Iceman Counterparts Go At It!

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For my next battle, characters who are, in my eyes, otherworldly counterparts of the Marvel Comics superhero who goes by the name of Iceman, take each other on, fittingly in front of an ice skating rink/stadium, and in winter, too. Btw, just to point out, I am well aware that not all of these guys have ice related powers. Some are counterparts to Iceman due to their cool and humorous personality and/or having good potential despite some quirks and flaws. Now, here are the showdowns.

Sub-Zero(Mortal Kombat)VS Big Blue(Monster Rancher Anime)

Streex(Street Sharks)VS Bullzeye(Extreme Dinosaurs)

Michaelangelo(2003 TMNT Cartoon)VS Robin(DC Comics, Tim Drake, pre-nu52)

Bart Simpson(The Simpsons)VS Takato Matsuki(Digimon Tamers)

Cheetor(Beast Wars Transformers)VS George Weasley(Harry Potter)

List the outcomes individually and in the order above, please!

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