HST Level Tournament Round 3 - othus12 VS Dream

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  1. no prep
  2. in character
  3. standard equipment for all
  4. Characters are either current , End of series , strongest before death or at a certain point that makes it fair and balanced
  5. speed will be equal if there is a problem
  6. BFR is allowed if needed
  7. use scans to prove a point if needed
  8. explain what each member does in your team and who fights who and who wins those fights

othus12 Team

  1. TORIKO (toriko)
  2. NARUTO UZUMAKI (naruto)
  3. Yammamoto (bleach)
  4. Tsuna (KHR)
  5. saber(fate stay night)
  6. KUMA (one piece)
  7. GON from hunter x hunter

Dream Team

  1. Solty Revant (Solty Rei)
  2. Chise (Saikano)
  3. Rider (Fate/ Stay Night)- Stats on par with Sakura Matou as her Master.
  4. Mikoto Misaka (A Certain Magical Index)
  5. Seras Victoria (Hellsing)
  6. Ciel (Tsukihime)- Can ban her immortality here.
  7. Priscilla (Claymore)

Location - Gordeau Desert

Both sides start 14 feet from each other

you may now begin and good luck

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Oh good one.
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@taichokage: yeah I think so too

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ok i will start by giving good info on my team:


Toriko is one of the top gourmet hunters in the planet, he has extraordinary attributes that allow him to complete almost any mission, here is just a little review over his abilities

-Gourmet Cells

originally discovered by the god of gourmet hunters acacia, the gourmet cells are an special type of cell that was first found on an animal called the gourmet jellyfish.

the gourmet cells increase in power whenever the body eats something delicious, the more delicious things the user eats the more power the cells are gonna grow, some of the abilities that gourmet cells grant are:

-Enhanced senses: toriko has developed an insane sense of smell (surpassing even that of a police dog) he can even detect pheromones in the air (which have no smell at all)

-adaptability to harsh environments: toriko is adapted to extreme cold,extreme heat,low oxygen and even high gravity.

-resistant to poison: toriko can resist a huge amount of poison

-extreme regeneration: gourmet cells are so effective that even if you have a hole going through your chest you can cure it by spilling some sake.

-appetite energy: gourmet cells emit an special type of energy that can be used for several attacks

-autophagy: toriko can recover all his stamina for a limited amount of time

-Weapons of Humans

The attacks toriko produces are inspired on what he calls the weapons of humans, needless to say those are our typical cutlery...however torikos arsenal is far from ordinary:

Fork: torikos fork is a palm grip covered by appetite energy, toriko's fork can pierce through alloys harder than steel as if it were butter

Knife:Toriko's knife is a chopping attack that can cut through steel like butter

Kugi punch: toriko's kugi punch is his signature move, compressing the strength of several blows( up to 100 now) in one movement and releasing them periodically the kugi punch is a move of class T+ which can shatter mountains of several kilometers wide, its not an exageration to say that toriko is the heaviest hitter of my team fitting even on the teraton range.

Nail gun: the nail gun is Toriko's best attack so far, it compresses the energy of the kugi punch and releases it in one definite blow

Leg Knife/boomerang: the leg knife is an stronger version of knife which has homing and boomerang like properties, it is extremely difficult to avoid (even creatures that dodge relativistic attacks have trouble with it) so far on the series the leg boomerang has hit every single time.

Leg fork: even early on the series the leg fork has shown the greatest piercing power in torikos arsenal, even at his lowest it was able to pierce through an entire island.


Probably my favorite ability of all times, food honor is a mental concept of "endless appreciation" toward food. food honor is one of the most dangerous skills in the world of toriko.

fighting against food honor masters is extremely hard, almost impossible if you haven't learned the concept (even someone who didn't have even 1/100th the strength of toriko could take him on)

food honor grants the following abilities:

-no useful movements: when food honor users attack, their attacks are so finely executed that the opponent doesn't feels them, they could be dead and wander for years without noticing.

-food immersion: toriko can reduce up to ten times the calorie consumption rate of his body, this allowed him to travel back from a road that almost killed him within secons and without breaking a sweat


toriko packs an amount of power, speed, durability, stamina,versatility, experience and brains any fighter could possibly wish for.

to be continued.

