Hiko Seijuro vs Nosferatu Zodd

Topic started by Dream on June 11, 2012. Last post by Fantasma 2 years, 9 months ago.
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Let's see how Rurouni Kenshin's godly swordsman fares against a more supernatural foe. Here are conditions for this bout:
-Fight to the death.
-Zodd is in Apostle form and is barred from flight.
-Battle takes place at the Hill of Swords with both foes 10 yards apart from each other.
Who do you think would win this match?
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I would give Hiko the speed advantage, but I'm not sure about his strength. He stopped the swing of that giant guy, who could cleave buildings in half but that's all I got.

Post by Fantasma (360 posts) See mini bio Level 7

Kenshin's master only chance lies in his speed, remember that Griffith who is a lot slower than Hiko, cut one of Zodd's arms off in one single strike. He had Guts help, but he did it none the less. One hit from Zodd and the fight would be over, he would have to make his speed count and go for critical or incapacitating hits, because of Zodd's regeneration and healing powers.

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