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point system:


u will be graded by the people on AV by

good proof/edvidence( was the proof good? abc logic is aloud if it makes absoulte since) grade A-F
shut down( shuting down another debaters arguement aka counterpunch ) grade A-F
good explantion(why they win) grade A-F
thread killer( who killed the thread ) grade A-F 
plz grade fair 
no sucking up to the veterain debaters lol ( newdeath, dream, etc.etc) if the debaters did good give them a good grade, bad, give them a bad grade 
i dont care if u dont like them if u flame or hate ur disqulifyed (spelled wro ng)

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I would think Jin would be the victor in a match against Mugen. Jin can keep a level head while engaging an opponent and having been formally trained, he knows how to make use of the techniques he was taught by observing the movements and techniques of his opponent. While Mugen's fighting style gives him unpredictability by using random attacks he observed through the various opponents he has encountered, he is a more impulsive fighter as he doesn't think of the best way to engage an opponent and an experienced, trained swordsman would be capable of anticipating his attacks. 
A good example of the differences in Mugen and Jin's approaches to fighting would be when they engaged Kariya Kagetoki in individual matches in the final episodes of Samurai Champloo. Mugen's impulsive tactics were easily shrugged off by Kariya who only required a push from the hilt of his sword to send a surprised Mugen into a riverbank. Jin, on the other hand, was able to evade and hold his ground against Kariya, despite his opponent's better skills. Some might argue a better showing of Mugen's battle prowess would be his battle with Shouryu in episode 10. But in that battle, Mugen was barely evading fatal blows from Shuryu's ki-enhanced sword strikes.
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wtf lol no one but dream posted?
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Jin should win this battle for the reason that he is an analytical and an observant fighter preferring to observe his opponent's movements and techniques discovering its weaknesses and strengths and learning what attacks to avoid and which weakness to exploit. Jin is also a more level-headed fighter being more calm, collected and composed than Mugen and should be able to keep a clear enough head to easily deduce that Mugen's fighting style is an unpredictable one and that he uses random attacks. 
Mugen's fighting style is much more reckless and uncoordinated than Jin's regardless of the fact that he has learned several styles and techniques from the fighters he has faced in the past considering that he is too impulsive (stated by Dream) and the fact that he is too random and reckless is the weakness he will be showing to Jin who will observe his fighting styles first and ultimately deduce that Mugen uses random styles. Kariya using his sword easily sent Mugen to a river bank, someone as analytical and strategical as Jin should be able to defeat Mugen. 
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@FLCL1: I posted right now. Sorry about this one being late, anyway I posted in your other two threads. 
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