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Naruto uzumaki the future hokage of konoha is currently the strongest shinobi on his village, he is the host of the 9 tails fox. his determination to follow his "way of the ninja" has taken him to reach powers so great he couldnt have even imagine. here is an overview to his abilities:


Naruto's moves are specialized on jutsus, any jutsu will consume a certain amount of chakra which can be translated to the vital energy of the body, too much chakra consumption can lead to coma or even death.

To counter this naruto has insane amounts of chakra (wind nature) and these are surpassed by his tailed beast which gives him a near limitless supply of chakra.


Naruto can use several types of jutsus, each one of them gives him the advantage on the field, here is a list of the most important:

Kage bushin no jutsu: Naruto's very first move allows him to create perfect copies of himself that can fight and use his techniques, they also give experience and information to the user. naruto uses his massive reserves of chkra to create hundreds of clones to attack.

Rasengan&company: naruto has learned the jutsu created by his father the fourth, which is basically spinning formed chakra, a hit from this has been shown to be lethal to some people (including the pseudo akatsuki leader pein.)

*rasen shuriken: a variation of rasengan which is imbued with wind chakra, the rasenshuriken does damage at a cellular level and the damage is irreversible, meaning you cannot heal from a wound made by the rasen shuriken.

*oodama, rasen planet, mini rasen shuriken: naruto has other types of rasengan but they pretty much are the same.


naruto learned senjutsu at mount myoboku(sorry is misspelled) with it he can sense other people around, increase his stamina,burrow chakra from nature, perform the deadly rasen shuriken and boost his strength tremendously. he also uses a developed martial art style that involves hits imbued with sen energy.


Narutos ultimate technique has 3 stages, however i will only be talking about the last one since its the current one.

naruto merges with kurama and becomes a powerful tailed beast, his endurance reaches the extreme amount of a teraton of force.

his signature move the bijuu dama is also at 1 teraton of force and he can pretty much SPAM it.


Naruto is a really versatile character that provides just the firepower i was looking for. when it comes to getting things done we all know there is no better man than him.

naruto is excellent for providing support and firepower he can also give chakra to his allies to boost them in battle.

a support that can fight on his own is hard to find, but naruto nails it perfectly.

i want to know more about dreams characters before i continue

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I guess I'll start up with a quick summary of my character abilities:

-Solty Revant- My team's powerhouse for melee combat. An android who is capable of casually lifting giant mecha and tossing them miles up into the air and can vibrate her arms to allow her to break through thick layers of heavily fortified steel. She can use the vibration ability to allow herself to fly as well. In terms of speed, her movement and reaction time are easily in the double-digits of hypersonic speed as she intercepted a giant laser that could wipe out city blocks and flew from the upper levels of the planet's atmosphere into space in a matter of seconds to go after a space station about to attack her home city, evading much of a heavy bombardment of missiles and lasers coming from the station. For durability, she is above city-level as she tanked the explosion of said space station when she destroyed it and had enough power to destroy an entire city. She doesn't seem to take electric attacks too well though, as enough voltage from weapons or abilities of the sort can incapacitate her and leave her vulnerable to attack.

-Chise- The powerhouse of my team for ranged combat. Has a wide assortment of heavy weapons she can form from her cyborg body such as cruise missiles and various laser weapons that can wipe out multiple city blocks. Her most destructive ability is to use the energy within her wings to nuke an entire area, which is destructive enough to wipe out an entire city and any geographic features within it, with earthquakes and energy spikes triggered in vicinity of the blast as an after effect from the attack. Obviously, she has flight abilities and is well within hypersonic speeds with it as she blitzed past a fleet of bomber planes while wiping them out. Her durability is at city-level as she normally triggers her nuking ability within the center of the blast, with only her clothes taking any visible damage. She has also demonstrated some limited abilities in technopathy and telepathy, the former I don't think will get much use in this tournament and the latter getting some possible use with Chise transmitting her thoughts to her teammates.

