HST Level Tournament Round 12 - Masterofdeath VS DBZ_universe

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  1. no prep
  2. in character
  3. standard equipment for all
  4. Characters are either current , End of series , strongest before death or at a certain point that makes it fair and balanced
  5. speed will be equal if there is a problem
  6. BFR is allowed if needed
  7. use scans to prove a point if needed
  8. explain what each member does in your team and who fights who and who wins those fights

Masterofdeath Team / win - 0 / draw - 0 / lose - 1

1. Piccolo JR

2. Ryouga Minamoto from Chaosic Rune

3.Sasuke Uchiha

4. Heero Yuy ( endless waltz)

5.Ganta Igarashi

6.Arago Hunt

7.Rin Okumura/Albedo Piazzolla

DBZ_universe Team / win - 0 / draw - 1 / lose - 0

  1. Zaraki Kenpachi -Bleach
  2. Current Black Star (with Tsubaki) -Soul Eater
  3. Kagura -Fairy Tail
  4. Vash the Stampede -Trigun (manga)
  5. Wrath -FMA
  6. Luchiru from Anagle Mole
  7. Immortal Mudou

Location - Baba Yaga's Castle

Both sides start 14 feet from each other

tell me when you change your team also you may begin

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anybody want to go ahead and do their predictions before I even get a chance to post what my team does again?

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@Masterofdeath: well we have to wait on DBZ_Universe to pick his last member

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@SMXLR8: hey can I switch out a character while I wait then? I already know the dude.

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@Masterofdeath: well your team seems ok as it seems HST while he had a character that was too hax level but it depends on your choice

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@SMXLR8: I want to trade Rin Okumura for Albedo Piazzolla cause I noticed most people have not been following the rules about keeping hax low so I need somebody who is atleast able to counter the time stop stuff and yes most of his feats will be from video games but he is also from a anime.

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@Masterofdeath: well OK , lets hope the next tourney will be better with no hax =/

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do you mean the street level tournament?

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@Masterofdeath: yeah or the powerhouse one

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@SMXLR8: the powerhouse one would be a bit dangerous as it would come down to who sees the thread first and picks the most overpowered team.

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@Masterofdeath: not if you put a ban list

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@SMXLR8: true, so is Albedo allowed?

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@Masterofdeath: is HST level?

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@SMXLR8: umm here is a clip of his power he is the one with white hair

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Okay here is my team in order as they appear on the list.

Piccolo- Flight, super speed, super strength, energy manipulation, giant form. we all know about him so no point in going into detail about him.

Ryouga Minamoto- the main character of Chaosic rune. He fights by summoning dragons. His strongest dragon is called Death Rex Head which has this attack called Gestalt Grind which lets Death Rex break down everything in the area into atomic particles and absorb them into his body. After this attack Ryouga will die. He can also summon these machines called nanowalkers that allow him to control machines.

Sasuke Uchiha- Skilled martial artist. He fights using fire and lightning jutsus. He also has a the sharingan which lets him use the black flames amaterasu and Susanoo. He also has tsukuyomi which means if somebody looks him directly in the eye they get trapped in a dream world.

Heero Yuy- Skilled soldier and leader. He pilots the Gundam Wing Zero. Wing Zero is made out of Gundanium alloy which is very durable capable of surviving reentry into the Earths Atmosphere. Heero also has insane durability capable of surviving the self destruction of his gundam. Zero also has a powerful beam cannon which is capable of destroying a space colony in a single blast. Zero also has a powerful beam saber which can match Epyon's beam saber which was able to destroy the space fortress barge. Zero is also a all terrain gundam though it is best made for fighting in the air or in space.

Ganta Igarashi- main character of Deadman Wonderland. He fights by shooting concentrated blood bullets. His fastest ones reach the speed of sound. His strongest attack is called Ganbare Gun which can completely destroy two people and trash the area they are fighting in aka blowing the roof off the place.

