Issei and Vali vs. Goku and Vegeta

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@Shadowchaos said:

@Galenbeta: @LHWKnight: actually if you go by the character pictures chosen Goku is already ssj and Vegeta can transform in a instant.

characters are at base unless stated other wise

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@SMXLR8: I'm just saying he has a picture of ssj Goku up there he should have been more specific about what form they start in cause the picture implies he is ssj.

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@Shadowchaos: @Shadowchaos: Goku needs to go SSJ3 and Vegeta cannot go to Full SSJ2 instantly, because that is a lot of power to unleash. Issei's chess piece power is instant and so is both Vali and Issei's Sacred Dragon gears.

I had stated that I had messed up when I said Vali and Issei wouldn't be able to beat SSJ 3 because I didn't take into account of combining Issei's BOOST transfers with Vali's Half Dimension and Divine Divide.

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@LHWKnight: you probably think they could beat somebody like U-DO right?

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The only way I can see Goku winning this is instant transmission dodging (displayed when vsing bills) and instant transmission kamehameha.

What are the other team's reaction times and situational awareness abilities?

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@axavierhansz: MFTL

explain awareness

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@Shadowchaos: All I am saying is that Issei and Vali's abilities are way to stronger against Characters with power base abilities something like Ki, Chakra, Chi, Ripple, Cosmic, Light, Dark, Spiritual Dark Matter, spawn's necro magic. Norse magic Vali excellence in Norse, reality warping, Elemental manipulation, most transcendent, Divine,

Basically energy based powers with the exception of LHW's energy from Tenchi, and Z.

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@axavierhansz: When in Half dimension Goku won't have enough power to actually do any damage.

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Nobody in High School DXD is that powerful and fast. I exposed Galenbeta a few months ago. All of the Issei and Vali claims are NLF, they don't work on opponents way stronger than them.
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@SpeedForceSpider: Wrong i hadn't read that far yet but now i know just how powerful they actually are

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@SpeedForceSpider: They are not NFL I have told you this.

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@SpeedForceSpider: They are that strong and fast, you just chose to ignore right when it said Lightspeed. The intepretation is the truth which you never excepted.

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@LHWKnight: You haven't told me anything. This is the first I have even spoken to you. As I have stated before, it it NFL because there is an obvious limit to the said moves. I find it funny you both regurgitate the same silly argument. It's almost too similar. EDIT: I see you are the same person after all using two accounts, nice one.
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@SpeedForceSpider: how can you tell?

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@SpeedForceSpider: No we are not I just remember you from another thread if I remember right it was my team DxD and Team Rosario thread or was it my Issei & team Dxd vs Black star & Team Soul eater.

Vali's limit sents him into berserker mode and he starts dividing every out of existence.

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 in character and in base i could see how goku and vegeta can lose this one 
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@SpeedForceSpider: they aren't the same person cause the flood limit still works even if you use another account and the fact Galenbeta doesn't know anything about Tenchi Muyo. I've proven that before.

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@SpeedForceSpider: What limit

Or right thw time when he couldn't divide Loki

One that was before Vali gained his Super Devil or Godly power aka the Empirio Juggernaut Overdrive

Two Super Devils are on par with Top Tier gods, such when Hades was confronted by Sirzechs in Super Devil form and Hades got all freaked out about knowing he casdvbn't fight Sirzechs even though he's a Top Tier God.

You also talking of the time when Ohpis was stabbed

One i found out Ophis is not a god in the truest sense, it's a dragon which is far beyond the Dragon Kings so thats why it was given the title of God. This conclusion can also be reached by looking a Great Red who's just as strong as Ophis but he rose in power after Ophis was given the title of God.

Two True Longinus property makes it fit to slay only truely divine gods, the Overlords of the Underworld hid from it because it's Holy Property is too powerful and they'd kind of in the same boat as the gods when it comes to True Longinus.

