HST Level Tournament Round 2 - Masterofdeath VS taichokage

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since Round 1 is taking awhile I figured why not start round 2 so this goes a little faster. The limit of rounds I might do is 3


  1. no prep
  2. in character
  3. standard equipment for all
  4. Characters are either current , End of series , strongest before death or at a certain point that makes it fair and balanced
  5. speed will be equal if there is a problem
  6. BFR is allowed if needed
  7. use scans to prove a point if needed
  8. explain what each member does in your team and who fights who and who wins those fights

Masterofdeath Team

1. Piccolo JR

2. Ryouga Minamoto from Chaosic Rune

3.Sasuke Uchiha

4. Heero Yuy ( endless waltz)

5.Ganta Igarashi

6.Arago Hunt

7.Rin Okumura

taichokage Team

  1. Enel with maxim(One Piece)
  2. Sani (Toriko)
  3. Sir Pheles (Ao no Exorcist)
  4. Madara Uchiha (with no Edo)
  5. Tykki Mikk (D. Gray Man
  6. Aizen (Bleach
  7. Naraku

Location - Garage Island

Both sides start 14 feet from each other

you may now begin

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this is gonna be interesting

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I like Taichokage's squad.
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Mephisto will grant Taichokage's team the win.

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atleast let me finish writing down what my characters can do before you go and make those type of claims.

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@Masterofdeath: lol

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@SMXLR8: I am almost done right now working on Arago. His powers are really confusing

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@Masterofdeath: ok

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@SMXLR8: mostly the whole over healing thing.

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Oh dear it's our turn already? Well let me just start by saying much respect to Masterofdeath for not overpowering his team. I think my team has the edge but I don't have proper knowledge of Heero Yuy. But him aside, I feel that save Poccolo Jr., my team is all around faster and more destructive, with most being capable of flight. I it's at long range, Madara's various jutsu come into play. The advent world of a thousand trees jutsu (or what ever it's called) would likely be capable of knocking out some members of the opposing team and needless to say, his Susanoo provides excellent defense and fearsome offense. And Of course Aizen's fragor and kido or Enel's El Thor could more than suffice. At close range I think my team has a bit more of an advantage. Sani's hair has a 300 meter range and is mostly invisible to the naked eye. He can skewer or freeze opponents by controlling the nerves from a distance of up to 300 meets, and of course, Tykki Mikk, who might be the most dangerous at close range, has complete intangibility and can remove any body part of a victim while not being tangible himself. And last but not least, Sir Pheles and Naraku are perhaps the greatest assets to the team. They are all around powerful, with Sir Pheles being able to transport the minds of others at will, and Naraku could just spam his miasma, which can reduce mountains to slag, as well as forming an offensive shield around the team if need be.
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@taichokage: @Masterofdeath: good luck to you both and sorry about this taich but waybig said he was busy so I should skip him =/

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@othus12: you know it

Piccolo JR- confirmed island buster with power scaling he is a moon buster. He was defeated by Teen Goku at the 23rd tenkeichi budokai. He has high endurance and stamina. He is able to fight for a long time against a powerful opponent. He also has a mild regenerative power because at the cost of ki he can regrow anything as long as his head is intact. He can even regrow his entire body. He is hypersonic+ speed and is skilled in martial arts.

Ryouga Minamoto- The main character of Chaosic Rune. He can summon dragons and a machine called nanowalker. His most powerful dragon is called Death Rex which eats everything and any living thing eaten by Death Rex will heal Ryouga's wounds. Also anything eaten by Death Rex will be forgotten and all records of the person will be erased. The only person to remember the person eaten is Ryouga and Death Rex himself. Ryouga has super human endurance able take extreme pain including losing his amrs and legs.

Sasuke Uchiha- Sasuke has at his disposal several fire and lightning jutsus. He is also in possession of the enternal mangeyoko sharingan. With that he can can set people and things on fire with the black flames amaretsu which can burn everything and can not be put out till they burn what they have been used on. He also has Tsukuyomi which lets him put his opponent in a nightmare like state. Sasuke is also a powerful hand to hand fighter.

