Iceman/Aokiji vs Akainu/ Portgas D. Ace

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War Of The Elements

Battle takes place here

Round 1 Morals on

Round 2 Morals off

Who wins?

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Should have used Torch instead of Akainu so it would be marvel/one piece ice vs fire not ice vs fire and magma. But I am inclined to go with team 1. Because they are Logias, team 2 might not be vulnerable to iceman freezing their brains and body fluids, but Iceman was haxes tremendously from his original self and is omega level now. He can become one with any water source and like the Logias, doesn't get harmed when he is physically attacked be it shattering melting and so on. The question is if haki can affect Iceman. It does not exist in marvel but it allows users to strike elementals and what they otherwise couldn't harm so I'd say they can. It's not easy to say. If haki affects Iceman, he is just as vulnerable as the rest. If it doesn't, he is invincible in this battle. If haki doesn't work, Iceman would solo in the long run. If it does, I still go for team 1 as Iceman is a more powerful elemental than Ace, and Aokiji can hold Akainu long enough for Iceman to beat Ace, then it's 2 on 1 against Akainu and he barely won against Aokiji alone.
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Iceman can solo thanks to his ability to freeze close to and on absolute zero. No amount of Logia power can save them from absolute zero freezing, He managed to flash freeze a fusion core explosion. Busoshoku Haki wont affect him as his powers stem from mutation and not devil fruits which they are able to affect and bypass.

He has changed quite a bit but I was told he also has some form of energy manipulation and forcefield projection now, but dont hold me to that.

To sum up he can solo with ease. Aokiji is not even needed here.

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I would disagree with haki being ineffective. It is essentially a psionic ability to use mind over matter. It translates into willpower. They strike and harm that which should not be harmed through sheer force of will. It makes little difference if one's powers are from the x gene or the devil fruit, haki is unrelated to either. As far as I know, Iceman is still affected by mental abilities which haki technically is. However I do not think for a moment that it is enough to defeat Iceman.
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@taichokage: The difference between Haki and telekenetic/kenesis is very different. Haki itself stems from one spirit, with training one can utilize it and form it into one of the 3 (2 if they are unable to use Haoshoku) Haki avaliable. Phychic abilitys are different in that they stem from the power of the mind and not the spirit. The Haki in question allows the wielder to bypass the effects of a devil fruits powers (Among other things), to strike the body directly, and depending on where the hit landed it would do damage to the body part that has been altered, Hit the heart and it destroys the heart. To do that it would have to neutralize the devil fruits effects on any part of the body that is cut for it to do damage, which is why they can still defend against it by hitting the attack away. There is nothing to suggest that Devil Fruit powers alter the body in the same way as the X gene does for Bobby, hence why I say Haki will most likely not affect Bobby in the slighest in the form of an attack.

But we are arguing over semantics lol. I like to think of him in this instance like the anti Zanka no Tachi, he will rapidly steal all the heat from around them and freeze them in place before they can fight back.

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Iceman got this in the bag

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@Destinyheroknight said:

Iceman got this in the bag

Yeah basically.

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Iceman is Omega-level.

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@One_Piece_God: This.

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Bobby solos.

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The guy who battled a cosmic entity(Oblivion), and won...soles, DUH!

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@Killer_of_trolls: That fight was a bit PIS-y from what i know, but doesn't change the fact that he rapes.

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