-Rider- Being the mythical Gorgon known as Medusa, Rider has superhuman attributes like other Servants within the Holy Grail War as she is among one of the fastest in it, being capable of hypersonic speeds that allow her to keep up with Lancer. Like the real-life mythical figure, Medusa's eyes are capable of petrifying anyone within eye sight of her if they have little to no expertise of magic. Those adept with magic or of supernatural status can resist the effects of the ability, though they will still be weakened to an extent while Rider's eyes are open. She normally wears a blindfold to seal the effects of her eyes, though is still capable of fighting normally thanks to her heightened senses. Rider does have the ability to temporarily amplify her attributes, though prolonged use of the boost can result of her succumbing to a monstrous rage. Her Noble Phantasm, Blood Fort Andromeda, allows her to create a barrier around an area to entrap an opponent and absorb their life force to use for mana reserves. As her name implies, Rider is capable of summoning a pegasus into combat that has a high level of resistance to magic and whose wing flaps are powerful enough to create heavy shockwaves that can damage buildings and cause lacerations to foes. The charge of the pegasus is powerful enough to level a skyscraper. Rider also has a second Noble Phantasm called Bellerophon which is a golden harness that she attaches to her pegasus to amplify its abilities when it goes into a charge. She can also use the harness on herself to make herself into a human projectile.

-Mikoto Misaka- Possibly the weakest member of my team as she only has the strength and durability of a normal human. However, her ability to manipulate electricity as an esper makes her a foe not to be taken lightly. She can make use of her power to fire off coins like a railgun as they can travel at hypersonic speeds and level buildings. Her body is capable of generating high voltages of electricity, enough so where she can generate enough heat to trigger thunderstorms and trigger heavy electric charges. She also uses her power to generate electromagnetism, as she can take control of metallic objects to toss at foes, gather up the iron in the air to form various weapons, boost her speed and generate a sonar-like effect that lets her track invisible foes or attacks coming from blind spots.

-Seras Victoria- Alucard's beloved vampire underling from Hellsing. After feeding on Pip's blood, she became a full-fledged vampire whose superhuman attributes were greatly amplified as she gained hypersonic speed that allowed her to blitz Zorin Blitz (ironic name, is it not? :P) and fight evenly with the Captain. She regenerated her severed arm into shadow-like material with properties similar to Alucard's as she can form it into differing weapons, create familiars to attack foes from a distance and absorb her foes and make them into a familiar within her body. She can see through illusions and is capable of absorbing the memories of others by draining them of blood. Normally goes into battle with different heavy weapons built in mind for her superhuman strength, particularly the two variants of the Harkonnen which are 30 mm cannons.

-Ciel- Tsukihime's resident curry fiend and Church Executor. She has superhuman attributes with speed on the high-end of supersonic as she can keep up with most Dead Apostles (vampires) in combat and is efficient in the use of differing weapons and magic. She normally makes use of two different weapons when in combat: Black Keys and the Seventh Holy Scripture. Black Keys are bladed weapons capable of harming spirits and can immobilize a target by pinning down their shadow, normally keeping a large arsenal of them on her when needed. The Black Keys also have magical runes on them which Ciel can activate to inflict differing magical effects on her foe if she pierces them with it, varying from burning, dehydration, petrification and being attacked by crows. The Seventh Holy Scripture is a cannon-like weapon forged from the horn of a unicorn and dead girl's soul, with the weapon's blade capable of screwing up regeneration when it stabs its foes and its fired shells capable of vaporizing foes down to their very soul, effectively wiping them from existence. Her magical abilities include a hypnotic ability called the Mystic Eyes of Whisper that allow her to manipulate those within eye sight and she is capable of regenerating any damage inflicted upon her so long as her brain isn't destroyed. So long as the vampire Roa exists in the world, Ciel also has a form of immortality where she is incapable of dying and her body reverts back to the point in which it originally was before any damage was inflicted on her.

-Priscilla- Claymore's all-powerful Abyssal One. She possesses monstrous strength, enough so where she could catch a projectile attack coming from the giant fused Awakened Being known as the Destroyer and wrecked its outer shell in a single attack. Priscilla is easily at hypersonic speeds and among one of the fastest characters in the series, easily faster than other Abyssal Ones like Riful. She is capable of flight thanks to her wings and possesses a high regenerative rate, the most potent within the series. She is capable of forming parts of her body into spiked tentacles that she can use to ensnare, damage and rip apart her foes.

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im gonna put the rest of my team really quick

Yamamoto genryusai: Former captain among captains yamamoto has hax abilities including hado and kido which cannot be resisted physically, he also commands his fire zanpakuto Ryujin Jakka the stronges fire based zanpakuto ever, with it he can reduce even an entire city to ashes and also has his bankai which upon activation, any flames produced by Ryujin Jakka are absorbed into the blade. Zanka no Tachi incorporates the full power of Yamamoto's flames into the blade.The flames within the blade burn anything it cuts out of existence. he can even get to a defense form where he can reach up to 15 million degrees.

