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@ReiKai: You're a troll, and you debate like a 6 year old throwing a temper tantrum. get over it.

You mean like the time hulk clapped his hands and ironman, beast, and hellion died and the x men he used it on? Oh wait. Yes tell that to surfer and thor both of which didn't in any way shape or form try and use their speed on hulk. Yes all of the ridiculously fast people hulk went up against who didn't use their speed. Sentry didnt dodge wolverine attack in civil war. OMG clearly this means wolverine is FTL. It's called PIS, and CIS. Before you go blathering on about how hulk can hit someone whos 1 trillion times light speed, when the hulk himself doesn't have super prepared to be mocked and made to look like an idiot. Try and do some research on the hulk? Good lord you're not even worth the post count. Cell stomps, and you need to read a comic.

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This coming from the one creating multiple accounts to try and keep from getting banned and locked out of conversation. Sentry is easily explainable given his vulnerable state of mind at the time. The guy is bi-polar. And btw, Hulk does have super-speed. If you'd actually read some comics like a good little nerd you'd know that..
Now, try and do yourself a favor and explain this; How does Cell stomp the Hulk? Hulk is physically billions of times stronger than Cell. Hulk's durability is far greater than Cell's. Then there's Hulk's regeneration which is so great that he can't die. Hulk has literally jumped to the Moon and back, which means there is no distancing issue here. Not to mention Hulk can strike from a distance with his patented Thunderclap. Hulk has withstood Sun-level temperatures and been blasted by the likes of Thor, Surfer, Thanos and more, figures who'd Cell into a pulp. 
Now, how about actually trying to explain in a Plausible manner in which Cell could win. Go ahead, I'd love to hear it.
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@ReiKai: No this coming from the guy who wants to reply to everyone whos replying to him but can only make 5 post a day because he's a new user. Sentry doesn't have the power of a thousand exploding suns..never did..never shown he did...end of discussion Any comic book fan knows this. And im not going to waste my time debating it with the likes of you. Produce a scans showing he is or shut up and sit in your own hypocrisy and ignorance.

Hulk tagging speedsters is PIS. You want to sit here and say hulk stands a chance against surfer thor and any other speedster...go over to comicvine and bump a thread and see how that goes. And i guarantee you'll be laughed off the site and the thread will be locked same as always. K thanks. Spare me your if i ever read a comic drivel. You've used it three times tonight and its already old. I without a doubt know more about comics if you think hulk tagging faster than light speedsters isn't pis.

I explained quite clear why cell stomps the hulk. You've seen, read, and replied t those post. And im not repeating myself to the likes of you. Hulk has been knocked out by spider man and america when not fully enraged. And has lost all his energy trying to fight sentry to the point he reverted to bruce banner. Those parts i'll cover because i didn't explain durability before..but the rest i did...So stop asking me stupid questions you already know i answered.

Cell stomps. I explained why cell stomps. K thanks

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K thanks???

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Can't We All Just Get Along?!?!

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@BattleHeiz:You're right, sorry, that pretty much happens when posters start to attack the user instead of just giving an argument

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1. It's a Million Exploding Suns. And it's stated, constantly. And Sentry is often regarded as potentially being the most powerful person on Earth. He pretty much defeated every team of heroes when he lost control.
Need I also remind you that Sentry easily defeated Terrax, a Herald of Galactus, who can cleave planets in half by swinging his axe.

When you consider that Heralds can ignite super novas, travel millions of FTL and use the Power Cosmic for all sorts of stunts, it should make you realize that Sentry is no pushover when he's focused on the task at hand.
2. Again, Hulk has super-speed. Surfer not using FTL to banish him is PIS. Surfer getting his face smashed in when he couldn't run away, is not. Thor and Hulk have gone at it many times over the years, and Thor knows when not to hold back. That doesn't stop the Hulk, however, and anyone with any sense would realize that the Hulk is not a slow, lumbering brute. Hulk has speed. It's time you accepted that fact and stopped with the multi-accounting. It's infantile and pathetic.
3. Your whole "Cell wins" argument is; "Cell is faster and shoots blasts!" Let me try and put this in a manner that you Might be capable of understanding.

Does that look like it stopped or killed the Hulk? That was the Thanos juiced on the Terraforming Force. Hulk has been shot by pretty much anyone you can think of these days, and he mauled most of the world's heroes in WWH. You should remember that many of them do have super-speed and that none of them could stop the Hulk, and only when Sentry got involved did they seem to tie out.
You haven't produced any evidence or even a feasible argument as to why Cell could win. You speculate his power, without evidence to prove it. Power scaling is pointless given they stopped caring after the Freeza Saga. Hulk has fought worse already. Cell can't kill him. That's a fact.
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@ReiKai: 1. I dont care if it was stated to be 1 sun or a trillion...he hasnt shown the power end of discussion. The fact that you have not posted a scan of this means you're wasting my time..accept that you're a hypocrite and move on k thanks

2. You dont need to remind me of anything, i actually went out and bought and read the comic and i didnt just lift scans off KMC. Do i need to remind you that this thread is about cell and hulk and that youre spamming this thread full of ignroant off topic bs about sentry while inadvertently revealing to everyone that you are a hypocrite? And on top of that you still cant prove that sentry has 1 million exploding suns energy reserve. Huh..thats nice.

