HST Level Tournament Round 8 - waybig1010101 VS othus12

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  1. no prep
  2. in character
  3. standard equipment for all
  4. Characters are either current , End of series , strongest before death or at a certain point that makes it fair and balanced
  5. speed will be equal if there is a problem
  6. BFR is allowed if needed
  7. use scans to prove a point if needed
  8. explain what each member does in your team and who fights who and who wins those fights

waybig1010101 Team/ win - 0/ draw - 1 / lose - 0

  1. amber-Darker than black
  2. ikaros-heaven lost property
  3. luckyman-tottemo! luckyman
  4. Hao Asakura-Shaman king(Pre Great Spirit)
  5. zebra-toriko
  6. lelouch-code geass
  7. archer-fate/stay night

othus12 Team/win - 2/ draw - 1/ lose - 0

  1. TORIKO (toriko)
  2. NARUTO UZUMAKI (naruto)
  3. Yammamoto (bleach)
  4. Tsuna (KHR)
  5. saber(fate stay night)
  6. KUMA (one piece)
  7. GON from hunter x hunter

Location - Lowlands

Both sides start 14 feet from each other

you may begin

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-while we both have 100 teraton busters mine can do so from a distance while yours (zebura) needs to get h2h to do that

-kuma cannot be controlled by code geass and he can pretty much one shot him

-you have weak links on your team, i dont

-hao is fond of the fire element, tsuna can seal his power

i will post the rest later

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Team 2 seems like it's more stacked, but team 1 has Zebura, that's a huge factor.

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@All_StarSupes: toriko can give zebura a run for his money, sani,coco and zebura tried to kill starjun with a combined attack, however he tanked it. on the other hand toriko fought one on one with star. im not saying that toriko can defeat zebura but at least weaken him to the point he no longer a threat and i think we can all agree with that.

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Zebura only provided armour for Komatsu, Star extinguished Cocos poison. If Zebura spams his attacks, only Toriko in team 2 could tank his attacks.

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@All_StarSupes: saber can reply with excalibur and at a distance saber has the upper hand

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also toriko wouldnt let zebura do whatever he wants. actually toriko has more backup than zebura toriko and 10 of naruto's clones are enough to stop zebura while the rest of my team destroys the rest of these guys.

hao is a nice factor but he is weak against tsuna.