Heero Yuy- A power pilot. He pilots mobile suit Wing Zero. Wing Zero has been shown to be able to destroy space colonies. What makes Wing Zero really dangerous is the Zero System. It takes in data from a fight and gives the pilot several predictions of what will happen next. It gives the pilot possible courses of action the pilot can use to get total victory or total defeat. The main flaw of the Zero System is that it can overload the pilots brain sending them on a mad murder frenzy. Heero after much training is immune to this. It also Outside of the Gundam Heero in a trained assassin. He was trained from a young age and had his genes manipulated. He is skilled in shooting and close combat. He also has insanely high endurance able to survive the gundam self-detonation at point blank range. He is also know to treat his own broken bones. Domon has tried to kill himself to many times to count.

Ganta Igarashi- Holder of a branch of sin that allows him to shoot his blood at his opponents at fast pace. by using a smaller amount and compressing it he can launch blood bullets that break the sound barrier and hit harder. He also has a attack know as the Ganbare gun which can destroy a human and leave a big bloody mess.

Arago Hunt- A london police officer. He posseses a power known as Brionac. Every time he touches something he starts to heal it at a rapid pace but if the limit of the body is reached it will begin to take damage. He can also split and separate things on a cellular level. He also has a ranged attack where he fires a beam of raw life energy. at his opponent. with his right hand he can go through ten trees and with his left he can go through 3-4. He also uses the overflow of life energy provided by Brionac to increase his hitting power. Which allows him to gain super human strength. He also has grabbing where he grabs onto a opponent and burns them with rapid heal. He can use it also defensively to protect himself. After getting the Sluagh Ghairm seed from Seth he gained the following abilties (so tired just gonna go and copy and paste this from a wiki yes its from Seth's wiki but for some reason they didn't transfer over the powers to Arago's wiki so just replace Seth with Arago) Arago can also has increase healing of his own.

  • Anam Ghairm (Spirits Cry): One of his attacks where he blows through the horn and sends a huge blast of wind which can even tear through a truck and make a hole through the ground to allow a train to pass though. It may be his strongest attack.
  • Gaoth (Irish for Wind): His fastest attack where the horns appear around his arms, allowing him to "throw" them at the enemy, forming a huge cut which would slice the enemy. The attack is more precise with a wide range compared to Anam Ghairm which has a bigger impact and spreads out.
  • Caislean (Irish for castle): By compressing the air around him, Seth uses it as a barrier to block out attacks. When encountered in close combat, two discs of wind similar to that of Caislean are materialized at the palms of his hands. He uses them to block the attacks of his opponent.
  • Dhroichreab Aer (Irish for Air Burst): By expanding the air in a small room, Seth creates an explosion that is capable of crushing everything in the room.
  • Leviathan: Create a Tornado and uses it for both offensive and defensive perposes.

Rin Okumura- The weakest member of my team and the son of Satan. Rin has super human strength, healing, and speed. He has shown great skill with a sword and possesses the blue fires of Satan. He is at risk if his sword is unsheathed to long to go into a blood lusted mode and will attack both friend and Ally. His skill with his blue flames have increased greatly to the point where he can light candles without calling the flames out from his body.

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@Masterofdeath: nice post

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@taichokage: I give you the first move

