Haseo vs. Kirito

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Kirito VS. Haseo


Last man standing wins

No time limit

Both are at there most powerful

Both are blood lusted

No Prep, No special Items (healing items etc.)

Haseo thinks that Kirito is protecting Tri-Edge from him and Kirito believes that Haseo has defeated his in-game wife Asuna... Both are wanting revenge and will not listen to each other... Due to an anomaly the two charcters have crossed into a unique area that is increasingly degrading in stability causing random bouts of images of what they are after to flash before there eyes.. which will cause them to increase there brutality over time... Who will walk away?

Edit: I forgot about Haseo's Data Drain... For this fight however Data Drain does not effect Kirito because of the Corrupted area... That should make this a fight of pure feats and skill...

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probably kirito

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Data drain reduces Kirito's stats to the absolute minimum and Haseo babyshakes.

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Kite's DD would reduce the target to Lv.1 with only the basic starter equipment. Haseo's DD could actually reduce the target to data fragments and it gave him the power and properties of the other Morgana Factors after defeating them.
From the OP scenario however, since he's still after Tri-Edge, then he doesn't know that Ovan is the real Tri-Edge, so he doesn't have all 8 Morgana Factors yet. At most he'd have a few of them. However his own is pretty much enough by itself. Despite that, before losing his stats and everything to Azure Flame Kite, Haseo was Lv.133, and he was in the top 6% of players over lv.100. However his overall skills didn't improve until he was DD'd and had to start from scratch and compete in Arena events to perfect his actual battle skills over just his character stats. And while he needed his Avatar to defeat Alkaid in the 1st Tournament, by the next one he'd honed his skills enough to defeat even the top players in 'The World'.
Still, even before that he was quite skilled and with his high level, he defeated 200 PK's (Player Killers) by himself when they ganged up on him, which was a trap set by Bordeaux as a petty revenge attempt aimed at Haseo for defeating members of their guild. They failed miserably. They tried to gangrape Haseo and instead got completely decimated by the "Terror of Death".
To make matters worse, Haseo was also a former PK in 'Fragment' and 'The World' R1, a Twin Blade by the name of Sora. At only age 10 he was one of the top players in the game and it level capped at 99. He PK'd only for entertainment and spent most of his time trying to get the PM addresses of pretty girls for fun. He teased BlackRose a lot too and had a habit of dropping in on the gang unexpectedly and without warning. He was pretty sneaky as a kid.
But of course, about 6yrs later, Shino in a coma, he'd become very angsty and anti-social, and wound very tight to the point of going crazy during his hunt for Tri-Edge. And if you didn't have anything useful to say, you got pwned.
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@ReiKai: OP said both characters are at their strongest.

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Scenario would suggest otherwise. However, Haseo at his strongest would be considered Universe level. He is the Key of Twilight and is in Xth Form. He has all the Data and powers of the Eight Phases of Morgana and defeated the Anti-Existence which was his antithesis. 
In the Novels it was explained that when using their Avatars, they were moving at lightspeed and after Haseo joined with Yata to work with G.U. as an off-the-books employee of CyberConnect2, he was given GM access and could mod the game and/or himself and could set himself at any level he wished, as well as put on GodMode so that Regular players an monsters couldn't kill him (of course doesn't work against Anomalies like AIDA, the Morgana Factors, Aura and the Azure Knights (Kite, Balmung and Orca).
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@ReiKai: If you havent watched SAO yet, then you might not know that at the end of the series Kirito is also given GM rights as well... and could do the same thing... BUT, this fight is when they are at their most powerful... Not GM level, Just regular lvled characters.

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Even going by Levels, Kirito at the end of SAO was lv.96. Haseo prior to being DD'd by AF-Kite was Lv.133. Haseo at the end of the GU games can be Lv.150. Also, GM status means jack nothing in the face of Avatars or things like AIDA.
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