HST Level Tournament Round 7 - FormerCrimsonKing VS UltimateHero0

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  1. no prep
  2. in character
  3. standard equipment for all
  4. Characters are either current , End of series , strongest before death or at a certain point that makes it fair and balanced
  5. speed will be equal if there is a problem
  6. BFR is allowed if needed
  7. use scans to prove a point if needed
  8. explain what each member does in your team and who fights who and who wins those fights

FormerCrimsonKing Team

  1. Daemon Spade in Mukuro's body(KHR)
  2. Law(One Piece)
  3. Kyoji Kagami(Getbackers)
  4. Chinmei(SDK)
  5. Grana(Psyren)
  6. Varete(Witch Hunter
  7. Youzen(HE)

UltimateHero0406 Team

  1. Ageha Yoshina - Psyren
  2. Ulquiorra Schiffer - Bleach
  3. Date Masamune - Sengoku Basara
  4. Nagato Uzumaki - Naruto Shippuden
  5. God Jealousy - Ultimo
  6. Aruka Schild - Needless
  7. Linebarrel

Location - Mount Iselina

Both sides start 14 feet from each other

you may begin

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@SMXLR8: Oh, I had just made my final team bit I guess I'll use this one if I have to.

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@UltimateHero0406: Good luck!

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here we go the one i been waiting for

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Guess Ill Go First

Daemon Spade - was the first generation Vongola Mist Guardian who betrayed Vongola Primo in the past and also became the second generation Vongola Mist Guardian after Primo's forced resignation as the Vongola Boss. He is a powerful and dangerous illusionist that has been known to place a curse of death on people whom he had glared at through his lens. He served as the main antagonist in the Inheritance Ceremony Arc.

His Abilities are as follow:

  • Daemon Spade is an extremely powerful illusionist, so much that he is powerful enough to deceive the Arcobaleno's five senses and the Vongola's Hyper Intuition. His illusions are even capable of imitating his opponents' fighting style and techniques. He is able to use his illusions to copy his opponents' abilities and weapons, seen when he copied Hibari, Chrome, Ryohei, Lambo, Yamamoto, and Gokudera's Vongola Gears. With the constructon of the Mist Flames, he can create real objects or Box Weapons. The power of the illusion is comparable in both appearance and power to the actual object. It is also shown that he can disable the illusions of other people
  • Daemon Spade's Devil Lens - It is said that he could curse anyone he glared through this lens. This weapon is similar to the Vongola Mist Owl's Cambio Forma, enable him to scanning enemies movements, weaknesses, and illusions like when he fought Mukuro for the first time.
  • Simon Rings- He is able to use six Simon Rings (excluding Enma's) that he stole after he obtained Mukuro's body from Vendice Prison. These rings allow him to use six out of the Seven Flames of the Earth.
  • Deck of Cards - He is shown to use a deck of cards with a logo of a spade with "D" inside on the back of each card along with his illusions and he also uses these cards to send Yamamoto, Gokudera, Lambo, Hibari and Julie into his illusionary world.
  • Mind Control - He was shown to had used this ability to control Chrome in the Inheritance Succession arc and Inheritance Ceremony arc. In the manga, when he used this ability, a Spade symbol appeared on his right eye. The target of this technique will also have the same symbol on their eyes and their gaze will become empty, proving the mind control successful. While he controls someone with this ability, the Spade symbol will remain in his right eye.
  • Possession - He is able to possess people like Mukuro, using them as his vessel to interact with reality to keep existing for generations and continuously using this ability to possess Julie Katou's body for years as his temporary vessel. Though, this is most likely because he doesn't have any body to begin with because he's supposed to be dead. Unlike Mukuro, he is able to possess a body for extended periods of time and is able to feel pain. However, this possession also prevents him from using his full power, depending on the vessel he is possessing. (Such as when he was possessing Julie Katou, he said he could only use less than 10% of his usual power but was able to gain monstrous power after possessing Mukuro's body).
  • Fusion - After stealing Mukuro's Body his soul has fused with it, giving him a monstrous power that shown from huge mouth and eyes that appeared from the body as well as many new attributes. He was able to use nearly all the Simon rings as well as the Vindice's power and Vongola Gears. During this fusion, the Spade symbol in his right eye also remains in it just like when he used it to control someone.
  • Warp Hole - After Fusing with Mukuro's body, he has gained the same attributes as Vendice and able to go to any places through the portal like Vindice do, capable of traveling from the Vendicare Prison to Simon Island within a matter of minutes. The aftershock of this technique destroys everything around him. This ability also allows him to send anyone into his illusionary world through his Cards.
  • Armamento Completo Daemon (Full Equipped Daemon) - He uses six Simon Rings and six Vongola Gears using the mist replication, enables him to uses all elements of Sky and Earth all at once for exception of Sky Flame and Earth Flame.
  • Recovery - He is able to to heal fatal damage using the monster mouth that appears on his body by licking the wound.
  • Dei Hazan (D破斬 Lit. means D Destruction Cut or D Wave Slashes) - He uses Yamamoto's Rain Vongola Gear and makes waves of sword slashes that cut his enemies.
  • Multiplication - Daemon can create six copies of himself with the same amount of power, the damage inflict at one of them is reduced to 1/6th only attacking all of them at the same time inflict normal damage.
  • Flame of Night Coating - Daemon coats his body with the Flame of Night to increase his power to the point that the Gravity flame was ineffective.