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Well just a better recap on what all the characters on my team can do, (Sorry for a clustered post btw). Enel: AKA God Enel. A lightning user able to be lightning itself, moving at lightning speed and being intangible to most physical damage. He can unleash up to 200,000,000 volts at once. Just 1000 volts has been enough to kill a normal human. With arc maxim, he was able to completely destroy an island, and later on, in his cover story, he was shown to cause an explosion, encompassing about half a moon (albeit the circumstances for this attacks are unknown) he also has flight and observation haki, allowing him short term precognition to accurately see what his opponent does before actually doing it. He can also restart his own heart after dying. Sani of the 4 Heavenly Kings: His ability lies primarily in his superhuman hair. With this hair he can reach currently a length of over 300 meters each with the tensile strength in the hundreds of kilograms and he has 1,000,000 of these hairs. He is capable of deflecting forces enough to shatter a 5000 meter tall mountain at a much weaker incarnation. His hairs are so thin that individually they are invisible to the eye, and are capable of latching onto the nerves of enemies and completely freezing them in place. Recently he awakened the ability Satan hair. With his hair in this form, a single strand is capable of consuming all life on earth. All the hairs together can dive into the mantle of the planet and absorbing all nutrients in the planet, leaving the planet dead. Additionally he is super humanly fast and strong (calced at Mach hundreds, but ignore the calcs if you prefer). Sir Pheles, AKA Mephisto: Arguably the strongest on my team. In addition to the rather generic abilities of flight and teleportation, he is capable of Stopping time itself. He has been shown to freeze time in a large area for up to 5 months, or can casually stop time around him, with his opponent being unaware. Additionally he can transfer the minds and/or bodies of himself and other to other dimensions at will (no BFR I know, but he can remove the minds). Madara: Physically the least adept on my team but he more than makes up for this with abilities. He has extensive skill in the use of large scale fire techniques, he can conjour an entire forest of sedating trees in a near instant, he is an adept genjutsu (illusion) user and can trick the sense of others. He can clone himself at least up to 25 clones, with each clone being able to use all of his techniques with the probable exception of his final Susanoo. His Final Susanoo is a giant humanoid apparition that surrounds his body on all sides giving him extensive offensive and defensive powers. With a swipe of his Susanoo's sword, he sliced through 2 mountains. He also possesses the Rinnegan and Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan eyes. Although he never demonstrated it, his eyes possess the abilities of the 6 paths, since Pain using Madara's own eyes was able to do so. The Rinnegan allows chakra absorption, gravity manipulation (to the extent of creating miniature moons), summoning giant animals, absorbing souls to the touch, reanimated the recently dead and more. I can go on abou Madara but it would be way too long. Tykki Mikk: Tykki possesses the ability to touch an not touch whatever he chosen at will allowing him to become completely intangible. He can walk on the air by choosing to only touch the air or travel underground unhindered. He can remove any body parts of opponents at by romiving what he chides, even able to remove internal organs with or without damaging the rest of the body. He can also reject objects and by rejecting the air around him, he can create a zone with no air or atmosphereric pressure, exactly like the vacuum of space, near instantly killing those unfortunate to be around him. Aizen Sousuke: Another Heavy hitter. Simply put, he has pseudo flight (able to walk on the air by forming reishi under his feet), superhuman speed, strength greatly rivaling that of Komamura, who could throw a 100 meter tall giant almost as wide as tall, durability at the level of sustaining no damage from city block level attacks, hax regeneration, able to survive having his body broken down at the cellular level and being nearly split in half, casual nuke level fragor blasts and he can fire up to 6 at once, teleportation, barriers, immortality (he needed to be sealed to be defeated) and last but not least Kyouka Suigetsu, which allows him to manipulate the 5 senses of other to his will, and victims are unable to free themselves of his manipulation. And lastly Naraku: Very similar to Aizen. Regeneration at a hax level, barriers stronger than Aizen and able to resend energy attacks back at attacker, flight, energy blasts and a miasma aura, so potent that it destroyed a mountain. I summarized them a bit and left a few things out but that's the brunt of their abilities. Sorry to take soooo long.
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@Masterofdeath: @taichokage: how is this going so far?

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Death Rex eats Mephisto who would be the only threat to my team. Then Ryouga calls back Death Rex summons Sonic Plus and grabs Ganta and they fly into the sky Sasuke summons a hawk and both him and Rin hop on the hawk and fly into the air. Arago then flies away into the sky(forgot to mention he can fly thanks to the seed he got from Seth) Then Piccolo and Heero fly up into the air and they unleash a massive destructive attack that will plain out destroy the island they are fighting on. Technically one of them could do it on their own but both just mad skills. If you want feats for Heero just ask I will post a video of him.

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@SMXLR8: destroyed island

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@Masterofdeath: what? why

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@SMXLR8: combined attack from PIccolo and wing zero

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