HST Level Tournament Round 4 - SpeedForceSpider VS DBZ_universe

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  1. no prep
  2. in character
  3. standard equipment for all
  4. Characters are either current , End of series , strongest before death or at a certain point that makes it fair and balanced
  5. speed will be equal if there is a problem
  6. BFR is allowed if needed
  7. use scans to prove a point if needed
  8. explain what each member does in your team and who fights who and who wins those fights

SpeedForceSpider Team

  1. Hashirama - Naruto
  2. Coco - Toriko
  3. Dante - Devil May Cry
  4. Zack Fair - FFVII
  5. Dangai Ichigo - Bleach
  6. Whitebeard from One Piece
  7. Noriaki Kakyoin- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

DBZ_universe Team

  1. Zaraki Kenpachi -Bleach
  2. Current Black Star (with Tsubaki) -Soul Eater
  3. Kagura -Fairy Tail
  4. Vash the Stampede -Trigun (manga)
  5. Wrath -FMA
  6. EoS Yoshimori Sumimura (with the power of Karasumori) -Kekkaishi
  7. Luchiru from Anagle Mole

Location - Masaki Shrine

Both sides start 14 feet from each other

you may now begin

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bump i really wanna see this fight

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Good luck you guys!!!

@othus12 said:

bump i really wanna see this fight

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I'll go first by giving info about my fighters here.

  • Zaraki Kenpachi - has insane reiatsu, enough to be felt from far way. He is strong enough to take on captain level fighters while wearing his eye patch (his eye patch restrains his massive power because he likes to hold back since using all his power would be boring to him). He has a Zanpakuto (name hasn't been yet revealed so it's a normal sword we can say) and that is what he uses for battle most of the time. He uses one hand only to fight but if he uses both his slashes are more potent.
    Zaraki's slashes are strong enough to cut building in half with ease or cut an enemy as well. He is also very physically strong due to his massive size. his durability is really great as seen how he can take punishment and LOL at it. He has stopped zanpakutos with bare hand (even Nnoitra's slash). He is very fast, but since speed has been equalized here that will be out. Kenpachi is also very bright by reading his opponent's abilities as shown how he defeated Tosen with Bankai. Zaraki also has Kendo slice which he grabs his zanpakuto with both hands and delivers a powerful blow that can literately destroy someone. Also since the fighters are in IC, I doubt Ken-chan will take of his eye patch.. tho if he takes it off his power raises dramatically and he is forced not to back down. When he has no eye patch he is able to drown others with his massive reiatsu aka reiatsu crush. that's a bit of info on Ken-chan.
  • Black Star is a well trained ninja. He has many styles of fighting such as a master swordsman and master at hand to hand combat. Black Star uses Tsubaki in chain scythe most of the time (note: Tsubaki is a multiple weapon changer) in a fight. Tsubaki can also change into a a star like blade that Black Star can throw around for far range, she can turn into a kunai which Black star uses it to increase speed and also very offensively, she can turn into a smoke bomb which would give Black Star an advantage in the fight to strike his opponent or use it to scape. Tsubaki's most powerful transformation is the Uncanny Sword. The Uncanny Sword is a Katana that manipulates shadows, Black star is able to use it very offensively and defensively on top of that he can spread the shadows so he could trap his opponents and slice them. Black Star can also use the shadow to go in the air (tho he can only do this in ground) and kinda fly (but he is not he is using the shadow like a long tail that is coming out of his neck). Black Star is also an expert in the H2H (hand to hand combat) department. Unlike other meisters (except for Stein or Kid) that are useless with out a weapon, Black Star is able to fight with out it. He specializes in ninja style and other styles as well. He is able to hit someone's soul with his own soul wave which deliver great damage. Black Star is very physically strong able to lift many tons with no problems as shown in here.

