Ino vs. Hinata

Topic started by Rain_Man on Dec. 6, 2008. Last post by Dream 5 months ago.
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@SpeedForceSpider: Hinata just annoys the living crap out of me. She's a mary stu with no real personality. "But she accepted Naruto when everyone else didn't." So did Teuchi and Ayame from Ichiraku Ramen, Iruka, 3rd Hokage, and even Sasuke since Sasuke actually knew what Naruto was going through. He was just annoyed by his behavior, not because he was a Jinchuriki. "She went up against Pain." Impressive. But Naruto was there as well. Ino may have no character but she doesn't annoy me.

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@GeneralVan: Regardless, Hinata deserves a good life way more than Sakura. I'm still holding out for Madara to brutally murder Pinky, then she'll be gone for good :3

Hinata wins, as Ino is worthless.

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@GeneralVan: Well I get you're a Hinata hater but I like her and most do as well. Ino is just well, fodder to be blunt.

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The outcome of this battle seems unanimous. Time to lock up!

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