Inuyasha vs Sasuke Uchiha

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Restrictions: No MS. Regular Sharingan only.
The fight takes place in a Dark Forest. 
Sasuke will fight, seriously. Inuyasha will fight, seriously.   

Winning condition: Death or Incapacitation. 
Random encounter.  
Both have their swords. 
Both have no knowledge about each other. 
No demon mode. 
Who wins? 

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Sasuke dies

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@eddz99: yes it it what a mismatch and the rules favor mutt way more then sasuke

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Equal speed remove demon form make sasuke able to fly then we have a fight.

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Sasuke's biggest problem here is that he's up against a foe capable of mustering up far more destructive power than he can muster up without any MS or EMS doujutsu thanks to the Tetsusaiga. If Inu uses Kaze no Kizu and Meidou Zengetsuha, no way in hell Sasuke's capable of escaping or withstanding both of the sword's techniques. Not to mention Inu's a far more durable foe thanks to his demonic blood and fire rat kimono, which makes him highly resistant to attacks from human weapons and immune to any fire-based attacks which effectively cripples a good part of Sasuke's arsenal. I believe both at their present points of their titles (Sasuke before gaining MS, Inuyasha at series end) are also about on par with one another in speed so Sasuke won't be able to resort to speedy attacks efficiently here. Sasuke's only shot at victory here is inflicting a genjutsu on Inuyasha via Sharingan to incapacitate his foe seeing as Inuyasha has no resistance to mental manipulation. Beyond that, this match is overwhelmingly in Inuyasha's favor based on the battle conditions above.
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No way Sasuke can win without MS.
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I'll give him MS, then. 
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@eddz99: Ok.
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Sasuke wins with MS. Faster, more versatile

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Sasuke dies. Simple as that; Meidou Zangetsha this battle. How can sasuke counter that.

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