Is it really necessary to state the location? (Battle Section)

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In majority of fights, I don't think the location brings much of a winning factor for some characters.

Of course in situations such as someone that uses water element being located at the sea or someone that uses the jungle/forest for the benefit for their fighting style or a nature element user being near fire, it's understandable that the location will be the deciding factor.

But then there's battle such as Goku vs. Vegeta (example) where locations doesn't really make a difference. So is it really necessary to state the location in these types of battle?

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It gives more quality to the fight it self. I think locations always make a fight much more awesome!

Sure for high DBZ+ level characters location don't matter but it still makes it cool. But I have seen threads were they restrict the destruction of a planet and then it makes it worth putting the location.

Final. it gives the thread a better look to it.

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Maybe in some cases it's not so essential but I don't think it's too much of an inconvenience to mention the location which often can be as little 1 word or 1 image.
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In some instances, the location does affect the outcome of a match depending on how the fighting environment affects any of the combatants and any knowledge of it that can be exploited by the characters if it is their home turf. Otherwise in most instances, it is only there just for the sake of better match quality.

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It can make for good atmosphere :D

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Good point. Some might need it while some doesn't really matter. I remember the Mario VS Sonic needed a specific location since one of the combatants had a weakness. Though, Sonic could take care of it with a power up.

I'm not a battle mod. I'm just pointing out suggestions. I'll add your thread to the suggestion box's related threads.

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It does make the battle interesting, though. 
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Depending on the characters yes and no. Either way it wouldn't harm anybody to put a location.

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Massive difference. Lemme give an example

Freiza vs Ultimate Gohan on earth

Gohan roflstomps

Frieza vs Ultimate Gohan in the middle of outer space

Frieza roflstomps.

And it's not exactly unreasonable to start a battle in outer space either. Both locations are perfectly reasonable starting locations but the result would be drastically different.

So yes, location is absolutely necessary.

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@takashichea: this should be moved since it's not a battle

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Hmm.... most of the time location isn't too important. Although it could be a game-changer since it does decide WHERE the fight is taking place. Like if the setting is enclosed, open, has obstacles or obstructions in the way, things to take advantage of, etc.... Battles aren't just straight-up comparisons between combat stats like attack power, speed, durability, hax, etc...

Setting isn't as important as things like starting distance and forms, but it is up to the OP to decide if the setting is significant.

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They do for certain characters (is Dovakhin near a cliff?)

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For elemental, magic, alchemy, and non flying characters it does matter. Imagine a water user in space lol.....that would suck for em.

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5th time my topic has been moved.

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@Rize: This thread has no relevance to anything but the battle forums. I think it belongs there or is a question that should have been asked in the rules thread there.

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