Josuke Higashikata VS. Sousuke Aizen

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1. Aizen does not have KS

2. Aizen Starts out in his final form

3. No flight

4. Battle takes place in fake Karakura town

5. Both fighters are 2 meters apart.

6. No prep time

7. No reiatsu crush for Aizen and Josuke cannot phase through Aizen with Crazy Diamond

8. Josuke's hair was just dissed by Aizen



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I like the title: Josuke vs sosuke lol :)

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As hax as Aizen is, he is up against someone who is FTL and can bypass the whole immortality thing with his own hax. Crazy Diamon can revert things back to their original state or "Fix" however Josuke sees fit. Stands can also only be seen, hurt, or defeated by other Stands, so Aizen would have to try to kill Josuke which will be hard since he does not have KS or flight. Hado and kido don't mean anything since Aizen will never have the time to react, the only real disadvantage Josuke has is his range of about 2-3 meters, but since Aizen in right in his rang there is nothing he can do, add in the fact that they are in a city and Josuke is pissed, I see Josuke simply using his ability and either:

A: Reverting Aizen back into nothing but Reishi

B: Defusing him with the hyogoku and then beating him to death

C: Using his ability to make Aizen become part of the city, be it part of the road, the building, whatever.

Josuke is seriously one broken character, I would go with Aizen if he has KS, was at least 10 or more feet away and had flight. Josuke could simply punch any kido he does and revert it back into simple reishi. Josuke has also shown the ability to punch raw energy as well as slice Air bombs in two. His Stand is as durable as Star Platinum who was able to take attacks from someone stronger than the guy who could easily punch diamond hard boulder sized teeth into pieces with ease. Not that durability matter since Aizen will never be able to hurt it. The guy fought an opponent who was the speed of light and was zooming around him, Josuke simply turned the cement ground back into wet cement and then reverted it back, thus trapping the opponent.

Horrible match-up for Aizen, change the rules and I will go the other way.

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Oh shit I hope they put up an arc for Josuke in the anime because he sounds hax as hell.

Post by Phoenix_Wright (124 posts) See mini bio Level 10

Another jojo fan! Yeah the manga is great too, sadly Josuke is not even the most hax, Killer Queen, Gold Experience, Stairway to Heaven, C-moon, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, King Crimson, Weather Report, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Heaven's Hate, plus more are way more overpowered. But yes, I like Josuke.

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@Phoenix_Wright: @SpeedForceSpider:

Ah, well Josuke will lose any other way, I'll try again.

@PrinceAragorn1: Lol, I just noticed that.

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@Kurohige: That was the first thing I noticed :)

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