Itachi Minato and Sasuke vs Obito Nagato and Konan

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In character

Itachi Minato and Sasuke get Ten minutes prep.

Character Versions No edo's all of them in Their prime.

Setting Hidden Waterfall Village

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Team 1.

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Konan gimps team 2. So I also have to give it to team 1. That is until Tobi gets either his other Mangekyou or jubi.
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When you say at their prime, what do you mean for Obito and Nagato? Are we talking Nagato with 6 Paths but a cripple, Nagato healthy and walking but with no paths, or healthy and walking and has his 6 paths?

Same goes for Obito. Obito at his prime in my book is one sharingan, one rinegan, and 6 paths at his control but I'm not sure others would count that.

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@sickVisionz: I mean at their best so Nagato is healthy and Obito has Rinnegan but no 6 paths.

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