HST Level Tournament Round 16 - Dream VS SpeedForceSpider

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  1. no prep
  2. in character
  3. standard equipment for all
  4. Characters are either current , End of series , strongest before death or at a certain point that makes it fair and balanced
  5. speed will be equal if there is a problem
  6. BFR is allowed if needed
  7. use scans to prove a point if needed
  8. explain what each member does in your team and who fights who and who wins those fights

Dream Team/ win - 2 / draw - 0 / lose - 1

  1. Solty Revant (Solty Rei)
  2. Chise (Saikano)
  3. Rider (Fate/ Stay Night)- Stats on par with Sakura Matou as her Master.
  4. Mikoto Misaka (A Certain Magical Index)
  5. Seras Victoria (Hellsing)
  6. Ciel (Tsukihime)- Can ban her immortality here.
  7. Priscilla (Claymore)

SpeedForceSpider Team / win - 0 / draw - 2 / lose - 0

  1. Hashirama - Naruto
  2. Coco - Toriko
  3. Dante - Devil May Cry
  4. Zack Fair - FFVII
  5. Dangai Ichigo - Bleach
  6. Whitebeard from One Piece
  7. Noriaki Kakyoin- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Location - California Base

Both sides start 14 feet from each other

you may begin

Post by Dream (9,135 posts) See mini bio Level 21

That's quite the stacked team. O_O*

All right, guess I'll start off with introducing my team.

-Solty Revant- My team's powerhouse for melee combat. An android who is capable of casually lifting giant mecha and tossing them miles up into the air and can vibrate her arms to allow her to break through thick layers of heavily fortified steel. She can use the vibration ability to allow herself to fly as well. In terms of speed, her movement and reaction time are easily in the double-digits of hypersonic speed as she intercepted a giant laser that could wipe out city blocks and flew from the upper levels of the planet's atmosphere into space in a matter of seconds to go after a space station about to attack her home city, evading much of a heavy bombardment of missiles and lasers coming from the station. For durability, she is above city-level as she tanked the explosion of said space station when she destroyed it and had enough power to destroy an entire city. She doesn't seem to take electric attacks too well though, as enough voltage from weapons or abilities of the sort can incapacitate her and leave her vulnerable to attack.

-Chise- The powerhouse of my team for ranged combat. Has a wide assortment of heavy weapons she can form from her cyborg body such as cruise missiles and various laser weapons that can wipe out multiple city blocks. Her most destructive ability is to use the energy within her wings to nuke an entire area, which is destructive enough to wipe out an entire city and any geographic features within it, with earthquakes and energy spikes triggered in vicinity of the blast as an after effect from the attack. Obviously, she has flight abilities and is well within hypersonic speeds with it as she blitzed past a fleet of bomber planes while wiping them out. Her durability is at city-level as she normally triggers her nuking ability within the center of the blast, with only her clothes taking any visible damage. She has also demonstrated some limited abilities in technopathy and telepathy, the former I don't think will get much use in this tournament and the latter getting some possible use with Chise transmitting her thoughts to her teammates.

-Rider- Being the mythical Gorgon known as Medusa, Rider has superhuman attributes like other Servants within the Holy Grail War as she is among one of the fastest in it, being capable of hypersonic speeds that allow her to keep up with Lancer. Like the real-life mythical figure, Medusa's eyes are capable of petrifying anyone within eye sight of her if they have little to no expertise of magic. Those adept with magic or of supernatural status can resist the effects of the ability, though they will still be weakened to an extent while Rider's eyes are open. She normally wears a blindfold to seal the effects of her eyes, though is still capable of fighting normally thanks to her heightened senses. Rider does have the ability to temporarily amplify her attributes, though prolonged use of the boost can result of her succumbing to a monstrous rage. Her Noble Phantasm, Blood Fort Andromeda, allows her to create a barrier around an area to entrap an opponent and absorb their life force to use for mana reserves. As her name implies, Rider is capable of summoning a pegasus into combat that has a high level of resistance to magic and whose wing flaps are powerful enough to create heavy shockwaves that can damage buildings and cause lacerations to foes. The charge of the pegasus is powerful enough to level a skyscraper. Rider also has a second Noble Phantasm called Bellerophon which is a golden harness that she attaches to her pegasus to amplify its abilities when it goes into a charge. She can also use the harness on herself to make herself into a human projectile.