Trafalgar Law - is the captainand doctor of the Heart Pirates, a pirate crew from the North Blue. On top of being one of eleven pirateswho have been referred to as "The Eleven Supernovas",

His Abilities

  • The Ope Ope no Mi allows the user to manipulate anything within a specific area, such as people, cannonballs, and ships in what was described as a "surgical" manner, within a spherical territory bordered by a light blue aura.
  • Room (ROOM(ルーム) Rūmu): Law creates a spherical space around his targets, in which he can manipulate anything he wants in a variety of ways. This was first seen used against some Marines during the escape from the Human Auction House. He can hold the activation of his Room by creating a small circle around his hand which later will expand to form the Room itself. Law can also teleport himself in a "Room" by changing places with a nearby object.
  • Shambles (シャンブルズ Shanburuzu): Within the space created from Room, Law can separate anything he wants into pieces with his sword and rearrange them to his likings, including people. He can also switch the places of any object inside the space. An example is when he switched a decapitated Marine's head for a cannonball coming towards him, attaching the ball of iron back to where the Marine's head used to be. This was first seen being used against some Marines during the escape from the Human Auction House.During his confrontation against the Straw Hat Pirates, Law showed that he can use this technique to swap non-physical items such as minds (taking on the form of a cartoon heart), effectively putting one person in another one's body, though before he can do this he needs to do a thrust motion at each person, to bring their "heart" out. He can also use this move to switch himself with other objects in order to dodge attacks. He later used this attack to bring Franky and Chopper back to their original bodies.
  • Mes (メス Mesu, literally meaning "Scalpel"): Law strikes his opponent in the chest with his bare hand, causing their heart to fly out of their body, encased in a glass-like cube. This attack leaves a square shaped hole on the opponent's body where the heart was and presumably tires the victim in some way, since Smoker panted heavily after Law succeeded at depriving him of his heart, although it does not seem to kill the victim. It was first seen being used on Smoker. Squeezing or beating the heart-cube inflicts great pain and internal damage on the victim, making this technique suitable for controlling people. Puncturing the heart will cause instant death. It does not require Room to be invoked before usage, unlike Law's other attacks. In the FUNimation subs, it is called Scalpel

Kyoji Kagami - Deeply calculating and cautious, Kagami's penchant for observing and planning also makes him a master strategist. Kagami hails from Babylon City, and is later revealed to be the "Eyes" of the Archiver. He also stated to be the Embodiment of the Infinity Fortress. Therefore, he can be considered to be among the top tier characters in the series. He's a master of mirrors, which meant that his fighting style revolves around ilusions and doubles.

  • One of his favourite weapons of choice is his mirror fragments, which are ground so finely that they resemble Diamond Dust which Kagami claims are made of demonic shards. When unleashed, these fragments can be inhaled by the opponent or absorbed through the skin if touched recklessly. Then, being diamond sharp, they damage the internal organs of the victim, even shredding them whenever possible. However, his claims were proven to be true, as it was revealed that the shards of mirror that he uses distrubs his opponent's time flow. These mirror fragments are made from the material that mirrored the entirety of the universe as well. MakubeX explained that Kagami's mirrors possessed greater than 100% reflectivity, but there was a bug in his system - one that Ban Mido was able to figure out.
  • Another weapon in his arsenal is his speed. Very few characters have managed to match him in this department, except Ban, Akabane and Himiko while under the effects of her Acceleration Scent, and while all of their time frames were being disturbed. (Although it should not have mattered to Akabane)

    Later, during his fight with Ban Mido, Kagami explains that he inhabit a different frame of time than Ban Mido.

