HST Level Tournament Round 1 - GeneralVan VS TheBlackDragonz

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OK folks it is finally time to start this tourney , Good luck to both and have fun


  1. no prep
  2. in character
  3. standard equipment for all
  4. Characters are either current , End of series , strongest before death or at a certain point that makes it fair and balanced
  5. speed will be equal if there is a problem
  6. BFR is allowed if needed
  7. use scans to prove a point if needed
  8. explain what each member does in your team and who fights who and who wins those fights

GeneralVan Team

1. Erza Scarlet.

2. Kid Goku (Piccolo Daimao arc)


4. Ichigo

5. Luffy

6. Moka Akashiya (Inner Vampire)

7. Shana (Shakugan no Shana, if time stop is unfair, you can remove it)


TheBlackDragonz Team

  1. Edward Elric
  2. Acnologia
  3. Tobi
  4. Hakumen (Speed MUST be equalized or Hakumen will rape effortlessly)
  5. Tyranitar (Pokedex Entry allowed?)
  6. Imperialdramon Dragon Mode (Digimon Adventure 02 only)
  7. Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Location - Grass Field

Both sides start about 14 feet away from each other

you may begin

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Well then, let's begin.

Hakumen: Able to keep up with Terumi, who infiltrated Takamagahara within 1/480,000 of a second and can cut down blast doors like a hot knife through butter. Was also able to fight the Black Beast, a planerary life-wiper at 20% strength.

Imperialdramon Dragon Mode: Flew around a 16th of the Earth in seconds, has an antimatter cannon that, by powerscaling, can mountainbust.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Flew up to destroy a Satelitte in the Virtual World arc in seconds, also was a Citybuster in ancient Egypt.

Tyranitar: Scaling off of Garchomp (Fellow Psuedo-legend), he should be 1-3 Mach and at least a citybuster.

Acnologia: MHS most likely, and islandbuster IIRC

Tobi: Hypersonic speed, and at least building buster. 
Edward Elric: Low-end building level and peak human speed.
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Don't forget Ed! He might be the weakest but he has value. Anyway this should be good.
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Derp, yeah, you're right XD
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Erza Scarlet: Able to fight 100 monsters while getting tired as the fight wore on. Supersonic+ Speed, Hypersonic with Flight Armor. S-Class Mage, and defeated the toughest members of various guilds. City block level DC and destroyed an island when clashing with her Edolas counterpart. Her new Second Origin armor allows her to cut through magic unless it's too powerful and even fixed her ankle which was crushed by a pillar. With great leadership skills and incredible intelligence, as well as great maturity and composure, she is able to lead my team to victory.

Kid Goku (Piccolo Daimao Arc): Hypersonic Speed, Town Level+ DC and City level+ Durability, this Saiyan is no joke. He has many ki techniques including afterimages, solar flare, and Kamehameha. However, he is not limited to these techniques. He defeated the likes of King Piccolo and Tao Pai Pai. King Piccolo was a huge accomplishment considering that he is on par with and even above many HST Top Tiers. Along with the magic Power Pole and the Flying Nimbus Cloud, Goku has many weapons. While he may be younger than everyone else, Goku is arguably the strongest member on my team.

Mizore Shirayuki: While the weakest link on my team, she is no joke. She can freeze people within close distances and has many ice techniques. She can create ice clones that look exactly like her and can attack on her own, confusing opponents, which leave them open for a direct attack.

Ichigo Kurosaki: The star of Bleach, Ichigo has Hypersonic Speeds and near City level DC. Defeated the likes of Aizen who was considered to be unstoppable. Although he lost his powers, his new Shikai and Bankai allows him to grow stronger now. His speed is what seperates him from the rest of my team.

Monkey D. Luffy: Everyone's favorite pirate, Luffy, while not as fast as Ichigo or Goku, has hypersonic speed and can destroy many city blocks with his fists. Luffy is also made of rubber, so regular punches might not be as effective as the opponent would like. He can also use his rubber body for various attacks. Like the rest of my team, he is never without a weapon.

Moka Akashiya: With arrogance that rivals that of Vegeta and even Gary Oak, Moka is an incredible fighter. She can move at near supersonic speeds and can destroy buildings with her kicks. Out of my whole team, she has very limited weapons. Her only fighting techniques are her punches and kicks, although she prefers her kicks a lot more. While it may seem limited, they are devastating and can even destroy buildings. She can also give her own blood to her teammates if they are weak, albeit at the expense of her own strength. However, if given enough time like in her fight with Kuyo, she can recover and come back to the strong fighter she is. Not one to be looked past.

