats come into play.

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@LHWKnight: that would be equalizing it with bleach power style. Equalizing a battle would not make the power style like bleach or naruto. Equalizing a battle would make the power style a mixture from both. only soul reapers overpower one another if one has greater reiatsu, quincy dont go by that. For example, rukia vs as nodt. Higher reiatsu wasnt the reason she won the battle, she won because of her shikai and bankai abilities. Yamamoto didnt win his fight against fake juha because of his reiatsu, he won because of his bankai's ability. That is why i say tousen's attack would work. Juubito is not a soul reaper, just like those quincy.

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@LHWKnight: Juubito's power is greater than Captain Yama, but he can't cancel out his bankai. Having greater power doesn't mean you cancel out special abilities of characters with lower power. Just because it didn't affect Zaraki doesn't mean it won't affect Juubito.

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