Iron Man vs Zetto

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Current armor for Iron Man

Zetto in his prime, seastone arm, haki and Rokushiki techniques included

just a little curious, who would win?


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iron man is too much for zetto, with override he had a lifting strength of 16 thousand tons, not to mention he survived a point blank nuke with his shields at 2%.

in other words he stomps

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@othus12: super strength isnt a problem for zetto, not only is he most likely around the same strength, he is also faster than Luffy, and i dont think that he can match reaction time. What weapons does he have? Zetto has shrugged off lasers from kizaru which are city block level, and i dont know what kind of weapons he has currently. also can i have scans if you can provide it? that all sounds pretty tight lol

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Ironman's override is impressive but honestly 16,000 tons isn't a lot to the high tiers in One Piece. The reason I'd say he beats Zetto is because of his hypersonic+ flight and his heavy durability. And to some extent his weapon arsenal which is vast and well rounded.
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@Jinbeifan1: tony can go up to 5 miles per second with his current armor he speedblitzes zetto besides his armcannon is on the range of thousands of petawatts it can reduce some people to ashes

as long as he has power on his armor it will repair by itself because of his nanomachines.

think about it zetto got defeated by a nuke-like explosion while tony got through an actual nuke at only 2% of its actual power. he would shrug off any attack zetto dishes.

his onmibeam is calculated at 25K degrees Fahrenheit and his program hyper-velocity increases his reaction time and thought up to a super computer level

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@othus12: the speed advantage is exceptional, ill give you that, but blitzing zetto wouldnt stop him, i doubt his particle beams would make any difference in the fight either.... that being said, iron man wins. hes gotten quite powerful lately

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