Itachi vs Sesshomaru

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Location ; A Forest. 
Win by Death. 
No prep. 
Morals: In character. 
Weapons: Standard.  
Who wins? 
This is not Edo Itachi. 
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Let's see...

Itachi doesn't normally resort to his stronger attacks unless he has a good assessment of his foe's abilities and Sesshomaru normally holds back on his full strength to be at only the minimal effort needed to beat his foe unless he underestimates them. Both are on par with one another in speed, though Sessy can tank bigger attacks and has far greater physical strength (any direct blow from Sessy would be more than enough to seriously injure or kill Itachi if the Uchiha isn't careful). In terms of techniques, I don't picture Itachi's fire jutsu being of use here thanks to Sessy's durability and any genjutsu (outside of possibly Tsukuyomi) would not work thanks to the power output of Sessy's body. Sessy, on the other hand, could cripple Itachi greatly with many of his attacks unless the Uchiha has Susanoo activated. Bakusaiga has the potential to fuck up Itachi's Susanoo thanks to the sword's ability to rapidly decompose its target and negate regeneration with its strikes and I can't picture the Sword of Totsuka working as the Tensaiga would warp Sessy away before he gets sucked into Susanoo's jar to suffer its effects.

Overall, I see Sesshomaru having the greater advantage in this match thanks to greater stats for strength and durability, as well as having abilities at his disposal that are capable of greatly crippling Itachi or crippling and protecting him from the effects of his foe's attacks.

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Once Sesshomaru looks in Itachi's eyes its over.
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@SpeedForceSpider: Not too likely with regular genjutsu since Sessy could simply raise his youki output to disrupt the genjutsu's effects. Tsukuyomi would depend on whether or not Itachi feels it is necessary against Sesshomaru and even so, requires direct eye contact which wouldn't be so easy for Itachi to connect with thanks to Sessy being on par with Itachi in speed.

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Would amaterasu work? Or would the Tenseiga counter it?

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@Kobra678: Amaterasu is simply fire hotter than a regular fire jutsu. Sesshomaru shouldn't have any problem surviving it and even if it threatens him, Tensaiga also has the ability to create a barrier to protect him from harm.

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Sesshoumaru for the win.

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In that case I see no reason for Sesshomaru to lose.

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