Arago Hunt- fights by using the manipulation of life energy. He can launch blasts of raw life energy at his opponents and deppending on if he has the crown out or not will change the power. He can beat a werewolf in a hand to hand fight. He can fly, catch flying boats with his bear hands, turn his arm into a energy sword that is said to be able to cut down any foe, and manipulate wind. He can also regenerate from any nonkilling wound. He can regrow his arms that he lost from hitting so hard he can also trap both him and his opponent in a giant cube that only the winner can come out of the loser gets trapped in there forever and will be put in a endless dream. When the cube is not in use it is very small, smaller than is palm.

I will include info on either Rin or Albedo later depends on if Albedo gets approved.

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I will be using the same info here that I used in my previous battle for my characters.. tho there might be some changes.

  • Zaraki Kenpachi - has insane reiatsu, enough to be felt from far way. He is strong enough to take on captain level fighters while wearing his eye patch (his eye patch restrains his massive power because he likes to hold back since using all his power would be boring to him). He has a Zanpakuto (name hasn't been yet revealed so it's a normal sword we can say) and that is what he uses for battle most of the time. He uses one hand only to fight but if he uses both his slashes are more potent.
    Zaraki's slashes are strong enough to cut building in half with ease or cut an enemy as well. He is also very physically strong due to his massive size. his durability is really great as seen how he can take punishment and LOL at it. He has stopped zanpakutos with bare hand (even Nnoitra's slash). He is very fast, but since speed has been equalized here that will be out. Kenpachi is also very bright by reading his opponent's abilities as shown how he defeated Tosen with Bankai. Zaraki also has Kendo slice which he grabs his zanpakuto with both hands and delivers a powerful blow that can literately destroy someone. Also since the fighters are in IC, I doubt Ken-chan will take of his eye patch.. tho if he takes it off his power raises dramatically and he is forced not to back down. When he has no eye patch he is able to drown others with his massive reiatsu aka reiatsu crush. that's a bit of info on Ken-chan.
  • Black Star is a well trained ninja. He has many styles of fighting such as a master swordsman and master at hand to hand combat. Black Star uses Tsubaki in chain scythe most of the time (note: Tsubaki is a multiple weapon changer) in a fight. Tsubaki can also change into a a star like blade that Black Star can throw around for far range, she can turn into a kunai which Black star uses it to increase speed and also very offensively, she can turn into a smoke bomb which would give Black Star an advantage in the fight to strike his opponent or use it to scape. Tsubaki's most powerful transformation is the Uncanny Sword. The Uncanny Sword is a Katana that manipulates shadows, Black star is able to use it very offensively and defensively on top of that he can spread the shadows so he could trap his opponents and slice them. Black Star can also use the shadow to go in the air (tho he can only do this in ground) and kinda fly (but he is not he is using the shadow like a long tail that is coming out of his neck). Black Star is also an expert in the H2H (hand to hand combat) department. Unlike other meisters (except for Stein or Kid) that are useless with out a weapon, Black Star is able to fight with out it. He specializes in ninja style and other styles as well. He is able to hit someone's soul with his own soul wave which deliver great damage. Black Star is very physically strong able to lift many tons with no problems as shown in here.

Black Star is also very durable as he was able to eat a laser from the Kishin to his organs and burp it which caused a huge explosion. Black Star also has a transformation that he gained in the book of Eibon which is Madness release. His Madness for increases his abilities insanely and has a star in his right eye. Also speed in here has been equalized so I won't post speed feats.

