Itachi Uchiha vs Minato Namikaze

Topic started by nishi99 on June 9, 2012. Last post by GIRUGAMESH 2 years, 3 months ago.
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@eddz99: It might be as such if powerscaling were applied. But for now based on his current feats, Minato has very limited means of dispatching Itachi in battle thanks to his Sharingan techniques.
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@ohgodwhy: Yeah I know what happens in the manga, what I ment was that it would be good for Masashi to give us something to back up Madaras words since if he was a powerful as Madara is saying he should have easily dispatched Hiruzen. But as I said Naruto was just finding its feet which is why they might not have been displayed at the levels Shinobi are displayed at now.

Post by othus12 (7,034 posts) See mini bio Level 13 would minato get through yata no kagami? not a chance.

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@Yusuke52: Exactly, that was my earlier point. It's down to him not thinking ahead with the writing. Personally I'm happy to keep it like this though, I have never rated Hashirama and have never seen any reason to rate him that highly. He should have had more powerful, more interesting abilities, but no, mr "duuuhhh throw wood at them" is hyped up as being one of the very best ninjas in the series. Thus I am happy with feats proving him to be far weaker than many think, though I will change my tune if flashbacks are shown.

@eddz99: At his prime I would say he was better than them, given that in his old age he was still able to fight against the 1st and the 2nd together. As for your list, I would actually agree with it in terms of overall strength.

@Dream: This. As I've said, the best Minato can hope for here is a draw, not because he is weaker than Itachi but because it's a bad matchup.

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I'm sorry but where in that fight did it even look like Hiruzen had a chance. He got demolished and was barely able to keep up. Shodaime and Nidaime would only either defend themselves or attack when told to by Orochimaru. He tagged them because they were mindless zombies and they attacked without any strategy whatsoever and then eventually, Hiruzen, realising he had no hope of winning sealed them and himself.

Am I missing something here? Do you all think Hiruzen was like jonin level or something so the feat isn't as impressive because I'm sure he was still stronger than any of the current kage. Age shouldn't make a massive difference seeing as how the Tsuchikage is probably the strongest kage at the moment and looks even older than Hiruzen.

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"And technically, Enma was Sarutobi's summon, so it is still counted as being part of his strength" don't really believe this do you?

@GIRUGAMESH: & @ohgodwhy:

I liked your debate on this battle, both made valid points (more so than anyone else) however I think I will side with @ohgodwhy because Minato has a few feats & its still debatable if Itachi can defeat him. @GIRUGAMESH knows I was a firm believer of Itachi=God in Naruto before the ridiculous super susanoo feat.

Minato takes this due to:-

  • Speed & instantaneous reflexes
  • Prep time - Don't really know what Itachi can do with prep
  • Itachi's illness
  • I believe a greater intellect than Itachi - is a more than capable futurist - said that after seeing a jutsu once he is able to correctly outline its strengths & weaknesses
  • Said to have great knowledge of sealing jutsu's - some of you will attack me for saying he may have a tech able of sealing susanoo lol
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I dont see how this is close, yes Minato Beat the masked man but he did not use tsukuyomi (not sure if he even knew how to do it) so just like kakashi he would have him under genjtsu as soon as the fights begins and when needed uses tsukuyomi...

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@One_Piece_God: Perhaps "strength" was the wrong word, but you get where I'm coming from.

Fair enough siding with Minato on this, I had said it would end in a tie or a close loss for Minato so it certainly isn't clear cut. But 2 things in your post alerted me to something.

1. "Itachi's illness". I was under the impression we were using a fit (or at least not ill) Itachi? As in, the Itachi from part 1, rather than the one who fought Sasuke. If it is an ill Itachi then I would hand it to Minato.

2. "Prep time". Somehow I missed that, it would give Minato a slight advantage here (he could put his kunai everywhere). That being the case, I now say that it could go either way, a victory for Minato now being possible (though still very unlikely).

And not sure you could really put up a case for Minato being able to seal Susano :p certainly not based on feats.

Ill Itachi and both have prep---> Minato wins with difficulty.

Healthy and both have prep----->It's a tie 5/10, Minato wins 2/10 and Itachi wins 3/10.

@jnw93: Minato isn't retarded enough to look straight into a sharingan user's eyes.

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I'm going for Itachi as Minato barely has any feats.

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Not an easy battle I have to say. Itachi has proven to be very powerful. Even after being revived he had more up his sleeve. But I don't know if he could beat Minato. Itachi never exactly mustered up the will to fight Tobi and was even taught by him, whereas Minato defeated him. Sharingan can follow practically any physical movement but Minato takes it completely to the next level and utilizes time to teleport rather than move very fast. I don't know how the sharingan would fare against such speed, especially seeing how Tobi failed to keep up with it despite being a time/space teleporter himself. My ultimate bet would be on Minato but I could also see it as a double k.o. Because Itachi's Susanoo is powerful enough to handle anything Minato dished out. He would have to either teleport Itachi himself away to an inescapable trap (which would involve prep) or simply try to blitz him before Itachi manifested his Susanoo. I don't see either as likely but I also find it equally unlikely that Minato could be caught by Itachi.
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I'm beginning to feel as though this is a stalemate.

