Injustice League of Anime vs The Justice League

Topic started by nishi99 on June 22, 2012. Last post by mushi0606 1 year, 5 months ago.
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people realy seem to underestimate bakura he thinks things through an can whipe the mind control anyone not to mention use any dule monster magic trap effect bakura goes sneaks up on superman then copycat then bakura merges with the monster an litteraly becomes a god an kills every one an oh prime may be imune but not to traps an he can never stop some one from becomeing him copy cat copys atk def plus effect in the show so littealy bakura becomes superman an bakura can make as much copys of superman to kill everyone now i become pharoh of the universe
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If the team can stall for a few seconds, Bakura seals all the souls of the Justice League away.

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in yugioh there is cards imune to magic but not to traps an there are cards imune to traps but not magic there is 2 card a trap bakura can use to render all the justice league useless it reduces their atk def to 0 an they loose effects so 1 member of justice league lose their powers also theres gravity bind it makes it inposible for them to attack bakura can also use his millenium ring to hide in the shadows
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Flash still solos.
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flash has x ray vision ummmmmm no gravity bind flash can not move then mind whipe or mind controol bakura wins
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Still wondering why on earth Arlong is here. For comic relief purposes? Lol. Everyone else is either highly powerful or ingenious or both. Arlong is neither. But I suppose Hawkgirl is in the same boat. Anyway the JL win. Batman with prep is too strong een with Aizen and Light opposing him. Even that aside, MM is too powerful/hax from anyone on team Injustice League.
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LOL this was one of my noob threads.

@taichokage: I didn't know much about One Piece and i thought Arlong would be a good villain for Batman in a fight. As for Aizen and Light i think if they work together they could outsmart Batman.

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gravity bind bakura can use or summon any yugioh card or dule monster an magic an trap an attack an destroy anyone an bakura also thinks things through an plans ahead any dule monster can be deadly also bakura is invincible he can leave part of his soul in any object an return an kill like i said before bakura uses copy cat merges with the monster an he becomes superman an kills also bakura can summon as many copy cats aslong as he has the cards also bakura can control the justice league not to mention batman or whipe his mind completley batman who am i then bakura says now i control you ritual summon tribute batman to summon relinquished then relinquished absorbs all the justice league
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