Black Star is also very durable as he was able to eat a laser from the Kishin to his organs and burp it which caused a huge explosion. Black Star also has a transformation that he gained in the book of Eibon which is Madness release. His Madness for increases his abilities insanely and has a star in his right eye. Also speed in here has been equalized so I won't post speed feats.

  • Kagura is a master swordsman, she was strong enough to take down Erza with ease with out using her abilities or unleashing her sword. Kagura is able to manipulate the gravity around her opponents which is very helpful for her to take down enemies faster. She is a master swordsman, she is able to use many sword techniques such as delivering multiple strikes at a high speed this technique is called the Slashing form. Kagura also is a hand to hand combatant as she was able to fight against Erza with out her sword and showed to use kicks most of the time. Kagura is very durable as well as she can take many punishment and she was able to tank Minerva's magic attack that could destroy the entire area. Kagura is also very strong as she was able to sent Erza flying with a kick. Kagura carries a sword that is called the Archenemy. Little is known about the blade since Kagura rarely uses it (only when she has too). Tho she was able to cut the 13th Celestial spirit Ophiuchus in pieces with ease (and that was one of the strongest celestial spirits) nut since it's IC I think Kagura will not unleash the blade unless her opponent are stronger than her of course.
  • Vash the Stampede is a master marksman. He usually carries a magnum revolver. he is able to shoot multiple shots in a second, he rarely misses his target even while drunk. Vash is very agile as well as shown how he was able to dodge bullets with ease. Vash also has a cybernetic arm which he has a hidden gun just in case his other bullets run out. Vash is also very smart due to being a plant. Since characters are in character, Vash wont use the angel arm. Tho if he uses the angel arm he is able to wipe out cities with one blast and was powerful enough to leave a huge hole on the moon. The angel arm is like a canon, tho if Vash uses it a lot he can waste his enrgy and die.
  • Wrath is a master swordsman and is able to fight with 2 swords at once. Even tho he is very old, he is very durable and fast. Wrath can also doge bullets with ease as shown here.

Wrath also has his ultimate eye which allows to see everything in the battle field and exploit weaknesses. Wrath with out his eye patch is still very dangerous and in the anime he cut the missile of a tank in half tho he did took out a tank by him self, he is able to take on a battalion by him self and is hard to defend your self against his in close range since he wont give time to let his opponents move like he did to Greed. Wrath is also great at taking down foes with out a sword as shoe he was able to throw Greed and Scar like nothing, He is very durable as well, he was able to fight Scar half dead and still own Scar.

  • A lot may not know Luchiru so I decided to bring him to my team since he is really cool. He is from a manga called Anagle Mole (great manga btw). He is a Majin that live in the center of the Earth, he is super human and has immense durability as shown here.

This was chapter one (also in the beginning of the manga he fears humans tho I will not give spoilers only feats lol) and is also very strong. Luchiru has a very special ability called Dekos which allows him to manipulate solid substances at his will and create pillars. He can use this for far range and defensive. this is some scans of his Dekos.

This most of his feats for now since the manga is still continuing and is hasn't gone far.

  • Yoshimori Sumimura is a monster. He is very agile and fast, he style of h2h combat is like a ninja since he has to be stealthy in his job and he also uses his Kekkais for jumping and traveling. these are his abilities.

Yoshimori is a castor that can create barriers (aka Kekkais) and he can trap opponets there and crush them saying Metsu. The Kakkai strength comes form the emotions of Yoshimori. If they are strong then the Kekkai will be strong but weak then Kekkai is weak. Also Yoshimori can protect him self with the Kekkai and also creates his own space. Yoshi is able to create multiple kekkais at once with no effort at all and large ones that were able to cover up his entire school and in the process pick up the school from sinking underground with his own kekkai. He is also able to create kekkais inside a opponent as how he did it to an ayakashi.

Quazi-Zekkai - This Zekkai is similar to his Brother's Masamori (which his Zekkai can erase thing from existence) but instead of being a sphere is a black with purple aura that increases his durability against powerful attacks. Yoshimori can also use this in other worlds or dimensions so he wont die.