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@Galenbeta: May you please tell me exactly how they are solar system level? Like give me some evidence from the light novel. At first, the country-continent to planetary level fighters with lightspeed was somewhat believable for me, but I feel like this is being stretched out on the whole MFTL solar system buster claims.

For now I'll just say that Goku and Vegeta win unless I am convinced that the other 2 can win.

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@IndridCold: Alright exhibit A, shwoing Issei jus attaining True Queen taking on a atleast 25 Planwt Biser Longinus.

Regulus Nemea mastery of it's base grans Planet Busting power. Balance Break normally increases a Sacred gears power tenfold, but being a Longinus and seeing Issei's typical Balance Break boost is 25 doubles in one.

Crimson. I was enveloped in a crimson light. When I opened my eyes, I was lying to the side while receiving a crimson light emitted from Buchou’s oppai. …….Her oppai is glowing! Yes I remember, Buchou’s breasts are glowing! But Buchou is even more shocked than me. “Ise……. That appearance……” Buchou is opening her eyes wide. Hmn? I also looked at my whole body after being concerned. …….Is the colour of my armour darker? The shape is a bit different from the usual one. It’s like a brilliant crimson colour rather than red……. It is the same colour as Buchou’s hair. [Oooo! When I thought that Sekiryuutei was enveloped in red aura by getting flashed by Switch-Princess’s Oppai Flash. He stood up while changing his armour!] The announcer shouted. Did I get resurrected? My wound is………gone! The cracked part of my armour has been repaired as well. I met with the Senpai in the white-world…… I was then enveloped in a black-aura but……was saved by the voices of the children, Buchou’s voice that was calling me and Albion-senpai. [Partner!] Oo, Ddraig. What happened? [Your consciousness was blown to the depth of the Sacred Gear. I tried to go there but the past hosts consciousnesses were dense so I couldn’t enter. And when I thought that I opened my eyes, something like this happened! What happened inside? Most of the curse that the possessors had has vanished.] ……I see. So the curse has……. It’s all thanks to Albion-senpai. [You mean the jewel of Albion that had the fragment of consciousness left? So that was moving in the depths of the Sacred Gear…..] Seems like it. I’m not actually sure but he helped me. [So you were able to promote to the “Queen” while you have the power of Sekiryuutei released.] Hm? Am I a “Queen” right now? I check the piece inside me. …..It’s true. Even though it was said to be impossible, I’m a real “Queen”! I’m shocked but I hear the analysis from Sensei. [Red aura…. No. That isn’t red. It’s a more brilliant and noble colour. That is…. True-crimson colour. Yes. Crimson. The same colour as the hair of the man called as “Crimson Satan”, and the same hair colour as the woman that idiot fell for.] Yes, it’s a crimson coloured armour. It’s a darker colour than red, so crimson. [The miracle that is only allowed for that idiot…..! Wait! Weren't you supposed to power up by sucking Rias’s breast!?] Like hell I would know that, Sensei! That is something that was mistranslated at the press conference! And it happened to appear in the front page of the newspaper! I also want to power up by sucking her breasts! Actually, I just want to suck breasts! Seeing the change in me, Sairaorg-san spoke. “Something I would call “Cardinal Crimson Queen”. That colour has the exact same colour as the Maou-sama who is called crimson. The same colour as Rias’s hair.” I blew out air from my mouth. I then made up my mind and spoke out. Somehow I feel like I can say it. More like Sensei blurted out my feelings just now! “It’s the colour of the woman I love. Buchou. Rias Gremory is the woman I love. I want the woman I love to win. I want to protect the woman I love. I want to fight for the woman I love. I……..I!” I said it! I finally said it! Now, I don’t care what happens! I’m going to confess! I shouted really loud! “I will defeat you in front of the woman I love and the children who follow me! For my dream! For the children’s dream! For Rias Gremory's dream! Today I will surpass you! I looooooooove Rias Gremory!!” Buchou’s face became so red that I'd never seen her get this red before. I spoke my feelings! I just need to follow through