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Trying to clarify something here this same conflict is happening over at Comicvine and for the last couple of pages people are debating myself included... whether or not Itachi is capable of using Izanagi? I'm on the no side since according to Tobi he mentions that in order to acquire this technique is to have both Senju and Uchiha DNA. Since itachi knows Izanami and its related to Izanagi would he know both?

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He probably knows both but can't execute both. Also even if he could there is of course the drawback of a one time use and crippling his eye in the process.
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@CerberusPrime3k: You should really just link them to this page :)

I've seen that thread, they've been going on about izanagi for a while now. No, Itachi cannot use it, as the user must possess senju DNA

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@GIRUGAMESH: Well an individual I'm debating with disagrees with Tobi's explanation I'll quote something he said you can get a little idea of what i'm dealing with over there

"Tobi lied about being Madara and He lied to Sasuke about the Kyubi attack being an accident when HE CAUSED IT !!! He mixes his lies with facts which make his lies very deceiving, he is probably just lying to make himself seem all powerful there are too many things pointing to the fact you need Senju blood. Until I hear it from a FULLBREED UCIHIA such as Itachi who has VAST KNOWLEDGE on the matter or Madara who has not displayed the technique even though he has the SENJU CELLS NEEDED !!! Isn't that STRANGE Madara fits your description yet he has not used EITHER TECHNIQUE !!! Kishmoto is giving us HINTS and only a select few such as me are seeing them."

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Our debate was better :P Wasn't it stated that Senju Cells only increase the amount of time Izanagi can be used for? Also didn't Itachi state that the whole point of Izanami was to counter Izanagi, because too many Uchiha were abusing it. I really doubt all those Uchiha had Senju blood in them.

Like we've already stated in this thread, it's unlikely Itachi would use Izanagi, because it doesn't guarantee success and it effectively cripples the user after. Sasuke fought 10 of them and that was with the Senju Cells.

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@ohgodwhy: The problem is the way Izanami was described and how it goes against Tobi's explanation of Izanagi also I believe Tobi is a uchiha probably a very very old one since hes been around for god knows when. You can tell from reading the chapter that Kishimoto just made up that technique...It served as a plot weapon to use against kabuto making the entire fight between Sasuke/Itachi v Kabuto lackluster and almost a waste of time especially in the middle of the fight kishi throws in about 2 weeks can't recall of flash back about kabuto's life which was kinda eh.

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@ohgodwhy: Much better. They can keep their comics, leave the anime to us :3

@CerberusPrime3k: Urrgh, hold on, I'll get a friend of mine to send them a link to this thread.

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I can agree with that.

I want to add a very important piece of eveidence to my Minato case...

Itachi was able to release susanoo at a speed capable of blocking real lightning.

Tobi was said to be able to move at the speed of light (I do not believe this by the way) but Zetsu who almost instantaneous moves great distances, is slower than Tobi shown in there little race to Sasuke & Itachi where Zetsu also had a head start.

Minato was still able to match & get the upper hand in there battle.

Because of the distance travelled I believe Tobi's Space Time jutsu>>Zetsu's Earth Instantaneous Apperance jutsu (lol at the name)>Naruto world Lightning.

I beleive with prep given to Minato Itachi's fate is sealed. I mean come on he defeated Tobi without prep.

One thing bugs me why was Itachi on the floor after activating susanoo in his battle with Sasuke if the yata mirror deflects any attack?

Itachi was right every jutsu has a weakness but I believe his susanoo came really close to being perfect with the prestige COD attachments lol.

EDIT: I also want to add does any one notice that when Minato avoided the Riakage's full speed then instantaneously a kunai is above the Raikage. One-on-one your screwed against Minato, only God Hashirama can stop him lol.

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@One_Piece_God: Yeah Itachi took a lot of damage from Sasuke's Kirin. It's debateable whether or not he had his shield up by then, I don't see why he wouldn't have if he was going to sustain so much damage. That was a pretty powerful attack that he blocked after all, despite taking the damage and even Madara's Susanoo has been pierced by far weaker attacks like Tsunade's punch and the Raikage punch. Personally, I don't buy into Itachi's shield being able to block every attack, it's most likely a hyperbole like Amaterasu's flame's being as hot as the Sun. Even Sasuke's Susanoo was broken by a karate chop from Raikage.

So basically, I think Itachi's yata mirror increases his defence greatly but it's not invincible.

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