Guts vs Armored Titan

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Since it seems a 5 Meter tall version would be a walk in the park, let's take things up a notch with a Guts/ Titan battle with the Armored Titan. Battle conditions are similar to the 5-Meter tall Titan battle: Guts has standard equipment (no Berserker Armor) with no knowledge of the Titan's capabilities and battle takes place in Shiganshina. Who would win this one?

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@Dream: any info on the two?

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As for the Armored Titan...

it's a 15-meter tall Titan that has a dense armor-like skin that covers much of its body and is sturdy enough to withstand repeated cannon fire without damage. It lacks armor around its joints which allow it to maintain its high speed and mobility for its large size, though the lack of covering is a weakness that can be exploited. It's strength was great enough to break down the giant door that allows entry through Wall Maria and appears to possess intelligence above ordinary Titans as it can fight in hand-to-hand combat skillfully and is capable of counteracting any plans and combat tactics employed by the Scouting Legion.

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good thread, as for the armored titan click here

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Guts has taken down bigger, worse and faster opponents. He may not know all the weaknesses of the Titans, but he is good at his job and that job is killing monsters.

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Well, not sure on the "faster" part.
Both Gutts and the Armored Titan has supersonic reactions/close-combat speed.
Their power should be also about equal with the Titan's armor probably being durable enough to withstand some hits.
The problem is with the size.
Sure, the Armored Titan's scale means he has larger reach but given the distance his fists needs to travel his attacks would be slow and almost telegraphed.
Albeit it gets a lot better when Gutts is close.
Still, Gutts is going to dodge a lot of attacks here while the Armored Titan would hardly have a chance to avoid any.
His edge in durability might save him for a while but I think he would eventually lose.
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Durability and regeneration, if Guts has no knowledge on a Titan's weakness, especially if it's the Armored Titan's weakness, then what stops the Armor Titan? I think Guts would eventually become exhausted and drop his guard because of the Armored TItan's regeneration; plus the armor too.

Plus the Armored Titan has the strength and speed to demolish the gates of Wall Maria, along with the concrete structures surrounding the gate, literally, he destroyed it.

Not even Eren with his super-Titan strength could destroy the armor without using the Titan's weight against himself.

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@willyvereb: Since when is the Armoured Titan supersonic? Both the manga and anime have realistic speeds. Guts is way faster in the manga and taken down the Apostles, who are also fast.

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@KingOfAsh: Ever since Eren caught a cannonball. 
And you seem to be pretty new to VS debating. 
There's no such thing as "realistic" in fiction. 
Time to time they exaggerate things for the sake of story.
This is what we call as "feats" in a VS debate. 
I also assume you don't know what the difference between "reaction/short-range movement speed" and the more longer ranged "general movement speed".
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@willyvereb: I know what those are, don't treat me like an idiot. By realistic I meant not the normal blur that anime characters usually move around in.

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