Joseph Joestar runs the YYH Gauntlet

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1) Chu
2) Jin
3) Shishiwakamaru
4) EoDT Kuwabara
5) DT Elder Toguro
6) EoDT Kurama
7) Karasu
8) Bui
9) EoDT Hiei
10) Younger Toguro
11) EoDT Yusuke

He gets all his energy for the next round.

He has all his equipment he needs.

Speed Equalized.

Assuming Hamon is lethal on Demons from YYH the same way as in JJBA.

Joseph has prep between rounds.

How far does he get?

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Guessing Broseph is facing off against DT incarnations.

Joseph would get up to Kurama or Karasu. Kurama is the closest to Joseph in terms of wits and battle strategy and his seeds are very tricky to counter. Even if Joseph manages to beat him, Karasu's bombs would most certainly blow him to pieces.

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Maybe up to Hiei.

Post by Kuro_San (1,360 posts) See mini bio Level 11

Joseph with prep is a force to be reckon with.... Is hard to say but I think he reachs until Hiei, he may or may not beat him, but Toguro will beat the living shit out of him.

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