Itachi, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Tsunade Vs Pain

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Pain will lose.
Jiraiya was able to defeat 3 paths of Pain all by himself (even though he had to use Sage Mode), and even Konohamaru defeatet one of the Pains!
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@mr_monday: LoL. Pain didn't go on Jiraya at full power and even if they defeat the six paths of pain they had to deal with Nagato himself. Nagato can continue this kind of play endlessly. Also God Pain and Devil Pain were totally a different legue as the three Jiraya defeated.
Though Itachi might make a difference. His Amaterasu is probably immune to Pain's repelling ability and Susanoo can serve great. The question is whether Itachi can use it for long.
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The four-man squad should be sufficient enough in dealing with Pein's six bodies. Itachi and his Magenkyo Sharingan would be a huge asset in the battle since Amaterasu ignites whatever is within its user's focal range meaning the Deva Path wouldn't be able to deflect the incoming flames with gravity attacks and Susanoo serves as both ultimate weapon and ultimate shield for Itachi. As long as the first team has Itachi as their tank with his MS abilities, this should be a quick victory for the group.
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Pain gets annihilated. Any two of these character could beat Pain. Pain said Jiraiya would've won if he had known about his other bodies. If he teamed with Itachi or Kakashi or even Tsunade they would stomp Pain.
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@taichokage: I doubt. Tsudane is a great help at physical fight and medicine but she would be helpless against any of the Pains.  Kakashi is a trickier question, especially if he uses Kamui.
But actually it is mainly Itachi and Jiraya against Pain.  But there are quite a few complications.
Itachi's illness and inability to use his Mangekyou Sharingan for extended periods. Tsukyomi can affect only one Pain and it means itzs completely useless due the shared vision of the Pains. Though if they have no previous knowledge of Pain's abilities(remember: even Itachi himself never met pain "personally) then I guess he would use Tsukoyomi and fail with it. Also Pain knows  Itachi's abilities almost completely and he may be able to avoid Amaterasu. So in the end all it remains is his Susanoo which is damn exhausting and Itachi shouldn't be able to fight with it for more than a few minutes.
Jiraya has no chance against pain without the Sage Mode. And he needs a quite long preparation to use it. Meanwhile he needs Tsudane, kakashi and Itachi's combined efforts to hold the Pains back. Pains as we are talking about a situation where the six Pains are already present. I doubt Pain would hold back against Itachi and so the Deva path's gravity powers gets into full-blown use. Meanwhile Tsudane has to fight for her life just to survive the summons of the other Pain. And Kakashi doesn't have much chance against either of the pains too though he might be able to outsmart one. Anyways it's risky and inevitableness that one two or all three of them gets annihilated even before Jiraya finishes the Sage Mode. This is a bet Jiraya wouldn't likely to do so it is almost certain he wouldn't use Sage Mode.
But theorize that Jiraya realizes he has no other choice and uses it. The other three exhausts themselves but they survive somehow. Jiraya probably orders them to retreat and tries to solo Pain. So this is a battle where all six pains are fighting against Jiraya. Although maybe Pain sends out one or two pains to chase the others...a thing which Jiraya has hard time to stop. So theorize the "best" outcome. Four Pains against Sage Jiraya. Sage Jiraya might be able to do it. It all depends on that if he realizes that Pain isn't prepared for a Genjutsu from Jiraya.  But even then he needs quite a lack and tactical skill to lure the 4 Pains into a sitation where he can use the Toad Song to the fullest effect. Also here Jiraya doesn't have as much time to ask Ma and pa about them having any Genjutsu. He has relatively no time to think out a proper plan to use it. And Genjutsu without planning is just an useless trick. Jiraya has no idea about the Toad Song's effectiveness also to make the situation even more problematic. And even if Jiraya is quite powerful in Sage Mode, he has no chance against 4 pains in a normal battle.
And we can't forget that with the "best situation" Itachi, Kakashi and Tsudane is doomed. They're exhausted and can't put up a proper fight anymore.  The chasing Pains are annihilating them for sure. And if Jiraya tries to chase that other two Pains then it's certain he meets his own end at the hands of the 4 Pains he was supposed to fight.
This is a suicide mission for Jiraya and Co, no matter how we see.
Itachi,Kakashi,Tsunade,Jiraya - Pain
5% -95%
And even in that 5 percent I give 70% chance that only Jiraya survives it.
As I said elsewhere: Sage Mode is overrated.
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The team wins
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pain is good but not that good
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Actually the opposite. He's that good. He annihilated whole Konoha village by himself exc. Naruto. And after that he defeated the new Sage Naruto and almost the Kyuubi itself. Also Pain has the advantage of numbers here.
People are really overestimating Mangenkyo Sharingan and Sage mode.
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@willyvereb: everything you said is true but really jiraiya wasn't there and quite frankly he did better than the whole village combined excluding naruto of course. As long as Jiraiya is there than any combination of the team is with him let alone the whole team, then they would probably win.
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@Uzumaki_Minato said:
"The team wins "
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