Hashirama Senju vs Minato Namikaze

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@GIRUGAMESH: then its worse for you, a mere poser was hard enough for him while hashirama defeated the real deal. also there is nothing minato could use to beat hashirama...what hes gonna do? use a rasengan? lol we know madara had in his arsenal the eternal mangekyou sharingan and still lost. also the healing habilities of hashirama are in par if not better than those of tsunade. sorry but hashirama is just too much for minato to handle. minato may be fast but thats pretty much it, no genjutsus nor ninjutsus...he couldnt even manage to add elemental technique to his rasengan -.- he has nothing extraordinary save for his flying thunder god technique.on the other hand hashirama defeated a guy that could do this:

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@othus12: I cannot believe I have been debating with someone so stupid. I thought you had at least more sense than this.

Just because Tobi was assuming the identity of someone does not make him "a mere poser"; Orochimaru assumed the identity of a random ninja in the chunin exams, did that make him weaker too? Assume Tobi is weak at your own risk.

Nothing Minato could do to beat Hashirama? Must be some great stuff you're smoking, any tips on where to get it?

How about appearing behind him and rasenganing him in the back of the head? Or just plain decapitation, that works too. Genius level intellect would make this a realistic possibility.

So EMS now equals better than Minato does it? I guess current Sasuke makes Minato look like a chump too then. No ninjutsu you say? Well let's see, he only has the strongest sealing jutsu in the series so far. Yes it would cost him his life, but at the very least he could guarentee a draw. And please enlighten me, how is Hashirama going to beat Minato? Send a load of branches at him? Minato could warp them away, or simply dodge them. Minato isn't just speed, and even if he was, overwhelming speed can often be enough to win. Speed is pretty much all the Raikage has and that was enough to be keeping up with an MS Sasuke.

Do yourself a favour; stop posting scans. Every single one you've used so far has only weakened your argument. That was edo Madara who summoned the meteor, not the same as the one who fought Hashirama. As I have said before, current Madara would destroy Hashirama.

Did the Madara who fought Hashirama have senju cells? No. Did the Madara who fought Hashirama have rinnegan? No. Will Hashirama win this fight? No.

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you are just a minato fanboy dude,please dont tell me a rasengan would finish hashirama, thats plain stupid even kabuto survived a rasengan,now think of a dude that can regenerate with no handseals. also the mangekyou sharingan techniques madara is using dont have anything to do with his rinnengan nor senju skills, its a fact that madara can use multiple susanoos and some of the fiercest katon techniques,yet him along with kurama lost against hashirama.madara thinks that the 5 kage are weak, yet when he talks about hashirama he says he was one of the strongest shinobi of all times. and please prove me that he can decapitate hashirama thats only your asumption blinded by your fanboyism,just show me one feat of minato greater than the best feat of hashirama (which was defeating madara and kurama) just one and i will agree that minato is better.

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@othus12: "Even Kabuto survived a rasengan". That was a rasengan from a pre-shippuden Naruto, and it put Kabuto down for a while (it was strong enough to nullify the effects of his self-regeneration). The only person who has ever taken a rasengan and shrugged it off was the 3rd Raikage, the most durable ninja in the show.

You aren't listening; the Hashirama fight was never shown, so we don't know what happened, and so it cannot be used as evidence. The multiple susanos were only shown by Edo Madara, it is pure speculation to assume that the original had them. Or would you like me to believe that the first Madara had wood clones or something in his fight as well?

"Assumption blinded by your fanboyism"? Not really. Minato throws kunai in strategic places. Using his teleportation and his genius, Minato outmaneuvers and outsmarts Hashirama, enabling him to decapitate or rasengan him to death. I'm not saying it would be easy, but I could definitely see him pulling it off.

The only feats that can be used to support Hashirama are those of his edo fight against Sarutobi. That, as well as the techniques seen in more recent chapters, are the only things that can be used, meaning I don't think him capable of taking down the Yellow Flash.

Minato wins with difficulty.

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@othus12: Tobi isn't Madara.... Don't you remember Kabuto black mailed Tobi with the actual Madara... 
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I cant see Minato beating the Madara Hashirama had to beat so i have to go with Hashirama.

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The Madara in the manga now is an amped up version of his former self, so I wouldn't take his feats seriously. There aren't any feats for Hashirama, so you can't say he can beat the 4th.

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