Hashirama Senju vs Akatsuki

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Madara Uchiha is not included since he is not apart of Akatsuki.  
The fight takes place in a Mountainous Area. 
Hashirama's morals are on. The Akatsuki has no morals. 
Standard winning conditions. No prep time.
Will Senju win? or will Akatsuki win?

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What the fuck dude -_-. Come on!

Edit: Okay sorry maybe that was the wrong way to go about it.

But really bro? Hashirama vs all of the Akatsuki? Solo. My god this is just over kill in so many ways. Either you need to give Hashirama some form of back up, or you need to take like 6 members or something. One on one he could possibly give them all a good run, but all together?

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@Obito: I don't see the point in turning off morals for the people that don't have them in the first place.

Hashirama should win here.

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Can you give a reason as to why he should win? I'd like to see what you have to say.

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@WhiteLion: He could easily create wood clones which would give them all hell. He can prepare the bringer of darkness technique and they'd be helpless while he picks them off one by one. His technique which can create multiple trees should be enough to crush them to death. No to mention even if they even have the chance to attack him he can create walls for protection and heal himself on a whim.

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Okay, so let me get this straight bro. They have Deidara, who has a C4 Clone, who has also blown up a very large Forrest, and was going to blow up a very large portion of Sunagakure.

Kisame who has literally changed the landscape with his Exploding Wave, can even condense the wave of into a Giant ass dome, and keep swimming not to mention he can summon sharks, can also create a title wave of 1000 water sharsk.. Pein who can review his whole team, and easily destroyed half of Konoah. Kakuzu who has to be killed 5 times, and has fought the first Hokage before and lived, and also has very powerful AOE attacks. was able to take on, Yamoto, Ino, Kakashi, Chouji and Naruto alone. You've got Sasori who the Hokage has no form of protection against from his poisons has no antidote what so ever. Can even summon 100 puppets to help fight. Itachi, who can seal him with his Tsuabaka I think it's a called I forget. Sasuke who also has his Susano arrow form. Zetsu, who can litterally merge with the land itself and move to where the Hashirama is., Obito... Kabuto who himself has Manda 2 Has all of the abilities of the sound 5, and had to be stopped with Izanami, they have the Gedo Statue,

Hashirama yes can create wood clones, but you do know they are capable of creating clones as well right? I'm not even including the army, or the 7 Bijuu Obito has as his Paths. 3 of their members are able to change the landscape bro. So Until they actually show more of his battle with Madara, and what he's capable of. I'm going with Akatsuki.

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You still haven't answered as to how they will counter his Bringer of Darkness technique. Kisame will die easily from getting trapped in a large tree and crushed. Nagato isn't going to be able to revive his team. And this is most likely him without the six paths. Hashirama has already defeated Kakazu so he is pretty much a non-factor. Dude seriously? Sasori is garbage look who he got beat by, he is fodder here. And he does in fact have protection from his poisons so an antidote is not required. Itachi cannot hope to seal him with the Sword of Totsuka, especially seeing as he is no where near as fast and lacks the range to catch him. So unless you have Itachi > Madara that scenario will never happen. Lol wut? Sasuke isn't even in this battle. Obito is the only one who is a big threat to Hashirama and even he would lose. He can create flowers with pollen that can paralyze them all and its game over. They have little knowledge of his techniques and sheer versatility to win this fight.

None of the people above have ever shown to have created capable clones at all. Obito doesn't have his paths in this battle either unless stated by the OP. And as such we are going by the picture above. Hashirama himself can create a landscape so I am not seeing how that is relevant to the matter. And actually they showed enough of him against Madara and Kurama to make it obvious he wins here. So unless I get a better argument on how exactly they have the means to beat him they are going to die and they really don't have a chance separately.

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I've seen enough from Hashirama in the last chapter to know that he should win here. Most Akatski members were fodder. Only real threats here are Itachi and Nagato(possibly) and maybe Obito. The rest stand no chance in hell.

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@JThree47605: Agreed.