Tsunayoshi sawada: the 10th leader of the vongola family can control the iconic power of the dying will flame, with it he can use moves with multi mountain bust power, his signature move the xx-burner is a massive burst of power that while is hard to do it creates a devastating attack that could be even above the bijuu dama. his reaction time is magnificent as he cannot get physically blitzed on this tournamet (he could keep up with a guy that was lightspeed)

Saber: the one and only king arthur its possible one of the biggest counters against dream because saber is considered the most outstanding champion, most of the time she is held back because of her servants, but since she doesnt need them for this fight she is gonna go up at full power, saber has the greatest magic resistance of all servants,she has been shown to destroy monsters down to the last atom a massive feat that puts her firepower at an amazing number of 100 TERATONS of force. she also has avalon which gives her invulnerabilities, however it is disabled for this fight.

Kuma: bartholomew kuma is one of the closes men to Dragon, the most wanted man in the world, he has the body of a pacifista which has city block durability and its packed with laser beams derived from the powerful pika pika no mi. in adition to that kumka possesses the mighty nikyu nikyu no mi which allows him to repel any attack that collides with his pads, he can teleport from a place to another and he can also repel everything, he uses this ability to repel air at the speed of light and make a cannon that can pierce through anything. this ability can also be used to create a bomb that goes at island level, his most notable victory at the OBD is against nothing less that the entire narutoverse (LOL) nothing else to say about that you can keep hashirama and madara out of this but still it was a fair win.

Gon: a pro hunter gon has the power of Nen he has solid punching feats and he even punch a guy out to another country, he is double digits hypersonic+ and his mastery over nen gives him multiple extra abilities including offensive and defensive techniques.

so this is how i see my team

toriko: fighter up front

naruto: firepower behind lines

yammamoto: defensive front line/sky (wall of fire, 15 million degrees block and kido)

tsuna: sky fighter

saber: firepower along naruto

kuma: defensive front line/support (can attack from far, can teleport and repel anything)

gon: fighter up front along toriko

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I'm gonna have to call it a night over here shortly. But by the look of things:

Advantages for My Team:

More fighters capable of flight (Priscilla, Solty, Chise and Rider [on pegasus])

Environmental edge for Mikoto (desert heat allows her to generate lightning storms for attacks)

Most of enemy team can be affected by Rider's eyes.

Chise and Solty can't be traced by Tsuna's Hyper Intuition.

Team has several means of offing foes by ignoring durability (Ciel's Seventh Holy Scripture, Rider's Blood Fort Andromeda, Seras' absorption).

Chise's nuking can cause heavy environmental damage to the battle area (outside of decimating the area, there is also radiation from the blast, the energy spikes and earthquakes to account for as after effects).

Advantages for othus Team:

More team members with powerful destructive potential and durability.

Saber's magic resistance cripples much of Ciel's offense and some of Rider's methods of attack.

Several fighters on team with precog abilities (Toriko, Tsuna, Saber).

If there's anything I'm neglecting, feel free to mention it. Otherwise in terms of how I'm planning things for my team:

Front Line (main hitters for team): Chise and Priscilla

Hit and Run (meant to strike down unsuspecting foes): Rider, Seras and Ciel

Support (use environmental edge to zap foes with lightning from storm): Mikoto Misaka

Defense for Support (guards Mikoto from threats [thanks to her being the weakest durability-wise]): Solty

I'll continue with things after I get some sleep. Good night!

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@Dream:now i think you are right on your points, here is my argument

advantages for your team

solly is a monster

priscilla is faster than most of my characters

flying characters

more hax on your side

you have better scouts

advantages for my team

-you have glass cannons on your team

-i have kuma which can teleport and BFR (read rule number 6) if needed

-i have extremely durable characters (some at the teraton range)

-most of my characters cannot get speedblitzed

- i have more range and firepower

biggest advantage

saber has canonically defeated rider before.

now as for the battles

i think toriko can take priscilla on just fine, i dont see priscilla getting out of torikos leg boomerang+100 ren kugi

saber can take on rider too.

those are the one i have in my mind for now. lets see what goes next!