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amber-Chronokinesis: Amber's ability is chronal manipulation, which includes temporal freezing of time and rewinding of events to an unknown degree. Elaborate usage of her power enables her to gain knowledge of future events, through a form of clairvoyance. Once time has been frozen around her, she can also pull other people out of the frozen time stream, while those still under her ability's effect will no longer detect her presence or movement. Obeisance: Her remuneration is aging backwards, making her appear frequently younger. Amagiri has warned her that she cannot use her ability flippantly, saying that she can only pay off her contract to a certain extent. she can stop time and allow my team to move in stopped time irakos- can fly and move to speeds up to mach 24 ODB states that she has possible FTL reaction time as a delay of 3.5 femtoseconds in aegis 2 deployment was consider significant. her shields are country+ and without her damage soak is slightly below country+. She can operate for more than 720 hours. She has radar as well. Her attacks are artemis- A series of multi-directional homing energy projectiles fired from her wings, these can reach to the other side of the planet. Apollon: A Jet Black Bow Capable of launching arrows that can destroy a country in a single shot which she can spam this attacks. She also has Her strength is 100 ton+ and she has cards that are able to have planetary reality warping abilities, and also use for her cards such as turning people invisible, and bunch of other things. She has insane intelligence thanks to her being a angeloid. luckyman-the luckiest person on my team when under the lucky star -Luckyman is the luckiest superhero in the universe. Luckyman has infinite luck and has never lose a fight because something lucky would always occur and he would always win because of that. besides that he is a normal person hao asukra-(got lazy here)Age: Spirit over 1000, current reincarnation 14, much older by end of manga Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, as a shaman he can see and communicate with spirits and use them to aid him in battle, Furyoku (with his Furyoku Hao gains the ability of fire manipulation through converting his Furyoku into fire as long as he's using the Spirit of Fire), the ability to change the Spirit of Fire into five different elements through the doctrine of the five phases (fire, water, wood, metal, and earth), can read minds, can soul suck (using the abilities of the Great Spirit), flight, immortality (type 6, via reincarnation), in the G.S. Hao has the ability to create supernovas and black holes (it is unknown if these can be done outside the G.S.), Furyoku nullification (through equivalence this should work on anyone with any sort of spiritual energy), more or less precognition over people with some sort of spiritual energy by reading the flow of the energy itself (the equivalence rule means this counts for anyone with spiritual based power e.g. Reiatsu, Chakra etc.) Weaknesses: None notable Destructive Capacity: City block level with the S.O.F.'s Adult Form (using the Kurobina Form of the S.O.F. Hao was able to effortlessly destroy several battleships) | Unknown (planetary based on feats - however, as all his major feats took place in the G.S. itself there is no solid proof to come to the conclusion he can produce feats of the exact same level in the real world, although it was stated that in the G.S. it was a battle of willpower, in such worlds it has never been the case where a character couldn't perform feats they couldn't otherwise out of that realm) Range: Several dozen meters | Unknown (planetary based on feats - however, as all his major feats took place in the G.S. there is no solid proof to say he can perform feats of the same scale in the real world, he should indefinitely be able to extend his soul suck to a planetary scale however) Speed: Hypersonic+, possible near massively hypersonic+ reflexes depending on when he reacted to the lightspeed orbital laser | Omnipresent in the physical realm Durability: City block level, possibly multi city block level+ (an 1000 ton/1 kt nuclear bomb was said to be ineffective on Hao), likely higher with the S.O.F.'s Adult Form | Unknown, at least city block level+, possibly multi city block level+ Lifting Strength: Superhuman Striking Strength: At least Class K+ Stamina: Extremely large, probably higher than any character shown in the series taking into account his incredibly high Furyoku Standard Equipment: His spirit S.O.F. or G.S. Intelligence: Very intelligent planned out complicated situations | Should be knowledgeable of every past event/piece of history on the Earth Can read the mind of others and due other things. Zebra hunts using his ability to create and manipulate sound waves through his superhumanly powerful voice, resulting in very powerful mid and long-range attacks and other sound-related abilities. His exceptional control over these techniques allows him to project his voice over dozens of kilometres both above and below ground, and to generate everything from massive shock waves to precise 'blades' of sound. The physical destructiveness of the sound can be augmented using tones which are inherently painful for humans or wild beasts to hear, and the fact that his abilities move at the speed of sound makes them nearly unavoidable. Zebra can strain his throat if he uses his sound abilities too much, resulting in him losing his voice for a period of time. He can still communicate with non-verbal gestures that he made up himself. Out of all the Four Heavenly Kings, Zebra's sound abilities give him the greatest destructive power. His attacks have also been seen to take up the most calories seen in the series; ranging from the hundreds of millions even up to the billions. Zebra could store about up to 4,500,000,000 calories of energy inside his body when he was first introduced in the series, but these measurements are mostly meaningless with the ability of Food Immersion. When fighting at very close range or in the absence of his voice powers, Zebra will resort to his monstrous physical strength, much like Toriko; even tearing apart opponents with his teeth if necessary. IntimidationEdit zebra-Zebra's Intimidation appears as a humanoid bat-like creature with black, heavily scarred skin. It's small, domelike head sits utop a heavily muscled body, and is dominated by a wide, toothy maw. Physical ProwessEdit Zebra has extreme physical strength. During his time at Honey Prison, Zebra 'trained' by repeatedly surviving execution attempts made at his own request. His strength was enough to stop the four enormous, dinosaur-like