Hiei vs Kurama

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Let's make this scenario more interesting.

Battle Conditions:

  • Battle to the death with both willing to kill one another, yet retaining their regular mentalities and tactics in combat.
  • Both have knowledge on one another, yet no prep time.
  • Both are at Chapter Black level stats during their fight with Sensui.
  • Kurama starts the match in Yoko form.
  • Battle takes place at a random Makai mountainous area with both 20 yards apart from one another.

Factoring these conditions, who do you think wins this match?

NOTE: Can another mod insert pics for me? My browser here at work isn't rendering the page properly when I try to select them.

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@Dream: Have you tried uploading the target images to your own gallery and inserting it in the OP via "my previous uploads"? It managed to work for me when making a recent thread.

EDIT: Problem fixed. Now, back to the topic, It'll be Kurama even though it will be a real close fight.

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Well they were always so close to one another it's almost up for grabs who would win. But personally I'd have to go with Hiei. Kurama is smarter and can set you up if the fight is prolonged, but with Hiei's raw speed and power, i dont think Kurama could fight against him long enough for that to happen.
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Kurama, His tactical mind scared hiei and I think would pull this off with difficulty.

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Done many times. They are so incredibly close in stats, skill, and experience (though one could argue Kurama has more experience) that it never produces a clear winner. If I had to choose though it would most likely be Kurama with extreme difficulty/point of near death. I think he could use a lot of energy with his plants to block the DotDF and eventually find a way to plant the Sinning Tree.

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Hiei has better skills ,powers and speed...  
Kurama is smarter , has way more experience and is a advanced   tactician. 
Both of them can kill each other  .  
6/10 kurama ... that would be a  wank in favor of kurama ...Hiei can 1shot the mach. 
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Still say Hiei because while Kurama is quite fast he is slower than Hiei and will not win in close quarters. He's tricked people before, like Elder Toguro, but Hiei never beat someone with superior physical stats to himself other than durability. The one time that happened against Shigure, who Hiei tied against, he lost.
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@Dream said:

  • Both have knowledge on one another, yet no prep time.

This seals the battle in favor for Hiei. With knowledge of Kurama's tactical prowess and plethora of plants, Hiei will always be on guard with his black dragon. He can infuse himself with it so that if any seed that comes his way he'll be prepared to have it burned, and has a durability + speed advantage too. Hiei will have difficulty putting Kurama down given healing plants, but so long as Hiei has knowledge of the Sinning Tree, Kurama is essentially out of tricks that would work on Hiei during CB.

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Been thinking about this one more and....still leaning towards Kurama. With them both being equals I believe the more tactical mind will prevail over speed and lethality more often than not.

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Kurama has superior intelligence and hax. But Hiei has way better DC, Melee and Speed. So i give the edge to Hiei in a straight up fight with no prep.

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I lean to Kurama, he is more tactical.

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