Hannibal Lecter vs. Johan Liebert

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The Doctor Hannibal Lecter receives a phone call from Japan inviting you cordially to instruct and prepare young German doctors in the hospital Memorial Eisler of Düsseldorf in Germany. Doctor Kenzo Tenma begins a conversation with Doctor Hannibal Lecter on the potential of each.

Hannibal Lecter dissatisfied by the potential of each one of the German doctors, decides to retire from the hospital and decides to walk on the streets of Germany before returning to the United States.

Lecter observes from afar to an attractive, intelligent and young German. He comes to persuade Johan's travel to the United States to become his successor.

Reaching the United States and the Office of Lecter, Johan realizes that Lecter plans are nothing more and nothing less than to become one snack more Cannibal and decides to kill him.

Lecter in the same way, he realizes the intentions of Johan and decides to confront it.


- Manipulation is permitted

- Both characters receive a semi-automatic gun and a knife for hunting

- The battle takes place in the Office of Hannibal Lecter

- Both characters must confront in a mind game

Who will win? The Cannibal or Monster?

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So.... this is just a one on one straight-up fight?

Lecter kills him and eats him.

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Why the build up for a straight up fight?

Anyway, Hannibal is gonna have one more meal done.

Make it a mind game and we got a match.

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You have given me a good idea. I will change the OP now, it will also be a mental game. Thanks, when I made the post, was distracted.

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The Monster wins.

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