Issei Hyoudo & Izayoi Sakamaki vs Satsuki & Ryuko & Mako

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@GeneralVan: I'd have to look through volume 14 - 16

Vali is more of a rival rather than villan

Rizevim apparently has more on his plate if Sirzechs made his whole peerage to fight him.

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@SekiryuuteiDxD: you should bro

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@GeneralVan: The other characters get power ups as well just not as much as Issei, but at certain points their stats become comparable I.e while sparring issei admits kiba is as fast and more agile than him even in balance break, though before triana.

I agree its not DBZ level in power from where I've read up to so far. But I've noticed that dxd is the most training-powerup based franchise since DBZ and yu yu hakusho, more so even than the HST or power 6. Its like DBZ with tits.

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@hitsusatsu11: Yeah now that you mention it DxD does focus a lot on training like YYH and DBZ. And lol DBZ with tits. But yeah I peg DxD's strength so far at Saiyan Saga or even early Namek saga DBZ.

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@LHWKnight: yeah i should

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