with it! I don’t care what happens now! “Hahahahahahahahahahaha!” Sairaorg-san laughs heartily. “Seems like you achieved something after receiving the light emitted by Rias’s breast. Then I shall defeat you and make it a stepping stone for my dream!” I became enveloped with a vast amount of crimson aura, and went ahead at godspeed! [Star Sonic Booster!!!] It seems like the surrounding scenery will blow away if I just think about it. The speed itself has that of Triaina-Knight. No. It seems like I can go even faster. Maybe it depends on the training from now on…..? Sairaorg-san also covers his body in Touki preparing to take me head on. [Solid Impact Booster!!!] The offence and defence should be the same as that of Triaina-Rook! But I can attack with lower consumption! No! Even if it can improve even more, this is enough! Can it become even stronger!? [No! The defence of this armour still hasn’t been stabilised! It’s basically a crab that just shed its shell! If you over do it, you will receive intense damage!] Is that right Ddraig?! But! I won’t win against this man if I don’t give it my all! I hit him! And I also get hit! I just kept on hitting him! He also kept on hitting me! The face. The stomach. The chest. The arms. I just continued hitting and I also continued getting hit. The armour breaks. Even if it gets repaired on time, he hit me aiming for it. Each blow Sairaorg-san and I gave each other start to destroy our bodies. The field shakes every time it happens. The ground split open and holes are created in this dimension. It’s just stupidly straightforward and insanely high-powered attacks. That is the fist fight we are having. I don’t care about defending. I don’t have time to defend. If I don’t hit him…… If I don’t keep on hitting him, this man won’t go down. That’s why I just hit him! This won’t finish even if we break each other’s bodies. I won’t be able to take this man down unless I fight until I shatter his spirit! Then the announcer shouted. [It’s a fist fight! An incredible fist fight is occurring at the centre of the field! It doesn’t have any magnificent tactics, it’s not a fight of fine-tuned demonic-powers, it’s a close range fight like a children’s brawl! They hit! And they get hit! Something simple like that is incredibly intense and seems like it would break the whole field! The viewers are all standing! Both old and young! Both man and woman! Everyone is excited! Damn! These two are incredible!] [[[[[[[[[[Sairaorg! Sairaorg!]]]]]]]]]] [[[[[[[[[[Oppai-Dragon! Oppai-Dragon!]]]]]]]]]] I see. So the viewers are all heated up as well. If they are getting heated up with just a simple and unskilful fist fight like this, then I will just continue to hit! If I can defeat this person, then I will hit him as much as I can! [Partner! The Queen form hasn’t fully synchronised with you! The increase of the power will start from now, but at this rate the Balance-Break form will be removed!] Then try to maintain it somehow Ddraig! It’s only a bit more! I won’t lose. I will go forward by beating this person! For Buchou. And for myself. “I...! I will defeat you! And I will rise up……!” The crimson aura covers my right arm, and my right arm morphs into that of Triaina-Rook’s! I will increase the impact by nailing down the percussion hammer and increase the damage! [Solid Impact Booster!!!] My fist goes deep inside Sairaorg-san’s stomach! I shattered the lion’s armour! My fist even goes deep into his physical body! I did the same thing he did to me before…..! Receiving the punch, Sairaorg-san drops on his knee. His legs are shaking. It seems like the damage is serious. Sairaorg-san then raged to his feet, “What happened, my legs!? Why do you shake!? Not yet! This is just the start!” Sairaorg-san takes a big step, and stands up. He still has Touki around his body. But the amount of Touki has decreased from before. I can win! I can win against this person! I felt that the victory is within my grasp! But this man in front of me, increases his will to fight! “Endure it. Endure it, my body……! Do you think I can name myself as the next heir of the house of Great King Bael if I don’t taste a great fight like this……!?” What strong spirit…! Me too! It looks like I can’t go forward unless I beat the current you! I try to punch Sairaorg-san who comes at me. I then pulled my arm back and released my kick aiming for his calf. There was a slight opening in his defence