Ippo Makunouchi(Hajime no ippo) vs Baki Hanma

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  1. The Fight is a Bare knuckle boxing match.
Young Baki Hanma
Young Baki Hanma
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Baki destroy's Ippo.
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I don't know much about about ippo and didn't get much response about him in my last thread so I am bumping this one. 
my argument for Baki: 
1)Baki beat an adult  male Gorrila in close combat
2)Yuri beat a pack of 10 wolves, Koro squished Yuri, Baki at teh end of season 1 was toying with them like children as a worm up  to fight his father 
  PS: Koro destroed a car  with his bear hands by punching and ripping. 
3)Baki mastered a huge amount of martial art types, Ippo only has boxing. 
   Baki proved that boxing is imperfect, clumbsy, and should not be considered a martial art. 
there are more feats but for now I am waiting for an argument for Ippo.
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the hajime no ippo verse is supposed to be peak human, baki the grappler is a little lower then hsdk characters.
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