Invisible Woman vs Trafalgar Law

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Full knowledge for both.

Post-Timeskip Law.


Winner by Death or KO.

Neutral Battleground.

Who wins?

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Force field around head to induce suffocation.

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@CerusSerenade said:

Force field around head to induce suffocation.


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Law puts it back on Sue then takes her heart out. Really either is capable of winning. Whoever acts first wins.
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shambles the forcefield into her head and then proceed to use "tact" to send her flying

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Technically hes faster so even if she was about to he slashes her before she can move or removes her heart, either one but his speed makes this more leaning towards him.

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And just how is Law going to bypass her shields ??? She has offense and defense with her barriers unlike what we have seen from law... I say Sue takes this 7/10 times due to superior defense....

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Doesn't Law's ability bypass conventional defenses? I don't know if Sue's fields can block Law's field since it is more or less an area for which he can use his ability, or the given range( Think of it as Neji Hyuuga's 8 trigrams) Law's actual cutting simply depends on if you are in anyway inside his abilities' range since it is not the force of his swings that cut you but rather the law of his power(Also hence why nobody dies from simply being cut in half), likely all that will happen is Sue and her force field will be cut to pieces and mixed around with shambles. Law's ability can sorta be compared to Kuwabara's dimension blade in bypassing most defenses, while not absolute (Like he can't use room on someone inside a dimensional barrier or something) it should be able to get past a shield, unless I'm missing something here.
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@Kurohige: I don't think so her defense is strong enough to combat the likes of Galactus, Thanos etc... IMO Law isn't gonna scratch her defense, she has too many feats against much more powerful entities than Law...

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@ALMIGHTY: Dude thats because the likes of galactus and thanos use lazers or blunt force attacks which cannot be compared to law's ability. Like kuro explained its not the force of his swing that cuts people its his power. If he activates room around him and sue the fight is over. Your defense doesn't matter because in his room he is God and he can take her heart and stab it. End of sue~

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@TheNeutralOne: Sure he can cut whatever is in his room, but her shield is in his room, and how is he gonna cut and dissect her shield ? Even though she will be inside her shield will be there with her... And in order to get to her he needs to bypass it, and we have never seen law dissect a non physical force such as a shield, so we cannot just assume he can until he shows feats for it...

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: Pretty much this. Law doesn't need to "Scratch" Sue since she will be cut  by Law from across the arena, she could have blocked a supernova and it wouldn't matter since it's not force at all, I could maybe by that Sue could somehow block Law's ability but only if she resisted some kind of minor reality warping, or psychic or mental attacks with them. Then you have an argument, but as it is now it wont matter. Saying that Sue can block Law's ability because she blocked hits from Galactus is like saying Yusuke can tank Kuwabara's dimension sword because he tanked hits from Sensui, or Goku can resist being turned into chocolate by Buu because he tanked a planet busting attack. It doesn't matter because the powers have vastly different properties and specific ways to get past them. 
In this battle, it should not be an argument of if Sue can block  Law's devil fruit power, but rather can she kill Law BEFORE he has time to use it. Sue can kill Law in one of two ways:  
1. Air bubble around his head to induce suffocation. 
2. Air bubble INSIDE his head (Or body) and quickly expand it to blow him up from inside. 
I would rather vote on the latter as I don't see why Law can't simply take Sue's heart or cut her to pieces before he runs out of air since suffocation isn't exactly a quick death and Devil fruit powers don't have anything to do with breathing so i don't see why Law's ability would be hindered from lack of oxygen and the average human can hold their breath for like what, 4 minuets? The average One Piece human is likely MUCH longer. What Sue needs for he argument is speed feats. 
Also, Law as able to bypass Smoker's smoke and Vergo's armor haki so a shield should not be a problem, while we don't have a feat of Law cutting through this exact thing like Sue's shield, you have not shown anything to suggest Sue COULD block it, the burden of proof rest on you. Also shambles can switch places with anything that is in the Room, so if you wanna go that rout then Law can use Shambles and switch Sue with he fields so Sue will be on the outside and he shield will be on the inside.
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@Kurohige: But is their any evidence that Law's ability works on non physical objects such as a Shield/Barrier ??? There are no feats showing him cutting anything in his room but physical objects, Susan's barriers do not have the same properties as a human, or a mountain/boulder, cannonball, etc... Hell he hasn't even shown to be able to slice a logia type yet ! So I find it pretty hard to believe that he is gonna break a nearly indestructible shield from one of the best shield makers in all in marvel.

Law has done nothing that should make you believe he can cut a non physical force... When I see him cut Logia user then maybe I will be convinced...

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Law controls all objects in his room. The reason why he can beat Sue is because physical durability is completely bypassed by his power. Her force field are effortlessly bypassed if they enter his room. It's not that she couldn't attack him before he uses his ability to cancel it, but the thing is that they can one shot each other, and Law should have the faster reactions. I believe he has color of observation haki as well but that's an assumption.
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@ALMIGHTY: Law cut through armament haki which is basically a forcefield around the body. Also Law controls "EVERYTHING!" in his room. Sue doesn't have a choice of if she will be cut up or not. And btw he did use his powers on a logia, he removed monet's heart and it didn't grow back inside her and when it was simply attacked without haki or a devil fruit power by ceasar she died~

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@TheNeutralOne: Well said. There is no disputing that, Im convinced.@Kurohige:

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@ALMIGHTY: Hate to tell you, my guy, but it does work on Logias not that I see why it wouldn't anyway since he is not "cutting" anything, he is just putting you into segments that he can place wherever he wants via using his sword as a marking place to where he wishes to divide someone, there is noting suggesting Law can't use his hand if he wanted since there is nothing special about the sword. It also again, wont break anything; Law can simply switch Sue and her shield, not even harming it. Also, Law has used his ability on logias that's how he took Smoker's heart... hell, he did that up close, as seen when he switches the Strawhats around he can do it at a distance. 
Now as we see int he fight with Smoker (Whom is only blocking Law's sword due to have sea prism stone Juute which block DF powers off.) the simple blacklash of Law's ability chops giant ships, ice, the smoke and even a small part of the water if you look at the lower left: 
I can understand how it's hard for you do believe but so far, other than sea prism cuffs or haki(And even that failed) Law's ability has never been "Blocked" so I don't see how Sue is going to do it, you make these claims that he can't but I have given you multiple scans of facts from the manga and you simply refuse to accept them. as it is now Law wins though. As I said maybe if you got speed feats instead instead of trying to prove Law can't use his ability on here.... Also if it was simply "cutting" then you would see the insides of the ships and things would fall out, but no it's kept intact.
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