Musou - this is Yoshimmori's blank state where he turns off his emotions and in the process his physical abilities have increased as well as his accuracy becomes more potent. In this state Yoshimori's kekkais are even stronger than ever and are almost indestructible and can create dozens of kekkais with ease. even small kekkais are very strong. In Mosou, Yoshimori summons his land lord named Shiguma. Shiguma is able to help Yoshimori control his powers in the blank state and also aides him. These are some scans of Musou.

Sensory Kekkai - He is able to sense the area with in him kinda similar to omniscient.

Karasunori - Chushinmaru Karasumori is a human God that aids Yoshi by giving him his energy so Yoshi's abilities increase dramatically on top of that Yoshi is ale to create a Shinkai with out tiring him self and his Musou state is also stronger. Also Chushinmaru is powerful enough to wipe out the planet if he goes out of control. These are some scans of Karasumori.

Shinkai - This is Yoshimori's most powerful attack. Shinkai is a white giant sphere that at first he doesn't know how to control it tho at the end of series he is able to control it. Inside Shinkai Yoshi has control over his own reality as well as space and time. Anyone caught in it will be at his mercy since he can erase his opponents from existence. He is able to create worlds inside the Shinkai with a single thought and same with living being even Gods or what ever is in his imagination. Yoshimori can do what ever he wants inside it. these are some scans of Shinkai.

I have edited this! ^_^


Cleaned manga scans.

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@UltimateHero0406: Thanks bro.

@DBZ_universe: I'll finish the others tomorrow bro! Here is my first 3!

Noriaki Kakyoin - A calm cool, and collected badass and stand user. His stand, Hierophant Green, is able to move at relativistic speeds as he is a B type stand in speed. In which case an A type stand is usually faster than light as Kakyoin's comrade, Polnareff's stand, was able to move faster than a being made of light and cut it. Hierophant Green is able to react and fight at speeds on par with Silver Chariot. Hierophant Green has the ability called Emerald Splash which can rapidly fire emeralds with ease and at speeds fast enough to easily destroy buildings and flesh. It can also extend its appendages to theoretically unlimited distances. It can also uncoil inside of an enemies body and either make them a puppet or destroy them inside out.

Hashirama Senju - Known as the God of Shinobi, he was strong enough to beat Madara Uchiha and Kyuubi who have the power to easily destroy mountains. He has the power to create, control, and manipulate wood, water, and earth. His most notable technique is Mokuton (Wood Release): An advanced nature kekkei genkai that combines earth and water-based chakra natures to create wood or complete trees. This ability can also be used to create other aspects of trees, such as seeds or flowers. Wood Release techniques can be produced from anywhere, including the user's body, as the user's chakra is literally converted into a source of life. He can easily create forests out of nowhere with dense trees which can work offensively and defensive. He also is a high level healer which is very helpful. His sage mode allows for a large increase of power and he can use a technique that allows him to use his wood and create a giant buddha which made Kyuubi look small able to withstand several mountain busting Bijuu bombs. The thousand hand buddha can simultaneously deliver thousands of powerful blows to a target. Due to the sheer volume of the punches involved, defending against the entirety of them is nearly impossible. The blows were powerful enough to create a giant hole in the ground which later became a valley.

Coco - One of the Four Heavenly Kings and the "Gentleman", Poison Manipulation: Coco's main ability. Due to being exposed to so many poisons, Coco's body became capable of synthesizing its own powerful poisons. He can only produce 15 liters at a time, as the poisons are made from his converted body fluids; thus making too much would result in severe dehydration. Coco's poison can be secreted from any part of his body, and he can control its concentration and effects. The poison tends to become becomes darker when he increases its lethality. Producing different types of poison and applying them in different ways gives Coco a variety of abilities. Coco's body contains over 500 different types of poison antibody, and can adapt nearly instantly to new ones. Coco can use his poison to make weapons and armor for himself using poison membranes that are powerful enough to easily protect him from explosions and acid. He can also make his poison more lethal than acid and fire them at hypersonic to relativistic speeds.