    Kagami exists in different frames of time, because he comes from a completely different universe.

    Kagami explains that because he exists within a different frame of time, Ban could not follow the movements of someone who didn't exist within his time frame.

    • In this particular battle, because of the Magic Mirror effect, it was even more harder for Ban to fight him because the Magic Mirror disturbed Ban's own flow of time.

  • - True Red Eyes: Increases his combat stats many times over.

    - Chiyuugi: Chinmei manipulates the target's gravity, basically. The enemy is confined inside a gravity space where the gravity is many times stronger than normal, preventing them from moving. Can be used to shut down the mobility even of several people at once. Also allows Chinmei to manipulate gravity in a precise manner to break and twist the opponent's bones, for example.

    - Chinsei Kokuten-Kyu: Focuses gravity into a single point to create a singularity (pseudo black hole) and fires it at the enemy. It sucks up whatever comes into contact with it and can absorb the energy of an opponent's attack to make itself even more powerful.

    - Chinseirekka Suiseisho: Raises foreign objects (usually rocks) into the stratosphere and then drops them down onto the enemy like a meteor shower.

    - Black Hole Crisis: Chinmei fires an intense and widespread gravity blast.

    - Graviton Ball: Shoots a gravity ball with great force.

    - Happy Come Come Bullets: Chinmei shoots numerous small arch shaped gravity blades that slice the enemy.

    - Chinseirin: A defensive gravity technique. Foreign objects in the environment (usually rocks) are used to surround Chinmei in a ring or wall formation to block enemy attacks

Part 1.

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seriously i think this has been the only successful tournament in the whole history of anime vice. FCKN EPIC

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Part 2

Grana - is the leader of the Star Commanders. He has an eye-patch over his right eye. His PSI ability is an amazing telekinesis, as he used it to create a massive building from thousands of pieces in a matter of minutes,

His Abilities

Telekinesis: Telekinesis is in essence the ability to move an object with your mind, but under the control of someone with an extraordinary amount of power and skill there is no limit to what they can manipulate. Through an impressive use of telekinesis Grana has been seen controlling a numerous amount of objects at one time .The pinnacle of this is seen with him constructing a Neuro Tower himself by manipulating the thousands of materials needed and piecing them together in under a minute. The control he has also doesn't stem from atmosphere of Psyren because he has shown in the past being able to lift many cars and pieces of a bridge at the same time. Besides being able to lift objects he has shown that he is able to manipulate a body of water, create telekinetic shields and use telekinesis to create devastating punches. But the most impressive feat is that he is able to manipulate the light given off by the sun and focus it whatever way he wants.

  • Telekinetic Shield: Grana is capable of projecting large circular discs of PSI that can block and deflect any PSI that comes into contact with it.
  • Sunfall (日輪”天墜” Nichirin "Tentsui"): Grana can manipulates solar rays and concentrates them to one area then release it all in an incredibly powerful beam of energy down towards his target. It is so strong that it can completely incinerate a person with all of their flesh and body being carbonized. In the future of Psyren Grana has shown the ability to fire multiple beams at one point increasing its destructive capability even more
  • The Ring of the Sun: Grana can also use his ability to manipulate solar rays to completely focus all the light to one spot and without light reaching any where else the sky turns black as if it was nighttime and there was no light in the sky.
  • Telekinetic Punch: By using his telekinesis Grana is able to have it increase both the destructive capability and range of one of his punches at incredible speeds. This changes a punch from being a close range attack to being one that could be used long range.

Energy Ball: Grana is able to focus his energy into a ball that is even larger then him. It has great destructive capabilities as seen from the huge explosion it caused after Grana used it.

is Aria Godspell's guardian and a powerful witch working for the Legendary Witch of the North. She defeated Tasha Godspellbefore with little effort.

Her Abilities

  • The Abyss: Varete's supporter. The Abyss itself is no more than a shadow. As long as shadows exist, so does The Abyss whenever there are shadows, even, for example, under Varete's sleeves or even from her hair. Varete can also create shadow shields/barriers, shadows needles, shadow spikes to impale her enemy (she can extend them also), she can be surrounded with the shadow and go underground, etc

Youzen - A disciple at Konronsan. Actually, he is the son of the leader of Kingoto, Tsutenkyoushu and a yokai senin