3. Hulk doesnt have super speed. The fact that you know what PIS is and throw it out everytime i make a point about PIS means that you should smart enough to know that hulk taggin thor, silver surfer and any other FTL speesetrs is PIS. That means you're playing dumb. Thats infantile and pathetic. I'm multi accounting because i only get 5 post a day. I'm not pretending to be multiple users, or posting a bunch of spare me. Anyone with a brain knows Hulk tagging Ftl speedsters is CIS and PIS. Like i say you take your face to comicvine, or any comic book website and they'll tell you the same. The fact that you want sit here and act like the hulk tagging ftl speedsters isnt anything but PIS means i'm pretty much done with you. I have better things to do than deal wih someone who clearly wants to agrue for the sake of arguing and not debate rationally. So sit in your fantasy world where hypocrisy gets you by, and Hulk tagging faster than light speedsters isn't PIS. Cell beats Hulk i proved it...and didnt even really try.

PS: Dont try and reduce my argument to cell fast..cell shoots energy blast. Cells shoots energy blasts that are capable of destroying every cell in the body of people who can survive planet exploding. Thats what Z fighters do. Thats what cell will do. So posting scans of someone melting hulks flesh off is suppose to mean what when cell makes it so hulk doesn't have a body?And once again spare me your diatribes. You just spent the majority of your post dancing around the fact that you cant produce a single scan of sentry showing the power of a million suns...but you want to claim he does anyway. You look like a complete and hypocritical idiot..when you sit here and try and preach to me about lack of evidence on cells solar system busting claims after that. And by the way didn't power scale once in this thread. K thanks.

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Tsss, I hate when debaters doesn't know how to state an argument withoit throwing and insult or offense in the middle. You know in real life debates these people are inmediatly expulsed from the debate

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@Levance: Apparently when you said you had better things to do, it involved hanging around these threads..adding nothing to the topic and repeatedly making off topic comments in broken english. And i hate "debaters" like you...people who have no idea about the topic they're discussing and yet open their mouths and try and comment on it anyway while telling others they're wrong. And then proceed to hang around and add nothing to the conversation once people ignore them for not knowing what they're talking about. I'd ask you to shhh and add to the topic, but you think gladiator, quaser, silver surfer and beta rey bill are all multiuniversal busters =/ So how about you just "expulse" yourself from the forums

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@Yup_U_Whelmed: Didn't you told me that you were going to reply me when I said something related to the topic?, you're wasting your posts per day, and then you'll have to create like a sixth account.

About the multiversal, I was talking about the range, nor the busting

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I dont believe Cell is a solar system buster, but he can destroy a planet fairly easily. Even though I believe that would be enough power to kill the Hulk, even if it wasn't Cell could destroy the planet and what would Hulk do then? He would be floating in space and would be easy pickings for Cell. I do believe Hulk has the strength to bust a planet though, didnt he and Red She-Hulk get in a fight and bust a planet? I thought I should add that Sentry most certainly does not have the power of a million exploding suns. Also thought I should mention how Thor really shouldnt have a problem with the Hulk and I dont recall Silver Surfer being beaten by the Hulk ever... I actually remember in Planet Hulk he was getting dominated by the Silver Surfer when he was cut off from use of the power cosmic.
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At the beginning of the match in Planet Hulk, Hulk wasn't trying to win. He was trying to get the Surfer to not fight. However, Norrin couldn't refuse because of the control disc. When Hulk broke it with a spear, Norrin stopped fighting. However, Hulk was too enraged to let it go and proceeded to wail on the Surfer, so brutally that the crowd went from cheering to terrified at the display of the Hulk's brutality. 
Sentry's powers are plot-deviced. Essentially, he's only as strong as the Writer makes him at that given time. In that way they made him like Superman, which sucks, but that doesn't detract from his power set. It's more of a way of Describing him. Quite frankly it doesn't mean much, still he dropped a Herald of Galactus without any effort. That's considerable.
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@ReiKai:That's pretty much one of the problems with Marvel's characters, the authors end overpowering them too much, that it gets hard to measure theit power. Not that I hate them though.

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This is a simple fight, if Cell stays away he'll more than likely win. However, if he goes toe-to-toe with the Hulk then there's only one winner of that fight.

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@Butcher_Pete: hulk and she hulk destroyed a planet because their overloaded on gamma radiation and expelled it. Not from their blows.

@ReiKai: sentry has never once in his entire existence ever shown the power of a million suns, don't try and blame it on writing him inconsistently

@All_StarSupes: It doesn't matter if cell stays away or goes in close. Hulk cant kill cell. Whatever hulk does to cell psychically he'll regenerate from, and come back stronger.

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Cell does not come back stronger. That only occurred once, and only because he had reverted back to his Semi-Perfect form and regenerated from his Nucleus. Hulk kills him with a Thunderclap. That's how it ends.
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@ReiKai: cell has saiyan dna they all come back stronger from severe injury. Once again you use this only once fail argument of he only did it once. Cell comes back stronger, it mad about it. Cell has saiyan dna in every single form he was in, so you dont waste your time with fallacy arguments. Never mind the fact that he regenerated while in his buff form. It's like you don't even try and make sense.

Honestly is this how you try and troll or something? Repeat the same obviously ignorant thing over and over again thinking i'll get mad or something? It just makes you look...lets say bad..dont want to insult your intelligence by saying what i really want to say.. Thunderclap couldnt even kill people with normal durability like hellion, and human torch..and it couldn't even knock out spider-man or wolverine.. it's not killing cell. So again you can repeat thunderclap over and over doesn't bother me..its just makes you look like you don't know what you're talking about. Which..of course you don't. He wont even be able to hit cell with it because he's too fast. It ends with cell picking up a sword and stabbing and or cutting hulks head off. He doesn't even need to use a planet buster to his grill.

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..what has happened to this forum? Cells a solar system buster? He's beating a comic top tier? the hell?

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@The_Immortal_Watch_Dog: is that all you have to add to the conversation? In other have nothing. Cell stomps and easily..reasons were already given. Have a nice day.

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