Joke Battle: Deadpool vs Gintoki

Topic started by IndridCold on April 1, 2014. Last post by Haiken 11 months, 4 weeks ago.
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All toon force applied.

Who wins?

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Having both of these guys in the same universe could cause a dimensional collapse. The chain reaction would wipe out the universe. I would say that Deadpool is the better troll but Gintoki trolls harder. Might lean towards Gintoki here, after the universe is gone that is.
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Deadpool stole milk from my fridge...true story.

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Gintoki took a strawberry milk from my fridge.. True story.

If this is a serious battle + all toonforce on.. Gintoki wins, he copies another series' characters, do their best moves, best of all, he destroys the series.. Besides, who else have their balls fight each other? :D

BUT, He's afraid of spiders.. xD

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I'm a big fan of both characters. I never read a Deadpool comic series. Only saw him in the animated series, I think Ultimate Spider-man with Steve Blum voicing Spidey.


Deadpool got some serious regeneration, and decapitation won't stop him. Haven't seen lot of Gintama either. Just started Gintama after the Sket Dance crossover. That was my gateway into Gintama. Got to go with Deadpool here.

Let me know about Gintoki and Deadpool's facts and feats. I wouldn't mind being corrected.

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@takashichea: Dude it's a joke battle :3.

Gintoki doesn't need facts and feats.

Gintoki is god.

Hail Gintoki.

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@takashichea: Since OP said all toonforce applied, I'd go with Gintoki

Who could do this with a single kick

PS. They're not in North Pole.. xD

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