His Abilities

  • He has the ability to change into the body of any living thing, although his favorite transformation is that of Dakki. When transforming into a doshi or senin, he can use the other's paopei, but if they are a higher level, he cannot copy them perfectly. Because of his ability to transform without using paopei, even the Seninkai call him the genius disciple. Halfway through the series, he learns how to use a partial transformation and only change part of his body. This way, he can use a number of paopei at one time. When he becomes hanyotai, his strength is increased. His own paopei are 'Sansento,' a giant fork shaped weapon that can release a shock wave, and 'Kotenken' a paopei with the appearance of a dog which lives in his sleeve and can be called to attack enemies or used as a riding mount to fly. Towards the end, he obtained the super paopei 'Rikukonhan,' which wraps up enemies so that not even their soul escapes. After the final battle, he founded the new Seninkai.
  • The Kinben, one of the seven super paopei which is a whip that can crush mountains easily, strikes so fast it appears to be thousands of whips striking at once, is capable of hitting targets many kilometers away, can break through dimensional barriers, and act independently to a certain degree (like an animal lashing out with instinct), Bunchuu also has Kokukirin, a spirit beast he rides that allows him to fly, and can also protect him and others with a shell. It is almost as tough as he is
  • possesses the Hitou (a magical sword that can bend and stretch itself into any form it wants
  • he has the paopei Bakuya No Houken (a sword like paopei, it holds resemblance to a lightsaber fromStar Wars, the sword is made of pure energy. Once mastered,
  • Bankohan: One of the 7 Super Paopei which enables Nentou to control gravity. A very powerful ability. He can also combine it with his Hienken for extra damage. Nentou can amp the gravity up to 10,000 times and also create a black hole. He also seems to be a better user than Genshitenson.
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Agrees with othus12. And for the love of God, FormerCrimsonKing man, that's one powerful team that is surprisingly sub planetary.
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@taichokage: not pretty much your HST level as the OP asked... this team should fight on a higher level.

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@othus12: for real this is the first?

Post by FormerCrimsonKing (5,042 posts) See mini bio Level 15

@taichokage: @othus12: @SMXLR8: i apologize. no one complained or said anything about my team so i thought it was cool with everyone.

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@SMXLR8: i have been here for a really long time and its the first time something like this is going just fine! that's why i am so excited lol

@FormerCrimsonKing:actually in my case its because of my ignorance i didnt knew any of your characters so that's why... i think this might be the case to all of us but i dont like speaking for others

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@othus12: Yeah the others were a fail with no order o.o this is by far the first.@SMXLR8:

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@DBZ_universe: Thanks bro.

*sigh* Ok so I'll be using more videos than scans because my computer is messing up most all of the pics I try to save. Hope that ok. And I won't write quite as much as everyone else. I'll just get to the main points quickly.


1. Ageha Yoshina

Rise speed similar to flash step, good durability/stamina etc. all in base. Not bad in a fist fight either. Now for his burst, Melchee's Door. It's basically a black hole that can be reshaped into various useful tools. But they all have in common that they instantly eat anything they touch. And if they pick up PSI, they go at it at pretty high speed as seen in scan 2.

Lance - Kind of like a long distance lightsaber. Lobs through anything.

Vortex - Used as a shield that can consume nearly any attack.

Plus there is the homing function of it. Normally that wouldn't apply in most situations but since Grana is on your team, it does.

And then theres Nova. Ageha's final form. He gets a major power/speed increase. Plus his burst gets a massive power increase as well. He can even block one of Miroku Amagi's strongest attacks.

So he can throw around quite a large number of black holes at once making him hard to defend against or even approach. He's got long-close range attack power and came up with many of them in the heat of battle.

2. Ulquiorra Schiffer

We should all know about him but here I go anyway.

His Sonido is pretty damn fast. Never seen him tired from battle. His strength is pretty good as well. He can hurt Yammy with no effort and even block a bloodlusted Ichigo's attacks with no effort (it's not much but it's something). His hierro is hard enough to take a sword stab with no damage and his cero is pretty good as well. Plus some flight capabilities in base. Check it:

Other feats in base, resurrecion, and segunda etapa:

I suppose that's enough on that for now.

3. Date Masamune

Good speed, ok reactions, some energy projection, etc. You'll see.

I really should have switched him out but wever. I couldn't get scans so I have some vids for feats.

4. Nagato Uzumaki

Good speed/reaction time/physical strength. Loads of chakra as well. He was also soloing Naruto and Killer Bee for a bit. He jacked up loads of other people who I'll get into later.

So this guy is just a clusterf**k of powers but I'll break them down

Deva path: Gravity manipulation. Almighty push capable of leveling the Hidden Leaf Village in moment, Planetary Destruction that pull everything in the area into a small planetoid and compresses. He can even pull or repel people and objects at will.

