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Well, Cell was trading blows with Goku who stopped attacks from Trunks "that butchered someone that tanked a planet buster" using his finger. I think he might be able to hurt Hulk with his fits, specially in his buff form.

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@GIRUGAMESH:Not really, they're doing their job, they have already banned some of this guy accounts, is just that he creates more and more

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@so_god_damned_whelmed:Woah, so not only a troll, but a person with little imagination in offenses, probably copied from someplace

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@so_god_damned_whelmed:You have just repeated the same offense. Just get a trigeminal neuralgia, you'll do a favor to a lot of people, and don't worry, you won't die for that.

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Ha ha ha, this guy is just funny, he thinks that a Trigeminal neuralgia is not bad, because he won't die.

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@Asune: Kl, just ignore him then. Nobody else values him so you shouldn't. Don't even bother checking his posts.

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@so_god_damned_whelmed said:

@Hellos: Hellos i know you have a history of being a comic book wanking faggot but give it a one gives a shit. Hulk isnt winning end of story

These insults certainly carry so much weight coming from you.

@Hellos said:

Never did anything close to that. And people mentioning he wins based off energy manipulation when Cell didn't even fight remotely like that sound silly.

Speed doesn't matter much since he won't be able to hurt the Hulk with his fists.

I'll stick with what is fact, feel free to show this Cell spamming planet busters and displaying strength enough to hurt the Hulk.

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I have removed the content that the so_whelmed user has been posting recently towards certain members. They violate the AV Forum Policy and were downright unacceptable.

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@ShadowKnight508: Many thanks.

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The thing is: even if the Hulk has a superior physical strength to the Cell, the Hulk can never touch Cell.

Let`s see: the fight between Trunks and Cell

Here: Cell admits that Trunks has a physical strength and a higher Ki than Cell has in his base Perfect form.

Consider the following situation, Trunks despite his enormous physical strength against Cell, Trunks can never hit a single blow.

Cell confirms that brute force is irrelevant against his super speed.

As I stated before the Hulk's strength is irrelevant against Cell, as Cell can dodge any blow.

Cell can also use Ki attacks from short range, as he did to kill Trunks (see above - the three images). Cell dodge all the blows from the Hulk, then he just puts himself a safe distance and then Cell launched a barrage of short-range attacks or even planetary attacks to the body of the Hulk.

Sure, people may not believe that Cell can destroy a planet. But Frieza can destroy entire planets (admitted by himself), and Cell was recognized by the Z-warriors as a bigger threat than Frieza (see below - the two images please). Moreover, Cell has Frieza`s cells, he got many skills of Frieza. For me Cell has the power to destroy multi-planets, due to the progression of the manga (and threat to Z-warriors), but many users say that Cell can not destroy planets... who knows...maybe popular opinion (just my opinion).

As you can see, Frieza admits that he can easily destroy entire planets and Goku, Krilin and the other Z warriors admit that Cell is much more powerful than Frieza. This was drawn from the Manga (see above) and it is canon of the Dragon Ball universe.

But the user who opened this thread, he never spoke, than we should use only the Manga, I believe that we can also use the anime. If so, the victory is even more easier to Cell.

Let`s see the anime:

In the anime, Cell stopped a giant asteroid with one hand, this puts the Cell`s level of physical strength on the same level of one of the best feats of strength of the Hulk did in the past (actually in the comic, Hulk needed help to stop an asteroid, and it was more a demonstration of durability than just physical strength - you can go to ComicVine, you have the explanation).

Cell used the technique Kienzan in the anime, Cell could use a dam of Kienzans and he could cut the Hulk into slices. Who Knows?

But, "suppose" that Hulk has enough speed to "catch" Cell, even though the Hulk dismembered Cell into pieces, it is still irrelevant, since Cell has regeneration. In other words even if the Hulk has superior physical strength to Cell, Hulk will never "Kill" Cell ,and even if the Hulk "catchs" Cell, he has regeneration. In this case, you would need a lot of Ki to kill Cell, which the Hulk does not have this ability (Ki manipulation) - skill that Gohan had to destroy Cell - the battle is even more difficult for the Hulk.

Cell has always many advantages over the Hulk, and the great advantage that the Hulk has against Cell is his physical force. But Cell has a ton of techniques (Kienzan), abilities (regeneration) and capabilities (faster, telekinesis) that he can beat the Hulk in several ways.

Cell kills the Hulk, if you use the manga or anime (fillers) is irrelevant.

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Cell just got muscled out of the fight

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@salbing said:

Cell just got muscled out of the fight


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Ah I remember this one.
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Cell use telekinesis and win ^^

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Cell decides the decides to debuff and tear Hulk a new one.

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What if Cell absorbs Hulk?

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