Johann Faust VIII vs Kabuto Yakushi

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For feats on the characters, refer to Kabuto's wiki page. For Johann, I'm a big Shaman King fan, but it has been a long time since I read it. I haven't formatted Johann's page correctly and supply the information regarding his powers. If you need feats for Johann, I will try my best to inform you.

Scenarios and Restrictions

  1. In the graveyard, Kabuto's skill level is pre time skip while Faust's skill level is Sham King preliminaries.
  2. In the Forest of Death, Kabuto is sage mode while Faust has all of his abilities at the end of Shaman King manga series including the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu.

If this fight is unfair, please just tell me. I'm not a battle person. Just a wiki editor promoting the wiki pages.

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Round 1.) I almost gave it to Faust because of the numerical advantage, but then I remembered that Kabuto can summon a giant snake much bigger than that of Faust's skeletons. I'm leaning towards Kabuto if he could get up close

Round 2.) IDK about Faust but Kabuto was pretty powerful, easily one of the most powerful, but again I'm unsure of EOS Faust's abilities

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I think since Faust was killed so early in the series, we didn't see the full extent of skills. His last Over Soul after gaining the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu made his Eliza a giant. Plus, he gains Shamanic Oracle, so he can anticipate his opponents' moves. For Kabuto, he has similar abilities in addition to mastering a lot of jutsu by taking the blood from many ninjas who had Kekkei Genkai.

I'm not a battle person. My statements probably didn't make sense.

Thanks for commenting. It's nice to see some Shaman King fans.

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