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I'm aware that the majority of my team isn't so good in strength and durability, hence I've had to get creative with how I manage things. So let's see:

-While Solty is Mikoto's guardian, I have her keeping some distance from the BuriBuri gal since her electric attacks would incapacitate Solty, especially since Mikoto can emit millions of volts of electricity from her body while charging up attacks (would be a good defense as well against melee attackers). If Solty sees anyone in enough range of them (fighting either of my teammates or about to approach the two) or Mikoto senses them via sonar, Mikoto will fry the threat with lightning from above. If any of your team get too close, then Solty will take them out. While physically weak, Mikoto can still react to threats moving at hypersonic speeds thus she wouldn't have to worry about getting blitzed for most of your team.

-My main strategy with the Hit and Run team is to have them pick off your characters with their hax while occupied in the battle, as they are otherwise way less durable than the majority of your team separately. Ciel's Black Keys and Rider's eyes can be used for immobilization of a target, which can be used while one of the three occupy one of your team members if necessary (Seras or Rider would do this since they are the fastest of the trio). The mentioned hax of my team can then be implemented to dispatch your teammates, since the means of offing ignore durability. The only character this strategy would be worthless on would be Saber since her high magic resistance would make her immune to the Hit and Run team's immobilization methods, meaning this will likely break into a fight with her. The Seventh Holy Scripture and Sera's absorption abilities should be able to dispatch Saber, but it wouldn't be a walk in the park for the trio. So, I'd likely save Saber for picking off later unless one of my Front Line fighters engage her in combat. If the team are dealing with flying opponents, then summoning Rider's pegasus should allow them to intercept the threat. The Black Keys would be worthless in flight, but Rider's eyes would still work out for immobilizing.

-For my front line, I'll have Priscilla take on Gon and Chise deal with Toriko. Priscilla and Gon should be on equal footing with strength and durability, though the former's flight abilities would give her a major advantage here. Chise can make use of cruise missiles and laser weapons to overwhelm Toriko with projectile attacks. If the need for it arises, Chise can telepathically warn her teammates about setting off her nuking. Since the divisions of my team each have some sort of flight ability among them, they can flee the area with their partner(s) as the nuking levels the battle area. If there are any survivors on your team from the nuking, those on the ground being shook up by the after-effects from the blast would get picked off by my team.

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Tsuna has FTL reflexes, can anybody in team 2 counter that?

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@All_StarSupes: Proof? I thought teams were altered around or nerfed to ensure they were around HST stats.

Post by All_StarSupes (781 posts) See mini bio Level 10

Post by All_StarSupes (781 posts) See mini bio Level 10
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@All_StarSupes: The speed feat's impressive. But I fail to see how it's light speed since it's coming from a character statement, which in many cases can be hyperbole.

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Jager and Bermuda had the ability to warp, and they stomped the rest of the Tsuna-verse via speed blitz during the final fight.

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It's a statement it's true but it's not done in a hyberbolic way. Not only that but he had shown the ability to completely warp throughout the arc. Going light speed is in actuality probably less impressive than warping. I think it was only done that way to showcase Tsuna's speed, especially given that no other character was able to counter him entirely except Tsuna and it was the final battle.
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@taichokage: The panels prove that there is extreme speed being emphasized with Tsuna's foe, which he reacted to. But with the apparent distance between them, I'm not buying the light speed statement.

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@Dream: by warping everytime he accelerated to the speed of light, its really probable and its hard to prove otherwise

chis is a bad matchup for toriko, the recoil of toriko's kugi punch has the same strength as a missile (level 50 is equal to dropping a missile)

and toriko is double digits hypersonic he also has dealt with nuke like attacks that covered a radius of 5 miles and nothing happened to him:

he should be able to counter the missiles with his forks too:

Post by Dream (8,613 posts) See mini bio Level 21

@othus12: The panel with the forks seems to imply he can spam them in a way similar to Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon. Am I correct to assume this? Also from what I'm looking up, Toriko can't use the Kugi Punch a consecutive number of times due to the strain on his arms. If this is the case, he wouldn't be capable of deflecting Chise's missiles for too long with the attack.

As for the nuking, the after effects from it should still effect the battle terrain enough to leave him vulnerable to the attacks from my Hit and Run team while they are in flight.

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