Cleaned Scans

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@SpeedForceSpider: Nice! also I have edited my first post and added more scans.

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Zack Fair - SOLIDER 1st Class and Cloud's best friend, He is massively hypersonic able to easily dodge hypersonic machine gun fire per second from all directions without breaking a sweat. Skip to 5:00


  He was powerful enough to fight off an entire army from Infantry to air support leaving only 3 alive before his untimely death. He even defeated a guy the planet chose as its final weapon, Genesis who is equal to Sephiroth in power(and we all know Sephiroth). He even tanked hits and briefly fought on par with a serious Sephiroth who can do this:


  Dante - Son of Sparda and Demon hunter, He is extremely versatile and has insane regen. Able to stop time and he can move at lightning speed with his sword Alastor(he was moving faster than the glass was falling):


  With his Older brother's sword Yamato he has the ablility to cut through literally anything. He casually cuts dense giant building sized portals to the demon world:


  He can teleport and in Devil trigger he can fly even into space.

Dangai Ichigo - I know you know what Ichigo can do bro so here's a vid to remind you:


  Whitebeard - Known as the Strongest man in the world, He is able to create massive earthquakes from hitting against the air. He has massive damage soak able to keep fighting with half his face gone and hundreds of shots and stabs to the body.  His earthquakes are powerful enough to tilt islands and his physical strength isn't that bad as he can pick up large ships with ease:

He can even focus his powerful quakes on to individuals so they take the full brunt of the attack:

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@SpeedForceSpider: Is that all? or is there more?

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@DBZ_universe: I have more I just edited some in.
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@SpeedForceSpider: nice, then I'll wait patiently.

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I'll go first.

Yoshimori traps them in triple layer kekkais and casts Kekkais inside their organs while in Msusou (note that Musou is blank state there for IC doesn't matter anymore).

Yoshimori is also in Quasi-Zekkai.

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@DBZ_universe: Dante uses time stop and Kakyoin slips Hierophant Green into Yoshimori's body and makes him kill his own team.
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@SpeedForceSpider: Time stop doesn't work on Yoshimori nor other hax abilities due to his Quasi-Zekkai.

Yoshimori activates his Shinkai and erases Noraiki, Dante, Ichigo and Whitebeard from existence.

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@DBZ_universe: So he automatically goes into this state IC? I highly doubt that tbh. They still have no way of stopping Hierophant Green. It is invisible and intangible to non-stand users.
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@SpeedForceSpider: He was in Musou from the start, Musou has no emotions it throws them away.

Hmmm so there is no way to stop it ha?

Well there is also no way to stop Shinkai.

Also you made Yoshi kill his team! He is alone lol. So yes Shinkai is his only choice right now.

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@DBZ_universe: Well except the fact that he can pretty much make Yoshi commit suicide.
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@SpeedForceSpider: Actually that wont work on Yoshi while he is in Shinkai since he is on his own reality and his space.

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@DBZ_universe: From my understanding he needs to come out his own realm to attack my team. Zack is a FF character, he casts death and my team automatically wins.
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@SpeedForceSpider: True, but Yoshi can attack inside a Kekkai with Quasi-Zekkai. He can cast a Kekkai inside the brain of Zack and crush it.

Also the Shinkai lasts for as long as he wants.

Also killing Yoshi might anger Karasumori and that's trouble for your team cause Karasumori can destroy the planet if he goes out of control.

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Whoa hold on here homeboy. First off, a planet buster is way above HST level. Secondly, he would kill his folks too so that would make everyone lose. Thirdly, My boy Zack here is too fast to get caught up into a Kekkai so it wouldn't work. Fine Hierophant Green controls your team one by one and makes them kill eachother until Yoshi is by himself. Then he gets jumped.
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