Jiraiya's team vs Tsunade's team vs Orochimaru's team

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- This is a three way triple threat between these three teams.

- Jiraya's team composes of the two great sage toads.

- Orochimaru's team is composed of Kabutomaru and Kimimaru

- Tsunade's team is composed of Chiyo and shizune w/Ton Ton

- Summonings are allowed.

- No lingering attachments, willing to kill.

- These teams possess full knowledge on each other's abilities.


Sannin Battlefield, each team starts off one hundred meters away from each other, in a triangular like coordinates.

Jiraiya's team:

- Jiraiya is allowed to go sage mode.

- Possesses standard equipment.


Tsunade's team:

- Chiyo possesses the mother and father puppets as well as the ten white puppets

- Possesses standard equipment


Orochimaru's team:

- Possesses standard equipment (Such as the Kusunagi sword, kunais, ect)

- Kimimaru isn't plagued by his illness

Who wins?

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If this is current Kabuto, Team Orochimaru wins eeeeeeeeeeeeasily - because Edo Tensei is a summoning.

But lets say that Edo Tensei is not possible for Kabuto - now everything is different.

Team Tsunade will be beaten first - Tsunade and Chiyo are strong, but not strong enough. Sure, Chiyo's Puppet Army might distract the other teams, but sooner or later all of them would be crushed. And Shizune and Ton Ton... I doubt they can even fight, did we ever see her fight? If so she was so weak that I forgot immediatly.

Now if we put Orochimaru against Jiraiya 1 vs 1, I Jiraiya wins. However, Kimimaru with his long distance attacks and his bone-armor could be a real danger for Jiraiya. Non-Edo Kabuto should be no problem, but it's still 3 against 1 - only if he is able to enter Sage mode, he has a chance to win. But this should be difficult under the given cirumstances, and Orochimaru could still summon his Edo-Kages.

So (even if I don't like to do so, because Jiraiya is by far my favorite character of these teams): Team Orochimaru should win this even with Non-Edo Kabuto.

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Orochimaru's team beats the other two teams combined because at this point Kabutomaru is stronger than Orochimaru himself and can summon the likes of Madara who would solo the whole battle on his own. Plus Kimimaru is virtually kage level himself. Team Orochimaru wins with ease.
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@taichokage said:
  Plus Kimimaru is virtually kage level himself.
I agree with most of your points, but what makes you think that kimimaru is kage level?
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Not kage level necessarily, but close to it. He would have defeated Gaara who in less than 2 years later did become a kage.
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