Shana: Also known as the Flame-Haired Blazing-Eyed Hunter, Shana is an incredibly skilled swordsman which skills that more than rival that of Erza and Ichigo. With the Power of Existence, she uses it to increase her power immensely, giving her the strength to destroy cities. With supersonic+ speeds and the ability to fly, she can also manipulate fire and can create fire based weapons and constructs with her sword. He most known technique is her Fuzetsu, which allows her to stop time until she tells it go. However, even without this, her other weapons are more than enough to win. She can also use her pendant Alastor to create huge flames that cover cities, however, this may cost her her life. Shana is very skilled and, with or without Fuzetsu, can beat many HST Mid and Top Tiers.

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I'd say the main two threats to your team are Hakumen and Imperialdramon.
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@GeneralVan: @TheBlackDragonz: just what to step in and Say everyone is character so they may do their own thing if it's in their character

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Well, Hakumen is the White Susanoo (Make any Naruto jokes and you get flagged =.=) and has the Power of Order, which makes him somewhat like the defense system of The Master Unit Ameterasu.  
Imperialdramon is a dragon Digimon, usually stays back and spams PL.  
Tyranitar throws shitfits. 
Acnologia is always bloodlusted. 
Edward, I'm not sure. Same for Tobi. 
BEWD is also always BL AFAIK.
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keep it going guys i wanna see some blood

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@TheBlackDragonz: Kid Goku, Luffy, Ichigo, and Shana (depending if Fuzetsu is allowed) are the biggest threats to your team.

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Erza is the most mature member of my team, while the rest are either childish or just plain arrogant. This may cause problems since Ichigo would not want to take orders from Erza. Moka and Shana may but heads with each other as well as with Erza. Moka may also provoke and pick on Goku due to him being the youngest. Luffy tends to act like a child and mainly cares about food, while Mizore is kind of creepy and quiet for the most part, and may also not take orders from Erza. Goku seems to be the only one that will listen to her if he doesn't wonder about food with Luffy. Erza tends to snap if things don't go her way after a while, so it really depends if my team can get along. However, Luffy and Goku may say something inspiring with Erza jumping in on the speech. They will be brought together and get ready to fight.

In terms of combat, everyone is always eager to fight with the exception of Ichigo and Mizore unless their friends or lives are in danger. If they all fight to the best of their abilities, it will be a terrible day for the opposing team.

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Imperialdramon can chuck mountainbusters at them at Mach 827-ish, can they avoid or tank that? Same for Acnologia, but a hell load slower.
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@GeneralVan: @TheBlackDragonz: so who is fighting who here and what are the battle plans if any?

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I'm first making sure that nobody on my team solos, then we will discuss that.
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@TheBlackDragonz: Shana can spam Fuzetsu and avoid and kill him off. If not then Kid Goku can probably take one, leaving the others to kill him. Kid Goku can take Acnologia and Tyranitar no problem. Ichigo can take Tobi and maybe Blue Eyes. Luffy vs. Hakumen would be interesting. Ed gets wrecked by a Moka and Mizore combo.

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I agree. Like I said, Imperialdramon and Hakumen are what make my team dangerous. Both are sub-relativistic in speed and have some kind of hax behind them. Imperialdramon can spam PL also, and it actually made Armagemon flinch, whom handed Omegamon his ass to him. Imperialdramon can probably wreck Ichigo, Luffy, Moka and Mizore. Goku will be difficult for him, and Hakumen can probably take out the former four as well. Hakumen might be able to take Shana if he was able to survive The Black Beast.
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Hakumen can tank a few of Shana's hits, but she can use Fuzetsu to freeze time and hit him just enough to weaken him for the rest to finish him off. It's literally the first thing she does unless another Fuzetsu is set up. You got a really good team, but my team is prepared. I think after I take out Hakumen, Imperialdramon, and Blue Eyes, the rest is not so much of a problem.

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Pretty much, yeah. Hakumen might have timestop depending on how you interpretate his Astral Heat, and Ookami cuts through spacetime.
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@GeneralVan: I messed up bad you have two people from the same series =/

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@SMXLR8 said:

@GeneralVan: I messed up bad you have two people from the same series =/

Then trade Mizore for Charizard.

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