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Easy, Itachi, Pain, are all immune to genjutsu, Deidara has some resistance to it along with Pain. And Genjutsu can be easily broken by flowing chakra from one person though to another. And Says who? Isn't it assumed to use the Current Versions? The most recent right? Secondly what makes you think Nagato can't? he revived EVERYONE that died, and was killed in Konoha. Are you telling me he can do that for a handful of people? Kakuzu isn't a non-factor. We don't know how that battle went down exactly, yes he Won, and Kakuzu was still alive. Yes, my friend. I am very serious. Hashirama isn't immune to poison. You can't prove that he is, the only thing we know is that he can heal without handsigns, this doesn't mean he is immune to poison.If he is immune prove it please. Also know he is not Garbage, he let himself get beat by Sakura, and Chiyo, he also has the Iron Sand Kazekage puppet to help. Why can't Itachi hope to seal him? No where near as fast as Hashirama? what are Hashirama's speed feats? To this date the only fights we have knowledge on is the one in the very beginning of the series, and possibly more when he fought Madara, but I can't bet on something I have yet to see. But yeah as for speed, Shodai has no speed feats to actually make that claim. There is no posted starting distance. Just that it's a monstrous area. No disrespect, but yes he is. I didn't even add Jugo, Karin or Suigetsu. They are all Akatsuki.

No sir. You are wrong again. These effects can be counteracted as well. If one has enough will power, which I'm sure, Most if not all of the Akatsuki have enough will power, and they can easily be levitated by Deidara's birds, or even with some help form Konan or they can simply destroy it.

You sure are also wrong again. Deidara, has the clay clone, and his shadow clone. Itachi has his shadow clone, and his genjutsu clone. Kisame has his water Kage Bushin clones, Konan has her paper clone, Sasoori (if ya count anime. I don't), Zetsu has his clone spore jutsu. So, sorry to say bro, but you are incorrect.

Uh no sir. Because this is current Obito. This is how he is in the manga right now. It's part of his abilities.. The creator said the Akatsuki. He didn't say only the Akatsuki in the picture above.That was never stated just The Akatsuki. Secondly, the reason why I said they can alter the landscape, is because 3 of the members have. Kisame can make a very vast body of water., Deidara can produce nuke like explosions, which are able to take out villages, and you have Nagato/Pain who had demolished the leaf village. And anime wise, no they didn't. They only showed bits and pieces here and there, and cut away. The manga is just now showing a bit about the battle, and we should wait for that to be deceive. If you want to include anime, then you're also giving me more ammo from their anime feats and anime only jutsu. Lastly, they have many options it's not even funny. Deidara C4 technique which he has no protection against. Poisonous gases of Sasori which he has no protection against. Then he really has no way to counter 1000 Sharks, Then you already have Manda 2 which is roughly equal to the size of turtle Island. Obito's Kumai, you have the Gedo Statue, Chibakiou tensei. Don't get me wrong Shodai Hokage is great, but unfortunately he can't beat all of them at the same time. Just way to many. Sorry. One on One I'm very sure he'd do fine, but I won't give him the win, until I actually see more. He doesn't have more versatility than this team bro.

If you want we can wait until after we get more information on how he beat Madara, and how that battle actually goes in the manga, before we continue. And If I'm wrong I'll admit it , but until then Akatsuki has the upper hand.

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@WhiteLion: Sorry but thats bull. Also I don't believe anything I have said is wrong. So for this one we are going to have to agree to disagree. Oh and as for Nagato raising the dead, that would be a terrible thing for him to do. He would be on the verge of death after doing it and that's guaranteeing a lose for the team. As was stated before everyone else(other than Nagato, Itachi, and Obito) are fodder and will die very quickly. Your scenarios are very far-fetched and unrealistic at this point. We can wait for more feats tho. That's fine.

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It's okay bro, You're clearly entitled to your own opinion, but if you like I can show you manga links to everything I have just said. but if you want we can just wait until we get more of an in depth look at his abilities in battle. but do know. I have no reason to lie to you. I have no ill towards you or anything, bud. We can continue later. It's Raid Night on DCUO. See you tomorrow, and enjoy your day.

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@WhiteLion: As are you entitled to yours.

Good day sir.

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hashirama solos

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If its the Akatsuki as they were with sick Nagato and Itachi then Hashirama easily wins. But if Itachi and Nagato are in their prime its hard to say. Hashirama would still likely win but it won't be easy with Nagato's Itachi's and Obito's hax coming at him with all they got.

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@SpeedForceSpider: Oh. 
@nishi99: No one is sick in the picture.
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@nishi99: agreed....hashirama solos

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Hashirama wins

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Hashirama's techniques are gonna be quite problematic here for Akatsuki. As mentioned, he can resort to wood clones to occupy his foes while prepping his bigger attacks where he could either screw with his opponent's condition (Flowering Trees, Bringer of Darkness) or pick them off while blended in with the surroundings created by his wood jutsu (World of Trees). Doujutsu users (Itachi, Nagato, Obito) would be immune to Bringer of Darkness's effects and would pose the biggest threat to Hashirama. But considering the feats Hashirama has demonstrated in his spars with Madara and Kurama, he shouldn't have much difficulty taking those three out as well.

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