-Mikoto Misaka- Possibly the weakest member of my team as she only has the strength and durability of a normal human. However, her ability to manipulate electricity as an esper makes her a foe not to be taken lightly. She can make use of her power to fire off coins like a railgun as they can travel at hypersonic speeds and level buildings. Her body is capable of generating high voltages of electricity, enough so where she can generate enough heat to trigger thunderstorms and trigger heavy electric charges. She also uses her power to generate electromagnetism, as she can take control of metallic objects to toss at foes, gather up the iron in the air to form various weapons, boost her speed and generate a sonar-like effect that lets her track invisible foes or attacks coming from blind spots.

-Seras Victoria- Alucard's beloved vampire underling from Hellsing. After feeding on Pip's blood, she became a full-fledged vampire whose superhuman attributes were greatly amplified as she gained hypersonic speed that allowed her to blitz Zorin Blitz (ironic name, is it not? :P) and fight evenly with the Captain. She regenerated her severed arm into shadow-like material with properties similar to Alucard's as she can form it into differing weapons, create familiars to attack foes from a distance and absorb her foes and make them into a familiar within her body. She can see through illusions and is capable of absorbing the memories of others by draining them of blood. Normally goes into battle with different heavy weapons built in mind for her superhuman strength, particularly the two variants of the Harkonnen which are 30 mm cannons.

-Ciel- Tsukihime's resident curry fiend and Church Executor. She has superhuman attributes with speed on the high-end of supersonic as she can keep up with most Dead Apostles (vampires) in combat and is efficient in the use of differing weapons and magic. She normally makes use of two different weapons when in combat: Black Keys and the Seventh Holy Scripture. Black Keys are bladed weapons capable of harming spirits and can immobilize a target by pinning down their shadow, normally keeping a large arsenal of them on her when needed. The Black Keys also have magical runes on them which Ciel can activate to inflict differing magical effects on her foe if she pierces them with it, varying from burning, dehydration, petrification and being attacked by crows. The Seventh Holy Scripture is a cannon-like weapon forged from the horn of a unicorn and dead girl's soul, with the weapon's blade capable of screwing up regeneration when it stabs its foes and its fired shells capable of vaporizing foes down to their very soul, effectively wiping them from existence. Her magical abilities include a hypnotic ability called the Mystic Eyes of Whisper that allow her to manipulate those within eye sight and she is capable of regenerating any damage inflicted upon her so long as her brain isn't destroyed. So long as the vampire Roa exists in the world, Ciel also has a form of immortality where she is incapable of dying and her body reverts back to the point in which it originally was before any damage was inflicted on her.

-Priscilla- Claymore's all-powerful Abyssal One. She possesses monstrous strength, enough so where she could catch a projectile attack coming from the giant fused Awakened Being known as the Destroyer and wrecked its outer shell in a single attack. Priscilla is easily at hypersonic speeds and among one of the fastest characters in the series, easily faster than other Abyssal Ones like Riful. She is capable of flight thanks to her wings and possesses a high regenerative rate, the most potent within the series. She is capable of forming parts of her body into spiked tentacles that she can use to ensnare, damage and rip apart her foes.

Post by SpeedForceSpider (5,198 posts) See mini bio Level 15
  • Noriaki Kakyoin - A calm cool, and collected badass and stand user. His stand, Hierophant Green, is able to move at relativistic speeds as he is a B type stand in speed. In which case an A type stand is usually faster than light as Kakyoin's comrade, Polnareff's stand, was able to move faster than a being made of light and cut it. Hierophant Green is able to react and fight at speeds on par with Silver Chariot. Hierophant Green has the ability called Emerald Splash which can rapidly fire emeralds with ease and at speeds fast enough to easily destroy buildings and flesh. It can also extend its appendages to theoretically unlimited distances. It can also uncoil inside of an enemies body and either make them a puppet or destroy them inside out.
  • Hashirama Senju - Known as the God of Shinobi, he was strong enough to beat Madara Uchiha and Kyuubi who have the power to easily destroy mountains. He has the power to create, control, and manipulate wood, water, and earth. His most notable technique is Mokuton (Wood Release): An advanced nature kekkei genkai that combines earth and water-based chakra natures to create wood or complete trees. This ability can also be used to create other aspects of trees, such as seeds or flowers. Wood Release techniques can be produced from anywhere, including the user's body, as the user's chakra is literally converted into a source of life. He can easily create forests out of nowhere with dense trees which can work offensively and defensive. He also is a high level healer which is very helpful. His sage mode allows for a large increase of power and he can use a technique that allows him to use his wood and create a giant buddha which made Kyuubi look small able to withstand several mountain busting Bijuu bombs. The thousand hand buddha can simultaneously deliver thousands of powerful blows to a target. Due to the sheer volume of the punches involved, defending against the entirety of them is nearly impossible. The blows were powerful enough to create a giant hole in the ground which later became a valley.

