Ichigo vs. Majeh

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As each series draws ever closer to their inevitable finish, there has yet to be a conclusion as to which of these otherworldly fighters would win in a battle. Majeh, both a fighter and a Shinigami for the passed three-hundred years, or Ichigo who is more than just a Shinigami mixed with a Hollow?
Stage 1: Sealed Majeh vs. Shikai Ichigo (Hueco Mundo arc)
Stage 2: Temp-Release Majeh vs. Bankai Ichigo (HMA)
Stage 3: Full Release Majeh vs. Final Getsuga Ichigo
Final Stage Speculation: King of Hell Majeh vs. EoS Ichigo (to be determined at series end)
The final stage, of course, can't really be determined until both series are concluded. However we do see an idea of what they'll become. Majeh is to acquire the Power of Yama, which gave the previous king absolute reign over all of the dead in Hell. This took the form of a hammer for him. It was unblockable and it never missed. How this power will manifest in Majeh's hands is unknown.
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I like Majeh more as a character so i'll go with him

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@ChromeDisaster said:

I like Majeh more as a character so i'll go with him

Debating at it's finest.

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