Ichigo (FP), Current Naruto, Current Luffy Vs Goku (Saiyan Saga)

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as much as i like luffy naruto and ichigo better when it comes down to it there is no way they could win against goku
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Goku mega stomp.
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Nappa is a mega-stomp. 
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When they can travel over 600,000 miles in a day (by comparison the earth is 24,000 miles), then they are on Goku Saiyan Sage average speed, let alone Kaioken Speed & Power.
Unless their attacks are far faster than Machine Gun fire they are not even close to brushing Goku (Roshi caught machine gun fire at close range).
Kid Goku (King Piccolo Saga) would beat them all, but it would be a closer fight.
Krillin and Roshi Combat Speed Feat (Punching, Spitting, Think up a game "took 1/5 of sec", Playing Rock Paper Scissor, Kick to Krillin head) all of that happen in 1 second. This is too much rapage that it has become a murder scene, by excessive rapage.
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Goku wins, different power levels.
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