  • Coco - One of the Four Heavenly Kings and the "Gentleman", Poison Manipulation: Coco's main ability. Due to being exposed to so many poisons, Coco's body became capable of synthesizing its own powerful poisons. He can only produce 15 liters at a time, as the poisons are made from his converted body fluids; thus making too much would result in severe dehydration. Coco's poison can be secreted from any part of his body, and he can control its concentration and effects. The poison tends to become becomes darker when he increases its lethality. Producing different types of poison and applying them in different ways gives Coco a variety of abilities. Coco's body contains over 500 different types of poison antibody, and can adapt nearly instantly to new ones. Coco can use his poison to make weapons and armor for himself using poison membranes that are powerful enough to easily protect him from explosions and acid. He can also make his poison more lethal than acid and fire them at hypersonic to relativistic speeds.
  • Zack Fair - SOLIDER 1st Class and Cloud's best friend, He is massively hypersonic able to easily dodge hypersonic machine gun fire per second from all directions without breaking a sweat. He was powerful enough to fight off an entire army from Infantry to air support leaving only 3 alive before his untimely death. He even defeated a guy the planet chose as its final weapon, Genesis who is equal to Sephiroth in power(and we all know Sephiroth). He even tanked hits and briefly fought on par with a serious Sephiroth.
  • Dante - Son of Sparda and Demon hunter, He is extremely versatile and has insane regen. Able to stop time and he can move at lightning speed with his sword Alastor(he was moving faster than the glass was falling). With his Older brother's sword Yamato he has the ability to cut through literally anything. He casually cuts dense giant building sized portals to the demon world. He can teleport and in Devil trigger he can fly even into space.
  • Whitebeard - Known as the Strongest man in the world, He is able to create massive earthquakes from hitting against the air. He has massive damage soak able to keep fighting with half his face gone and hundreds of shots and stabs to the body.
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@SpeedForceSpider: Ummm....

Have any objection to equalizing speed for this match? The speed of several of the characters on your team greatly surpass anything that my team is capable of holding up against.

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@Dream: I thought your team was massively hypersonic on average? Most of the people on your list Fehafare has hyped them. I remember Fehafare hyping Priscilla to as he would say, casually mach 300 in that Zoro battle. But yeah okay if you feel it is unbalanced we can do that dude.

Post by Dream (9,135 posts) See mini bio Level 21

@SpeedForceSpider: At the moment, I'm not buying the OBD's assessment on Claymore's ridiculous speed boost since it's only going by the calculation of the distance that the island setting of the series is set in. Those on my team who are hypersonic in speed are only around Mach 10-30ish, with Ciel being the slowest on my team at the high-end of supersonic speed.

Post by SpeedForceSpider (5,198 posts) See mini bio Level 15

@Dream: Ah I see. Okay speed equalized is good with me then. So is this being limited to who is more durable and powerful now?

Post by Dream (9,135 posts) See mini bio Level 21

@SpeedForceSpider: Yeah, it will go that route. You can go ahead and start the battle off. I'm a little busy with things at my end since I'm presently working on stuff with my current Ani-Crap Review

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@Dream: Oh okay dude I may start tomorrow because I am a bit tired.

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@SpeedForceSpider: Better win.

Post by Dream (9,135 posts) See mini bio Level 21

@SpeedForceSpider: It's gonna be hard enough for me to figure out how my fighters would do against you since there aren't any weak links to your team compared to the last two opponents I've had.

Since I've finished up on my work, I guess I'll start things off:

I'll have Rider take on Coco, who shouldn't have any type of defense to Rider's eyes.

I'll have Ciel take on Dante since her weaponry is the bane of any supernatural foe.

I'll have Mikoto take on Senju since the voltage from her attacks would be hot enough to trigger fires and pose a possible problem to Senju's wood jutsu.

