Jak (Jak 3) Vs Dante (DMC4)

Topic started by Ikki_Minami_ on July 7, 2013. Last post by Stingerrain 1 year, 8 months ago.
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Jak Vs Dante


Scenario 1: No Dark or Light Jak, No Devil Trigger, In character

Scenario 2: Dark and Light Jak, Devil Trigger allowed, bloodlusted

- No holding back

- Both serious

- No prep

- No morality

- Win by death

Location: Fortuna

Post by Stingerrain (506 posts) See mini bio Level 10

Scenario 1: Dante curbstomps.

Scenario 2: Only way I see Jak standing any chance is if he start in out either light or dark mode. If he doesn't than Dante just cuts his head before Jak can react.

Kind of a shame that this is probably Jak's first battle on Animevice and he gets stomped on in it.

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