  • Kagura is a master swordsman, she was strong enough to take down Erza with ease with out using her abilities or unleashing her sword. Kagura is able to manipulate the gravity around her opponents which is very helpful for her to take down enemies faster. She is a master swordsman, she is able to use many sword techniques such as delivering multiple strikes at a high speed this technique is called the Slashing form. Kagura also is a hand to hand combatant as she was able to fight against Erza with out her sword and showed to use kicks most of the time. Kagura is very durable as well as she can take many punishment and she was able to tank Minerva's magic attack that could destroy the entire area. Kagura is also very strong as she was able to sent Erza flying with a kick. Kagura carries a sword that is called the Archenemy. Little is known about the blade since Kagura rarely uses it (only when she has too). Tho she was able to cut the 13th Celestial spirit Ophiuchus in pieces with ease (and that was one of the strongest celestial spirits) nut since it's IC I think Kagura will not unleash the blade unless her opponent are stronger than her of course.
  • Vash the Stampede is a master marksman. He usually carries a magnum revolver. he is able to shoot multiple shots in a second, he rarely misses his target even while drunk. Vash is very agile as well as shown how he was able to dodge bullets with ease. Vash also has a cybernetic arm which he has a hidden gun just in case his other bullets run out. Vash is also very smart due to being a plant. Since characters are in character, Vash wont use the angel arm. Tho if he uses the angel arm he is able to wipe out cities with one blast and was powerful enough to leave a huge hole on the moon. The angel arm is like a canon, tho if Vash uses it a lot he can waste his enrgy and die.
  • Wrath is a master swordsman and is able to fight with 2 swords at once. Even tho he is very old, he is very durable and fast. Wrath can also doge bullets with ease as shown here.
    Wrath dodges bullets with ease
    Wrath dodges bullets with ease

Wrath also has his ultimate eye which allows to see everything in the battle field and exploit weaknesses. Wrath with out his eye patch is still very dangerous and in the anime he cut the missile of a tank in half tho he did took out a tank by him self, he is able to take on a battalion by him self and is hard to defend your self against his in close range since he wont give time to let his opponents move like he did to Greed. Wrath is also great at taking down foes with out a sword as shoe he was able to throw Greed and Scar like nothing, He is very durable as well, he was able to fight Scar half dead and still own Scar.

  • Luchiru is a Majin that live in the center of the Earth, he is super human and has immense durability as shown here.

This was chapter one (also in the beginning of the manga he fears humans tho I will not give spoilers only feats lol) and is also very strong. Luchiru has a very special ability called Dekos which allows him to manipulate solid substances at his will and create pillars. He can use this for far range and defensive. this is some scans of his Dekos.

  • Now this guy is a new member of my team since Yoshimori was banned due to godly hax lol. I like to introduce "Immortal" Mudou! he is from Kekkaishi (same series as Yoshi). These are some of his feats..... also I will be using his younger self not his old form.. I will also use his most powerful form, him as a child.
    Mudou is very durable able to endure punishment like crazy when he was a human. He would be heavily beaten and a few days later he was like nothing. When he died he became an human Ayakashi. Mudou also obtained Immortality by stealing the life of countless souls. these are some scan that shows his insane immortality. He was even erased from existence by Masamori's Zekkai and came back numerous times, he also came back from an instant Shinkai from Yoshimori (note : Yoshi at this time didn't know how to control Shinkai and it happened very fast).

That was his immortality feats. Now I will show his other feats. As you can see Mudou wears a scarf, well he can manipulate that scarf like if it was alive and imprison foes in it, he can also grow younger by sucking enough life. He sucked the life out of a God and it's world then became younger (which that is the version I will be using) and grew even more powerful than what he was in the past and also faster. He is able to fly, and he can also travel quite fast as how he was looking for the local God of the world he wanted to obtained and he found him quite fast. Mudou's most notable powers are his weird powered balls (LOL) that have the equivalent power of a Zekkai (which can erase things if they were to make contact) and he can summon as much as he wants and throw them were he desires. When he is his younger form, his marvels (I will call them that) grow even stronger... strong enough to cut through Masamori's Zekkai like if it was nothing and also own Masamori with Zekkai. these are his feats of his powers. The scarf, flight, sucking life, and his powerful marvels. I will be posting a lot of them to back up his feats.

PT1 of scans

PT2 of scans

There you have the feats from Immortal Mudou.

Also I can put other scans of the others if anyone wants me too.

and this is the bios of my characters.

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@DBZ_universe: is that person HST level?

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@SMXLR8: Yup. He is not Hax like Yoshi is.... tho he has this marvels that equal the power of Masamori's Zekkai (which is a black sphere that can erase things by touching them and his marvels can do the same and they are fast too).

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@SMXLR8: so is Albedo alright I showed you basically the best feat of his I could find so not that much there.

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@Masterofdeath: not sure

@DBZ_universe: well I guess if it makes your team balanced

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