I'll have Solty take on Blackbeard. She should be able to match him in stats, has a flight advantage and could fly him into the water of the California base should things get too problematic for her in battle.

I'll have Chise deal with Dangai Ichigo since both are similar in speed, durability and destructive potential.

I'll have Seras deal with Noriaki. Her shadow attacks should at least be capable of causing problems for Noriaki's Stand attacks.

And last on the list, I'll have Priscilla deal with Zack Fair. She'll have flight advantage and could cause problems for Zack with tentacle attacks or her brute strength.

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@Dream: I must say does your team have the means of avoiding Hierophant Green's Kekkai? If they are trapped my team could destroy them with their most powerful attacks.

If they move the appendage they touch automatically fires Emerald Splash and they have no way to get out unless they are Dio.

Emerald Splash did this in case you're wondering:

A single Emerald has enough power to easily destroy flesh and smash a building. He can fire as many as he wants without tire. Can be fired in a concentrated manner, or spread evenly over 20m
Post by Dream (9,135 posts) See mini bio Level 21

@SpeedForceSpider: No one on my team would have countermeasures to preventing the kekkai from being cast. Is there a cast time for it or can Noriaki cast it instantly via his Stand? If there's a cast time, it would buy time for anyone among my team to attack or for Ciel or Rider to use their Mystic Eyes to hypnotize or petrify him if he has no resistance to both. If the kekkai casting is instant, Rider and Ciel could still use their Mystic Eyes on him.

Beyond that, most of my team could likely survive the emerald attacks through durability, immortality, regeneration and/ or using projectile attacks to pick off many of the emeralds.

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@Dream: Yeah I didn't really count on Emerald Splash to be a game breaker, a distraction is enough to allow folks like Hashirama and Whitebeard to attack with their most powerful attacks. Oh and the barrier is instant if Kakyoin wills it, Hierophant Green also has body control he can make Hierophant Green small and unnoticeable and slip into one of your people and either make them kill themselves or turn on each other. Making Rider a marionette would be nice.

Post by Dream (9,135 posts) See mini bio Level 21

@SpeedForceSpider: Not sure possession would work on Rider considering she's a spirit and all. Maybe not on Chise and Solty either on account they are robots, unless the Stand's been shown to effect machines as well. Mikoto's body is also capable of emitting radar to pick up on attacks from blind spots and invisible foes, which could alert the team to Hierophant Green's attack.

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@Dream: Actually it should be theoretically impossible for Hierophant Green to be detected let alone damaged, unless they are stand users themselves as stands are invisible and intangible to non stand users. And stands are spirits themselves physically manifested from a persons will. And as for the whole machine thing I don't really think that matters because he already showed it could work on stands which are spirits and people.
Post by Dream (9,135 posts) See mini bio Level 21

@SpeedForceSpider: But considering Stands are supposed to be psychic manifestations of their owner from what I've heard of the series, those with high-level telepathy or other forms of psychic ability should at least be capable of detecting its presence since you can't just say its a verse-only benefit.

But at the same time, none of my team members have psychic abilities to allow them any type of resistance to the "puppet" ability to Hierophant Green. So I guess I'm gonna have to admit defeat due to the Stand's hax and your team lacking any weak links compared to my two previous wins. Even though Ciel has immortality, Dante has the power to seal her away or BFR her to the demon world via Yamato and she could just keep being killed repeatedly since she lacks the destructive potential to compete with much of your team.

Post by SpeedForceSpider (5,198 posts) See mini bio Level 15

@Dream: I think you're right about the psychic part. In the translations I have read said they are spirits but meh I looked up psychic as well. Next I was going to ask how your fighters fare against Coco's acid and Ichigo's mugetsu if you don't mind?

Post by Dream (9,135 posts) See mini bio Level 21

@SpeedForceSpider: Show me what the acid does since I'm not too knowledgeable on Toriko outside of reputation. I know that Rider would obviously be unaffected due to her status as a spirit, unless the series has feats showing them interact with the spiritual plane.

As for Mugetsu, many among my team wouldn't be capable of surviving it if struck by the blast. Ciel could survive via her immortality, Solty would survive yet with a good amount of damage [considering she was quite battered from surviving a city-sized space station explosion] and Chise would be the only one capable of tanking the attack without any significant damage.

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