Haseo VS Yuki Nagato

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Haseo is in his X Form and has the full power of his fellow epitaph users. (His game incarnation, not the manga ones or his trilogy form)
Yuki is allowed her standard abilities, minus freezing   Haseo 's data. 



Fight takes place in "The World" who wins?  
Hopefully I just didn't create a massive stomp for either character, if it is feel free to correct me and provide how it could be less of a curbstomp. :P 
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Since I noticed Haseo's page seems to be a bit lacking :P 
Morganna Factor  
Bit more on Yuki if her page is a bit emptry too ;O 
Hope this helps, if not /wrists.
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This is a massive stomp in Yuki's favor. Yuki has the power to manipulate the 'data' of reality on a universal scale at will meaning if anything exists, Yuki can take control of it whether it involves halting projectile attacks, reforming an object into something else or enhancing its properties, healing from wounds that would be fatal for a normal person or changing the terrain of the location she is in. The World's a virtual game which would be quite primitive to Yuki's advanced standards and even with his illegal abilities, Haseo's attacks can't do much of anything to bring down Yuki considering she could render his attacks harmless or turn them against Haseo. She could even eliminate Haseo's link to the World by messing with the network link he has to the game. The guy's way outclassed in this match.
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I was hoping the home field advantage with the other epitaphs backing in power would make it a slightly more fair playing field(The power of Morganna).   
Don't remember her doing anything in a universal scale though.  
Wasn't entertaining the thought of terminating his connection to the world though either, I guess I could lap no BFR.  

 @Dream said:

" @Hellos:  That same mentality led to Ryoko Asakura's deletion by Yuki in the first season of Haruhi Suzumiya.  "