because of my feint. I successfully created a chance in a fight like this! Another effort in training showed its usefulness! My daily training wasn’t in vain! GASHA! I destroy his calf along with the armour covering it. If your legs are getting weak, then I will be aiming for it! Sairaorg-san’s body trembles. Without a moment to spare, I nailed my fist into his face! His helm gets broken in half, and my fist hits directly onto his face. Sairaorg-san gets blown away backwards. I expanded my dragon-wings and made the cannons appear from it. In this “Queen” form, the cannons are put inside the dragon wings. DUUUUUUUUUU……. It charges up silently and the energy was gathered in a lower charge time than that of Triaina-Bishop! [From Azazel’s comment before, you can say that the Lion’s Sacred Gear has resistance to projectile weapons! Rather than shooting a blast to destroy the whole area, wouldn’t it give more damage if you just concentrate the blast into one point?] Yeah Ddraig! Minimise the blast area as small as possible to increase the damage I can give him! “Crimson Blaaaaaaaaaster!” [Fang Blast Booster!!!] A crimson aura was shot and it envelops Sairaorg-san! After creating a huge explosion, the smoke stops and creates a big crack on the ground. At the centre of the crater, Sairaorg-san was lying on the ground. He doesn’t seem like he will be moving. My blast went through! That moment, the crowd gets louder. He won’t be able to stand now. He took a lot of damage and it seems like he used up all his strength in the attack I just did now. I confirmed my victory. Then a woman appeared in front of me who is walking very weakly. She then stood right next to Sairaorg-san. It seems like she's saying something to him. No one except me realises it……? Am I the only one who can see her? A ghost? The ghost that couldn’t pass away because of having regrets? “……up.” The woman spoke clearly but with a small voice. Something shocking is happening right in front of me…… Sairaorg-san moved a bit. He then lifts his face up. A face that was in bruises. His eyes are shallow. But I can feel something strong within his eyes. The woman then calls out to Sairaorg-san. “Sairaorg.” Is that……Sairaorg-san’s mother? When I took a good look at her face, it was Sairaorg-san’s mother that I saw at the hospital. It seems like Sairaorg-san can’t see his mother as well. Did she just send her consciousness? She gets closer to Sairaorg-san as if she is taking a look at her son. She speaks in a voice that only I can hear. It wasn’t the cheer of a mother who is concerned with her son who is desperately fighting. “Stand up. Stand up! Sairaorg!” Sairaorg-san’s mother had a really noble, and firm expression. Her voice wasn’t that of a cheer, but that of a mother who is scolding her son. “Didn’t you promise me that you will become stronger than everyone?” …..Sairaorg-san’s body moved. It certainly started to move. His hands, arms, and legs moved making him lift his body. “Fulfill your dream! For the world you desire. For the future of the Underworld. For not allowing others to taste the pain you felt! Isn’t that the reason why you continued to hold tightly to your fist!?” I’m not sure if her words are getting through to Sairaorg-san. He probably doesn’t hear her. “A world anyone can position themselves in a place with their ability and not where they were born from. Was that not the world you dreamed!? A world where the children who are about to be born won’t taste the feeling of being sad! Are you not going to create a world like that!” Sairaorg-san’s mother made a smile while she started to disappear. It was the face of a mother who is looking at a son she is proud of. “Now go. My lovely Sairaorg. You are my son.” It happened at that moment. The man in front of me completely stood up from the ground while bleeding. “Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!” The lion howled. Rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooar…….! That was the howl of a magnificent lion that sounded brave but also sad. The arena shook violently. Even I was shaking. Fear. Shiver. Enchantment. Excitement. All those feelings mixed inside me were making the cells in my body boil. I can still fight with this man…….. I can finish the fight with him. Just thinking about that brought out a power within me that spread through my whole body. “Hyoudou Issei! I won’t lose! There is a dream I need to fulfill!” Sairaorg-san