Jotaro Kujo vs Colossus

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Okay... this should be interesting. Jotaro can, of course, use his five second time stop ability Colossus is at pre-Colossonaut transformation levels. Can post-Stardust Crusaders Jotaro defeat Colossus with his stand, Star Platinum the World?


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If he manages to stop time before Colossus can turn into organic steel or catches him in-between the Russian mutant is a dead man. Piotr haves crazy durability but I think Jotaro could manage to dent Colossus if the accumulated the damage of the time stop. Jotaro is faster and possibly more resourceful, without ignoring the can take a punch from Colossus without being instant Kill. I think is Jotaro 60/40 win

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Star Platinum is 8 1/2 times the speed of light as well as being able to stop time near instantly for around 5 seconds with only a moment between time stops before he can do it again. The rules of a Stand state that nothing can see nor interact with a Stand unless they themselves are Stand users as well, meaning Colossus will not be able to see no defend against Star Platinum. Jotaro has tanked hits from The World which is only slightly weaker than Star Platinum who was able to without effort annihilate giant boulder sized diamond hard teeth from another Stand user as well as flip over a semi truck easily. Not to mention withstanding being trapped in a whirlpool of razor like scales from another Stand user while being zapped of almost all his power. Not to mention Star Finger, a move in which Star Platinum stretches it's finger FTL with extreme precision and aim. Star Platinum also has enhanced vision and reaction to see and react to a microscopic Stand. Honestly one of the only things Star Platinum could not break through was a Stand attack the was actually indestructible. Since Jotaro is faster, stronger, more hax, arguably as smart or smarter, and the fact that Colossus wont even be able to see or defend against his Stand, Jotaro wins.

Honestly, in terms of raw power, speed, and hax included, Jotaro at the end of part 6 by himself in high Dragonball (King Piccolo to last world tournament saga) to very early DBZ ( Raditz or Saiyan Saga Vegeta level saga) level. And that is only depending on how far away they are since Star Platinum can also phase through the body the a ghost (Well he kind of is) and attack the heart or other vital organs while in time stop.

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