Well my train of thought giving him "The World" and the power of Morganna would allow for him to actually have the abilities of a god there controlling the data as he sees fit.  
Ryoko Asakura has numerous advantages but at the end of the day let Yuki get through them and delete her.
(Haruhi-chan ftw, tiny Asakura)     
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Yuki would destroy haseo, she feels no pain and can generate weapons in an instance.
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@Hellos:  That same mentality led to Ryoko Asakura's deletion by Yuki in the first season of Haruhi Suzumiya.
@wwfunderraker: Yuki can't create weapons out of thin-air with her abilities. She takes any objects or the environment around her and either alters them or changes the properties of them with her data manipulation.
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yuki ftw
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yuki zaps RL haseo
yuki wins
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@Hellos:  There's one potent example of Yuki's power I could reveal but would spoil things for those unfamiliar with the light novels. So here's a spoiler.
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Actually, Yuki can't stop. Haseo has the ability to control and alter data via Data Drain. Not only that, but he's also the Key of Twilight. He's at least as powerful as Aura or more so, who is the Goddess on universal scale. He destroyed Cubia, who was universe-busting. Haseo has the power of all the Eight Phases of Morganna; Skeith the Terror of Death, Innis the Mirage of Deceit, Magus the Propegation, Gorre the Machinator, Macha the Temptress, Fidchell the Prophet, Tarvos the Avenger and finally Corbenik the Rebirth.
Corbenik can restructure universal data, meaning he can actually reset/wipe the universe by himself. Innis can create indestructible illusions of anything, including Yuki. Magus can create all forms of data with limitless supply. Fidchell can predict the future. I forget what the other powers are. But safe to say, Haseo has far more abilities and powers than Yuki has demonstrated. And I know about Yuki's time-freezing, which she performs by freezing data, something that would not work against Haseo.
Yuki did jack Haruhi's powers, which really wasn't all that differenty from when Atoli had her Morganna Factor taken by AIDA, to which Haseo destroyed the AIDA which had attached itself to Sirius, and had it returned to Atoli.
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*XD to new match stipulation of not freezing Haseo's data.*
There's still too much that makes this match a big stomp to Yuki. The World is just a worldwide system of computers connected to a network for players to interact with while Yuki is connected to what is essentially a universal computer entity with far advanced technological knowledge and capabilities than what is known and used within the World. Whatever flaws are present within the data of Haseo's character, the terrain or in the game itself, Yuki could quickly figure these out and exploit them to her advantage. Because regardless of whatever power or form that Haseo has at his disposal in the game, it's still mere data that can be manipulated or copied. Bare in mind that Yuki could also copy Haseo's abilities to add further insult to injury for Haseo.
@ReiKai: I don't recall the Twilight Phases having their power extend beyond the confines of the game. How can you call them universe-busters if all they are corrupting is an MMORPG?
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They were affecting the Real World too. Also, basically 'The World's is essentially like the Digital Universe from Digimon. The Sea of Data is its own universe to which Aura controls everything, and it affects the Real World too. Do you not recall the Network Crisis? There was 3 of them. Cubia was also causing nuclear power plants across the globe to go out of control and all would have Meltdown and exploded had Haseo not destroyed him.
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@ReiKai:  I haven't seen the anything from the hack franchise beyond what took place with the events of SIGN and Legend of Twilight Bracelet. The worst incident I heard with computers at that point with the hack storyline was the Pluto's Kiss virus that was severe enough for international laws to make computer hacking a crime punishable by death. I know that the activity of the Twilight Phases did effect technology in the real world during Liminality, now that I'm recalling events from the shows and video games. But that still was on a planetary scale. Nothing that would be a problem for Yuki in this scenario.
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The fact is it's Yuki vs. Haseo, not Yuki vs. Haseo's player. Meaning she has to deal with all the powers Haseo possess via within 'The World'. And actually those viruses completely destroyed the world stock markets and many people comitted suicide because of having lost everything due to the virus. Aura's birth caused the 2nd Network Crisis 7yrs prior to .hack/G.U. after Kite faced down the Eight Phases and Cubia, the only way to defeat him which lied in destroying the Twilight Bracelet given to him by Aura, which was destroyed by BlackRose using her sword which had been altered/empowered by Aura for that very purpose.
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@ReiKai: Data Drain, from what I recall, puts its user at risk of negative effects and instant KO the more they use it. The ability only rewrites data and removes any excess amount of it with Twilight Phases being capable of putting players into comas if they were struck by it. Yuki isn't a corrupted character and has more freedom of data manipulation than the Data Drain ability which doesn't put her at any risk. 
And after checking Haseo's bio, I think you're exaggerating on Haseo's power. From what I'm reading, he's only drawing upon Skeith's power and the guy seems to be a hothead in battle.
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That was only a side-effect against Kite using the bracelet and it was a gameplay mechanic only. Haseo and the other Epitaph Users suffer no ill effects of using Data Drain, which is frankly more powerful than Kite's bracelet. By the end of the game, Haseo had 'devoured' the other Epitaphs, ie their powers and abilities, thus making him the "Key of Twilight". It's why he's got 8 wings in Xth form. It's a representation of the Eight Phases. And btw, Haseo gets hit with Azure Flame Kite's Data Drain, and it doesn't work on him. Even in the Movie they show this happening and Haseo still survives the attack and wins with a more powerful Data Drain.
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Okay, the finale seemed a bit deus ex machina. Still, you've shown proof of Haseo's capabilities to me which allows me to better judge this battle. I'm seeing superhuman-like speed and strength for this battle. Yuki also shows these same attributes. But the description of Haseo being a hothead was accurate and the video shown him to feel pain from attacks. Yuki didn't flinch or show signs of any pain when she was impaled by a bunch of blades during her battle with Ryoko Asakura and was capable of mounting a quick defense despite having the handicap of having to protect Kyon from Ryoko during the battle. During said defense, she was preparing to delete Ryoko's data link to our world. In a later episode of the show, Yuki was able to quickly prepare a repulsion field against a giant cave cricket despite its showing of super speed and agility. Of the SOS Brigade, she's the second most powerful being of the group with her power only be dwarfed from Haruhi's reality-warping power. Here's a video of Ryoko and Yuki's battle as a showing of her abilities.
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You're forgetting many a key thing. For one, it's not that Yuki doesn't feel pain, and in fact damage done to her body slows her down and she can't heal right away. Also, that was Skeith's 1st Form with only Haseo in 2nd form after his First Job Extension. Haseo has two further power ups and several more Epitaphs devoured. There is Skeith the 2nd, an upgraded form after Haseo obtains his 3rd form. Then there's the Lost Weapon, of which only one exists for each of the Eight Phases, and the Lost Weapons also grew and transformed over time (happens in .hack//G.U. vol3.) Not only this, but Haseo can also perform Data Drain outside of Avatar form.
Haseo's Xth form is a result of a near total fusion with his Epitaph, which makes him the most powerful. Haseo defeated Tri-Edge Ovan when in 3rd form both times, even when Corbenik the Rebirth also grew into Corbenik the 2nd with an even more powerful AIDA arm. There's another thing; Haseo had to battle and defeat each of the other Epitaphs in order to gain their powers, and most of the time they were infected with AIDA and were getting boosted. The 1st time Haseo battled Kuhn, the Epitaph user of Magus, he lost control of his Avatar and it went berserk. Skeith is brutal and merciless without control.
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