Imperialdramon Dragon Mode vs Saiyuki (Korohime)

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Imperialdramon vs Saiyuki

Setting: Digital World

No Restrictions, and lets let the feathers fly!

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Imprialdramon wins here... even tho Saiyuki could be a small country buster.. Imp can cut of her horns thus turning her to human... or he can just blast her and it would end up in a KO

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Yes, but according to OBD, Saiyuki does have the abitlity to turn herself into mist and make clones of herself, which may prove a challenge to Imperialdramon. Truth is, I also don't know if Imperialdramon could take off he horns without the rest of her waist-up XD Anyways, I agree, Imperialdramon will probably still win despite these setbacks thanks to a massive attack range.

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I've read somewhere that Imperialdramon fighter mode was a potential planet buster. Although it is fighter mode, I don't think Dragon mode should be that much weaker. Also isn't dragon mode able to travel at near light speed.

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It was either that or massively hypersonic speed. I did see Dragon mode wipe out quite a few of mega levels in an episode of Xros Wars.

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