Hashirama Senju And Madara Uchiha Vs Yamamoto And Final Aizen

Topic started by Ikki_Minami_ on Feb. 20, 2013. Last post by Kurohige 2 years, 1 month ago.
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how i see these arguments XD

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@othus12: LMAO!

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Im going to agree with @Yusuke52:

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@othus12: AHDAHAHAHAHHHHAHHh lollll

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Toriko vs Starjyuun ftw. Lol, thanks for lightening the mood othus12. On the rare occasion Yusuke52 and I disagree, I always have work cut out for me and often lose honestly. I'm starting to feel cornered. What arguments do I have left, uhh, oh that's right, bleach characters are supposed to be invisible right?! (Joking!)
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@taichokage: Yes I would like to apologise for my aggressiveness there if it came across as such, I had just spent the last 48 hours awake finishing up some programs and a paper for my module among other things and the way I remembered how Kubo finished Unohana off when I made my first post. All that just left me in that kind of mood where eveything is annoying.

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No problem man. If I recall I did something similar a while back. The Unohana business was unbelievable, unless she is alive like Byakuya which at this point would still be ridiculous. As for the battle I'll concede until I get better arguments and scans.
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@taichokage: I hope you are right as she is one of the few characters I find likable. Didn't see the logic in killing her off 4-5 pages after her Bankai was finally revealed, she deserved a much better death than that if he decides to follow it through thats for sure.

A bit more info on her Bankai would have been nice too beyond just a flood of ink, I didn't like how vague it was beyond the apparant corrosive nature of it. At least she has some high level healing abilities to go with her status as the Captain of the 4th Squad now, so at least thats worth a mention.

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I'll go with team 2 until team 1's powers get fully shown.

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@othus12: Hahahaha!
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