execution beasts assigned to to tear him apart limb by limb. When preparing to use his sound attacks Zebra inhales and bulks up, nearly doubling his body mass while remaining at the same height. It is unclear if his physical strength increase along with his size, however. Superhuman HearingEdit Zebra's enhanced sense as on the Four Heavenly Kings is hearing, dubbed his Hell Ears by Toriko. Toriko claims that Zebra could hear a coin fall from "tens of kilometers away". Due to having gained considerable experience from killing countless beasts, Zebra can actually hear when an enemy is going to die, or as Zebra puts it, he can hear the steps of the Grim Reaper. AngerEdit Zebra, possibly through his body producing massive amounts of adrenaline, is able temporarily regain his stamina by turning his raw anger into bodily energy. This can only be done if Zebra is incredibly enraged; he will sometimes even allow opponents to strike him in order to force himself to become angry. Although the process behind it is unknown, the effect is similar to Toriko's use of Autophagy to regain energy, and has a similarly limited duration. Sound TechniquesEdit Offensive TechniquesEdit Sound Bazooka (サウンドバズーカ): Zebra lets out an unbelievably loud scream with enough force to destroy his cell in Honey Prison and his enormous chains, and make the giant beasts around him pass out. He has to charge this technique for a while beforehand. It takes Zebra 400,000,000 calories to use this attack. Thunder Noise (サンダーノイズ): Zebra shouts upward into the air, where a "cloud" of sound forms. The sound echoes within the cloud, becoming louder and more intense, before falling from the sky as thunderbolt like blasts of sound. It takes Zebra 200,000,000 calories to use this attack. Voice Missile (ボイスミサイル): Zebra screams out a large burst of sound as strong as a missile. It takes Zebra 350,000,000 calories to use this attack. Zebra can fire several of these attacks in quick succession. Voice Burst (ボイスバースト): A powerful technique similar to Voice Missile, but with a much wider range. Voice Cutter (ボイスカッター): Zebra uses his voice to cut his enemy (possibly through high-frequency vibrations). He is able to do this with his back turned to the enemy. Rather than a shockwave, the vibrations produce thin 'blades' of sound. This is most likely the attack he used to cause all the scars on Match's body. It takes Zebra 250,000,000 calories to use this attack. Single Slash Voice Cutter (一刀ボイスカッター Ittou Voice Cutter): Zebra uses a stronger, more focused version of Voice Cutter which can move as fast as the speed of sound, fast enough to land a hit on the highly agile Salamander Sphinx. It forms a single, powerful sound blade. Machine Gun Voice (マシンガンボイス): Zebra shoots a lot of small voice "bullets" using a staccato shout. It takes Zebra 100,000,000 calories to use this attack. Meteor Noise (メテオノイズ): A more powerful version of Thunder Noise in which the intensity and area of effect are amplified several times, but also requires a longer charge time. Voice Meteor Shower: Derived from Meteor Noise, Zebra creates a multitude of meteors made of sound to rain down on an opponent. This was first use on Mounturtle. Death Sound (死音 Shi Oto): By expending 2,000,000,000 calories, Zebra can use his voice to emulate the footsteps of the Grim Reaper. The resulting sound is undoubtedly fatal to any who hear it. Beat Punch (ビートパンチ): Zebra, in order to increase the destructive power of his punch, uses sound vibrations to attack. This increases the destructive power of the punch many fold, and allow Zebra to directly damage the organs within a beast. Defensive TechniquesEdit Roar Bullet (吠え玉 Hoe Dama): Zebra sends out an "intimidation" sound that scare off wild animals. He first uses this to protect Komatsu from afar. Sound Armor (音鎧 Oto Yoroi): Derived from the Roar Bullet, Zebra can create a armor of sound to encase a individual from attack. He used this on Komatsu to deflect an attack from a wild animal. If the armor is struck with a signifigant amount of force, it will disappate. It takes Zebra 10,000,000 calories to use this attack. After drinking the Mellow Cola Zebra can create a Sound Armor with the carbonation of the cola that can protect the person it is directed at from heat and dehydration. Strange Voice (トリコ ストレンジボイス): Zebra makes a strange sound that drives away creatures. It works by continually changing the sound until he finds a frequency that the animal is agitated by. Sound Wall (音壁 Oto Kabe): Zebra makes a wall of sound to block incoming attacks. It takes Zebra 50,000,000 calories to use this technique. Weak Point Voice (ウィークポイントボイス): Zebra uses this to identify an enemy's weak point. Supplementary TechniquesEdit Sound Bullet (音玉 Oto Dama) Zebra is able to concentrate and direct his voice over a long distance, roughly 10 km, with great accuracy. He used this skill in to insult Toriko from afar, which Komatsu standing beside him could not hear because of the Sound Bullet's precision. Jet Voice (ジェットボイス): Zebra uses his voice to propel himself forward at break neck speeds. It is shown that he can also use other sound techniques while using this in mid-air and can move others as well when they dodge the Four Beast’s attack. Voice Life Jacket (ボイスライフジャケット): A technique that act as a life jacket to those in the water. It was first seen in Gourmet 214 on Komatsu because he couldn’t swim. EcholocationEdit Echo Map (反響マップ Hankyou Map): Zebra sends out continuous sound waves that let him map out the surrounding area. This is also known as echolocation. He cannot attack while doing this because it requires great concentation. The range of the map is about 70 km around Zebra who can hold this for up to 5 hours without any rest. To maintain this technique it takes up about 200,000 calories per second, 60,000,000 calories per every 10 minute and 3,600,000,000 calories for five hours. He uses this to locate Komatsu and "see" through the mirages of the labyrinth. Voice Sonar (ボイスソーナー): A technique use in conjuction to Echo Map that can detect underwater objects. It was first use to find the Madam Fish in the Pot Pond when it froze over. It's shown to be affected by ultra sonic waves, which make it hard for Zebra to find animals or objects in the water. Joint AttacksEdit Sound Armor. This was used to protect Komatsu from Starjun during the Cooking Festival Arc. Zebra is just insane to list
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im kinda busy but i'll post the others and my plan but if team 2 can't move in stopped time than i pretty much won the fight with ambers abilities.
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@waybig1010101: scans for the ability?

