Jolyne Kujo VS. Monkey D. Luffy

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1. Bloodlust on

2. Fighters start 5 feet apart

3. Battle Takes place in Alabasta

4. Current Luffy

5. Standard Stand rules apply

Strings vs Rubber!


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if her OBD profile is accurate she gets stomped

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Jolyne Cujoh should take this

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@Destinyheroknight: whats she capable of?

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as you asked the question before I could~

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@Jinbeifan1: @TheNeutralOne:

I should really get scans before I post LOL!

It'll take me awhile, since I don't have Jojo's Bizarre Adventure manga (only the VIZ version). And it a pain to not have a source to look up feats

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@Destinyheroknight: lol ok then but based off the obd she loses

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Jolyne should stomp this and just about anyone in One Piece save Blackbeard. Jolyne has microsecond reaction time: 
in these scans Jolyne is fighting a guy with a stand named "Planet Waves". Its ability is to cause all of the meteors that would have normally burned up in the earth's atmosphere to stay intact until they get close to the ground, and direct them at his opponent.   
Now the speed of meteors is stated here to be at least 80,000 miles per hour due to the speed of the earth in its revolution around the sun: 
f we take the mean of the two lower and upper limit speeds given there (25000 mph and 160000 mph), we get 92500 mph. Now we add that to the 80000 mph (one is the speed of the meteor, the other is the speed of the earth) and we get 172500 mph, which is equivalent to 77.1144 kilometers/second.

Now in these scans, we see that Jolyne is able to percieve the meteors and deflect them with Stone Free: 
Now there's no real reference to scale the distance between Jolyne and the meteors when she deflects them, but to be generous let's say it's 1 meter (even though it looks a bit more than that).

That gives Jolyne a reaction time of around 0.000013 seconds, or 13 microseconds. In other words:  She reacted to objects moving around 225 times the speed of sound from around 1 meter away and heavily injured. 
Another way to look at it is this: 

For this, I'm going to roughly work out the distance between the two important meteorites, the ones that are closest together, because Stone Free would have to move its arm to punch them away in the time it takes the third meteorite to cross that distance. 

The perspective is wierd, so it'll be kind of rough, but it should do the trick.

11 km/s  seems to be the speed to use here (low end of course, since the meteors Planet Waves uses move from space to earth in seconds)

divide our distance by that, and you get 0.000008s as the timeframe for which Stone Free has to punch the meteorite.

Stone Free is about the same size as Jolyne, and moved its arm about 90 degrees, so I'm just going to use the 1.25m  
1.25 / 0.000008 = 156250 m/s  or mach 455.5 
Jolyne will massively blitz Luffy not to mention she can stretch and use her string as wires to slice people up, and if standart Stand rules apply, not only will Luffy not be able to see Stone Free, but he also can't hurt it or kill it since Stands can only be affected by other Stands. Not to mention Jolyne can unravel herself into string to avoid attacks as well as hide inside people's bodies, Stone Free's strength is enough to easily smash through thick steel. Keep in mind that Stone Free has only a B in both strength and speed, characters like Star Platinum, Silver Chariot ect. are far stronger and faster. 
Haki should not be a problem since Jolyne herself has a Stand which is a spiritual/mental power sorta and her power should be enough to handle haki. She also took multiple hits from those meteors and fought C-moon, a being who turned whatever it touched inside out, Jolyne was hit in the chest and simply used her ability to turn her torno into string and re-arrange her organs and fix her body, even if Luffy uses his elephant gun Jolyne can simply turn to string and absorb the hit or cut Luffy apart. These are only a few scans from early in the series as well. 
Her superior intelligence will also allow her to almost predict Luffy's moves as shown how she instantly predicted how the air would change a sniper bullet's trajectory:  
And deflect close range gunfire  
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@Kurohige: Whats her power output? just because someones fast doesnt mean much if they can barely dish out much damage. Also Luffy was casually dodging a minigun from Z

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@Jinbeifan1: Her power is enough to easily destroy thick steel prison doors, she can also slice through thicker with her wire and even send her string inside Luffy to kill him from the inside. Z's machine Gun fire is barley in the double digit mach count and Luffy was struggling to doddge them after a while, and Z still surprised him with another shot. 

She can also make traps and barriers (That protected her from poison and acid) Luffy again, cannot even see Stone Free or hurt it, Luffy isn't winning this one. She is about city block level with her fist alone but her strings is her strong point.
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@Kurohige: luffy destroyed a pacifista, which is stronger than steel, with a casual jet pistol AND he put a dent in kairoseki which is hard as diamond. He was dodging it easy he was only busy trying to fight him directly when Z surprised him with it. And then as Z said, he was relying too much on his DF. She only got that guy with the wires because she was in a head lock from the looks of it

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@Jinbeifan1: Jolyne would replicate those feats easily, not that it matters, Luffy can't hurt or see Stone Free and Jolyne can dodge all his attacks via turning into string or wire to slice him up or letting Stone Free take the hit. Jolyne fights Stands with rank A strength (Same as Star Platinum who easily demolished multiple diamond hard teeth as big as trucks.) and she still wins. Either way Deflecting triple digit mach meteors that could not even be seen where they would come from>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dodging machine gun fire. Jolyne can control the wires remotely, that was an example of what she could do with the wires, at one point she tied a string around a guy's neck without him noticing while she was in a prison and he was in his car driving away and then choked him and made him crash. And before another Stand user could pull the trigger on her gun Jolyne had already put string inside the barrel and caused the bullets to split apart everywhere and the girl never even noticed despite looking right at her from across the room. I have scans of these as well but I am sure you get the picture. Luffy really can't win this one.
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@Kurohige: thats power scaling, that doesnt mean much. Thats like me saying red hawk would destroy harder than diamond objects (which i now dont doubt it could) her speed is the most impressive thing above anything else. I'd say thats the only reason she wins here, but I suppose she does win

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Jolyne speedblitzes.

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@Jinbeifan1: Your example didn't make much sense; you said it's like saying red hawk can destroy diamond hard objects... compared to what? His elephant gun? I would go into the Red Hawk argument and why he can't destroy diamond (At least not the likes of Jozu) but I went over that in the OBD, and no, those same people are guys that can keep up with Star Platinum (Kiss and Diver Down) but yes that is ABC logic and Jolyne never fought those two anyway. Jolyne wins multiple ways, not just speed, he power can bring Luffy down as machine gun bullets can still hurt him, he can be cut to pieces with wire, trapped in a cocoon of string,  destroyed from the inside. Add in the fact that he can't even see nor hurt Stone Free, I say Luffy loses for multiple reasons, I like Luffy too, but I know when a match just doesn't go his way, I am caught up on One Piece I know what he can do (Hopefully Bellamy puts up a fight this time) but JJBA is a very powerful series as  Star Platinum alone has country level power. But nontheless, he loses here, glad we agree, no need to sound bitter about it though :p
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Thank you for the scans

It a pain to look for feats without a resource in hand


What Kurohige said :)

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Nice thread to steal from OBD, whats funny is the consensus here is completely different from over there, over there the argument now I believe is that they can't really hurt each other. Btw, they also said Jolyne isn't that fast in movement speed, just reactions and attacking, apparently thats something common between a lot of JJBA characters, even ones with FTL reactions, an elephant gatling should still hit her, but apparently she's got some string transformation shit, idk, dunno enough about her to say really, just throwing this in there

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I give it to Jolyne

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@YoungChief: Funny thing is I made that thread, Josuke Higashikata, right? That's me, and yeah, almost every Stand only has FTL reactions and combat speed. Save Tower Gray, Notorious B.I.G. and GER.

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