comes at me! In a bruised and battered state! “I...! I also can’t lose as well!” I went ahead while saying that! Both of our fist hit each others faces! How many times have we punched each others faces now!? Shit! It certainly hurts! He won’t go down. Sairaorg-san won’t go down no matter how much I hit him. He continues to hit me while not losing the light inside his eyes. All of his hits are something that feels like it will take everything away from me. Where? Where does he get this strength from……!? Even if I hit him in the stomach. Even if I hit him in the face, the strong foe in front of me shows no signs of stopping his fist. I will be taken down if I stop for a slight moment! He will take away my consciousness! Then how can I make him lose consciousness!? How many times do I have to hit him to take him down!? The Great-King who doesn’t have the power of destruction! This man in front of me is strong enough and an insanely strong foe even if he doesn’t have the same power as Buchou and Sirzechs-sama. No! I will be taken down immediately if I think about “defeat”! Vali is also a strong foe. Cao Cao was also a terrifying opponent. Sairaorg-san is strong overall: power, speed and defence. But there is a decisive difference between them. A really obsessed thought about winning. He will lose everything if he loses. There is no second chance. A resolution of accepting death. A spirit where he can bet everything he has for his dream. It seems like a strong will where he discarded the option of retreating is pushing him to go this far! “(I only have this body. I will lose everything if I lose. Everything I built until now will crumble. For someone like me who didn’t inherit the power of destruction, this was the only path for me. That’s why I have to win with my body.)” “(It looks uncool, but this is my way of fighting you guys since I am unskilful.)” You are cool! You are awesome! You are such a great guy that I can’t express it in words! That’s why. That’s why I want to beat Sairaorg-san! I don’t know how you felt when you raised and piled up the status you currently have. Even so I won’t feel sympathy towards you and continue hitting you! Fighting with my full power is my respect towards Sairaorg-san and it's my will! This is my answer! “……Haa…….Haa……. I also have a dream! To make…….Buchou the……King of the game…….” I was about to lose the power of maintaining my armour! Even so, I went towards Sairaorg-san releasing my fist at him. “I will……also become a King one day! I will become stronger than anyone! I……! I will become the “Ultimate Pawn”……..!” BANG! My punch reached Sairaorg-san! It’s a punch that even I can tell was effective. Sairaorg-san's body trembles. But he doesn’t fall. …..One more time then. But I finally lost the power to maintain my armour and my Balance-Breaker disappears……. Shit. It was close. But I couldn’t reach him…… My body also trembles. But I went ahead with just my body with the remaining strength I have. I will go like this! This should be fine! I can fight as long as I can grasp my hand! When I was about to go ahead with just my fist…… […….Sekiryuutei…….. It’s alright now………..] The lion located at the chest of Sairaorg-san’s body spoke. [……My master……. Sairaorg-sama has……….] The lion was shedding tears from its eyes. “Sairaorg-san……?” Sairaorg-san is…… Sairaorg-san has lost his consciousness while having his fist pushed forward as if he will be coming right at me. He was still smiling…… Even so, his eyes were glittered with light and it still had the will to continue fighting. […..Sairaorg-sama had already lost his consciousness since just a moment ago….] ……What…..? Then why did he try to come forward……. [Even so…… he was happy. He kept on going forward as if he felt overjoyed…… He just went straight ahead……. Because he was truly enjoying the fight while having his dream on the line……] The lion explains. So he continued fighting with only his will…….. Even if he lost his consciousness….. Yet he…….. Just went forward……. For his dream…… I had my head bowed down to him without noticing. I then hugged his battered body. I then shouted with a shaking voice. “……Thanks……. Thank you very much!” [Sairaorg Bael loses. He retires. This is the end of the game. Rias Gremory Team’s victory!] The final announcement is made and the stadium became filled with the cheers of the audience.
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