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@waybig1010101: you should post the abilities in the form of a list so its easier to read

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sorry it seems youtube is being itself again

but if you go watch here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvh14Ewxl98 go to 19:17 she freezes time 19:57 she uses her power so her friend could move in frozen time as well

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what stops amber from getting blitzed? she still has to concentrate and activate her powers, the thing here is that she has human reflexes. whats stops kuma from warping or launching the relativistic speed pad hou ?? she gives some obvious signs before she activates her powers. your hax character is pretty much made of crystal against my characters

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in character i doubt someone goin to blitz her and she has clairvoyance plus luckyman luck will save her or ikaros's shield that can withstand country+ with her reaction speed that the ODB thinks it FTL, she's not getting blitz here. Zebra could save her too. But for real Zebra would probably be everyone first target
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@waybig1010101: she didnt seem FTL at all, care to post the link? pad hou pierces clean through anything, it cannot be blocked nor redirected, it can only be dodged. now i would like scans of lucky man because he seems more to me like PIS man, now tell me another thing: are you gonna use lucky man for every argument like: oh but with lucky man he dodges...cmon how is that even an argument? now tell me how long it takes for ikaros shield to activate? unless the user reacts and then activates the shield at the speed of light maybe, just maybe he will have a chance, then again pad hou pierces through anything so its debatable

EDIT: just went to the obd, her official profile puts her on average human. so she definitely gets speedblitzed. nice power, too bad she gets speedblitzed hard.

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yay because everyone going after her not zebra so your saying she gets blitz even though everyone in character and she can also know the future with clairvoyance and i told you the ODB puts her at possible FTL(talking about irakos here) before my post my mistake put FTL but you can look at the ODB for that but say ur team goes after her for no reason when in character is a bit too much and with luckyman his my team luck charm so yeah because of his luck alot of pis can occur but its just because he has infinite luck also zebra could definite protect her from blitz. also ikaros can use her cards to stop time as well and allow others to move episode 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhnklitmacA14:31 also the rules 5. speed will be equal if there is a problem so if we made speed equal your blitz won't happen.
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@waybig1010101: not everyone, just kuma, he has been shown to attack always the weakest and certainly that's the case now you dont post the link while i showed you her profile at the obd and it puts her at average human level. im waiting for that FTL link.

there is no problem with speed because you have hax. the general rules state that you should keep hax to a minimum yet you put hax to the max (infinite luck,timestop,total control wtf). maybe i should call the OP to regulate your team...because you are using pretty much hax characters and of course massive PIS.

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rules say if speed will be equal if there is a problem and speed blitz is a problem so i see no reason y we can't equalize speed if its a problem also even without hax ikaros could fly and shoot country busters with equal speed and shields up to protect her also luck isn't hax since luckyman can't control it it just that he is lucky plus equal speed at average human level will mean that lelouch geass would make your team my team as well.
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@waybig1010101: so, you think that its fair to cancel the only weakness of your team right? its a problem because you lose?? how about we let the op decide because to me you are only winning by PIS, you could pretty much use the same argument for all your battles and that clearly breaks the purpose of this tournament. saber is also country buster sorry to burst your bubble but excalibur would counter perfectly besides kuma can BFR.

please tell us how to proceed

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@othus12: so time stop with the ability to see the future with clairvoyance as well as hao being able to read minds and hearts and who can also the future with light speed reaction with ikaros as well , zebra and archer but for some reason amber is getting attack first from being speed blitz out of everyone well your team is in character and kuma only speed blitz the straw hats to save them and irakos has shields that can withstand country+ as well as Zebra who can use his powers im sure that my characters are not getting speed blitz right away thanks to Zebra and hao is no joke with the ability to read minds and light speed reaction as well also Hao can uses his spirit to consume people's souls too

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