Harry Potter VS Naruto Uzumaki read OP

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I'm moving to 8/10 Naruto. Harry has access to some good prep due to his charms and such. But I still think in most situations,


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I'm sorry but did you read the seventh book, they were on the run through out, apparating everywhere possible, the even used the cloak to cover 2 people even three at times in broad daylight and they weren't seen, at book 7, harry can pretty much cast any spell non-verbal. When about to rob gringotts, he was hidden under the cloak, he cast the imperious curse n/v on a trained death eater, casted the confundus curse. He apparated freely, from forest to forest when hermione was in her funk, they all apparate differently when they wanted to reach the ministry. There are so many occasions. Plus i'm not sure how possible this is, but can't Harry apparate with Nartuo and Flinch(I think thats what its called) him, I remember Hermione redirecting their apparition they moment the reach sirius's house to a forest and this got ron splinched or flinched whichever. In Harry potter, magic power is like some kind of energy, you can spam spells to eternity provided you still have stamina to talk simple.

Harry pretty much started apparating from the moment dumbledore took him out for that fake hocrux retrieval, while they were leaving he said he'd just guide harry but harry would be apparating himself, and on coming back Harry apparated them both on his own.

Naruto is so dead with prep.

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Gamabunta, rasengan, multi-shadow clones- all of these crush Harry, literally.
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@18hunt: A dragon and a troll can crush Naruto, but do you want to know what it what it has in common with Gamabunta. They aren't in this battle.

Doesn't matter rather Naruto has clones or not seeing as Harry could freeze all of them at once

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@18hunt I seem to remember Harry getting an EE in his Transfiguration O.W.Ls, which is like the second highest grade, so for some reason i see the bloodlusted Harry turning Gamabunta who doesn't have magic protection like nagini did from voldemort, into a small frog and then crushing him under his foot.

For this, i might be wrong but i think Pein's shinra tensei and banshou tenin where based off the workings of telekinesis, and i remember him using this to send people's moves away from himself or back at them. Now moving things around is somewhat child's play for wizards, a problem Harry would have is reactions and stuff but while invisible, he doesn't have to worry about this, so if naruto lights up a rasengan, harry hits him in the face with it.

There are so many ways harry could deal with the clones lol,

1) he could confund one of them and cause that one to start fighting the others (The confundus charm can be controlled as shown by the different uses by Hermione and Harry)

2) He could use imperio on one of them and also cause that one to start fighting the other,

3) He could spam hexes

4) he could freeze them like @whats_out_the_bag said

and so on and so forth

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