Asura path: HE CAN TURN INTO ROBOT!!! But seriously, he can turn his body into puppet parts and use various weaponry such as rockets, missiles, and even a megabuster.

Animal path: Nagato can summon giant animals to assist him. These animals also expand his field of vision since they let him see what they see. Among these animals is a giant immortal hydra dog that just grows more heads the more you try to kill it.

Human path: He can read his opponent's mind. However, in the process, he must take your soul. Nuff said.

Preta path: He can absorb infinite chakra. But that doesn't mean much in this fight.

Naraka path: He can heal...um... his body? Or others I suppose.

I'll post vids of his fights later.

5. God Jealous

So God Jealous is made up of an old man and a loli android put together to make a giant robot spider.


So his main power is reading his opponent's hearts. Not their minds but their hearts. But it's the same concept. It also works on other androids too somehow.

Other powers include flight, strong webs, and a sword.

6. Aruka Schild

Aruka is a Needless with the fragment of super heating called Agni Shiwattas.

High speed/agility, durability is good, and durability. She's easily melted a buster sword, negated Solva's magnetic power with heat, and resisting uped gravity and maintaining high speed and agility. Great analytical skills and hot to boot.

Watch from 9:00 and 17:00


7. Linbarrel

So I recently thought it was stupid to have a giant robot on my team but it's too late to change.

Linebarrel is around 5 stories tall. But it is damn fast for it's size like most armas are. It has good durability, is space worthy, and has a healing factor. Koichi's sword skills are pretty good as well.

His signature move is the Executioner.

And then there's Mode B. It increases speed and heals Linebarrel's injuries. Downside is it doesn't last long and drains Koichi and Emi.

And that's my team. And I probably left out a bunch of feats but those will probably come up later.

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@UltimateHero0406: how does your team deal with the gravity being amped up many times? or sun rays that are lightspeed

Post by UltimateHero0406 (5,055 posts) See mini bio Level 16

@FormerCrimsonKing: As for gravity:

Ageha not too badly. Plus Melchee's Door still works just fine.

Ulquiorra should be fine or at least in his released state.

Date not so much

Nagato has similar powers and much more.

Jealous ok maybe

Aruka actually has been under increased gravity and maintained high speed and agility.

And Linebarrel not sure but I suppose it depends on how much gravity.

As for Ring of Sun:

Jealous can read the hearts of his opponents and knows his enemy's next move so he knows the biggest threats. Plus, Ageha's burst is automatically set to home in on PSI so Grana will be a huge target. Grana may or may not get the chance to use this attack, especially after Nova comes out.

How would your team hold up against Melchee's door, metal melting heat, or massive spiritual pressure?

Post by FormerCrimsonKing (5,042 posts) See mini bio Level 15

@UltimateHero0406: I understand that your team can fly and all but, that really doesnt prove that they can fly. Especially gravity Amped up to 1,000 times normal gravity.

Remember, I have Daemon Spade and his reality warping illusions. Can your team deal with high powered illusions? But I do know that Ageha's ability would track down Grana through any illusion.

By Powerscailing, Grana should be able to block Ageha's Door since Miroku was able to as well.

Can jealous read the hearts of multiple enemies at once?

Idk if any of the could tank the Door but, Kagami's ability would just reflect it back to Ageha.

How would your team deal with diamond particles shredding their insides if they breathe it or even come in contact with it?

Spade can also BFR them to another dimension with a huge explosion.

Law could also use his room for offense/defense against attacks and cut everyone to pieces

Post by UltimateHero0406 (5,055 posts) See mini bio Level 16


Ah then yeah they could move much under those conditions. But how long does it take to use.

Jealous' limit is unknown. The most I remember him doing is 3.

And how long does it take for your team to use their powers? Can they do it with a crap load of attacks coming at them?

And what's their top speed?

And Can your team survive Ulquiorra's spiritual pressure?

Post by FormerCrimsonKing (5,042 posts) See mini bio Level 15

@UltimateHero0406: You gotta prove that can survive gravity amped anywhere from 1,000-10,000 times normal gravity. Its an instant attack.

Can your team even surpass Spade's illusions and Kagami's Diamond dust?

Top speed ranges from hypersonic-massively hypersonic. But the speed rule should make that irrelevant.

Last time i checked, reitsu crush wasnt useable in battles just like chakra.

Post by UltimateHero0406 (5,055 posts) See mini bio Level 16

@FormerCrimsonKing: Ok then yeah your team wins. Congratz!

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